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  1. It matters by what races looks sexier in UNP. (jk) Anyways, I often play as a Breton for the 25% magic resistance and the Dragonskin Ability which allows you to absorb 50% of spells. For any class these two aspects of the Breton are pretty powerful, but playing as this race as destruction mage makes killing dragon priests a snap. I mean, as long as you're going up against any magic user and you haven't used the Dragonskin ability that day, you practically have a source of unlimited magika. (this is how it is in the game Skyrim)
  2. Exactly what the title says. Someone I listens to is Kyle who hosts the show Secular Talk. He leans on the Progressive side, but is always fair and balanced which is why I watch his show and listen to his podcast.
  3. Bioshock Infinite. I'm trying to re-beat it on 1999 mode and dang this game is a pain in the ass. Isn't that an achievement? lol.
  4. This fan edit of Hitler that I happened to come across. Why... just why...
  5. What snuggling exactly? Is it like hugging?

    1. Johnny1226


      It is very close hugging

  6. CosmicHooves

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Here's a bit viking metal from the band TYR.
  7. CosmicHooves

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    My favorite metal band comes straight from the Pagan Metal genre. Ensiferum. I'm sure at least some of you have heard "Into Battle". It's one of their most well known tracks.
  8. I originally joined this site and used it for a year as a brony originally. As my interests shifted, I stopped watching the show and eventually stopped talking about it all together. However, I still use this site do to it's active community, and post on non-mlp related forum categories. Are there any others who use this site for it's community alone?
  9. I was binge watching iDubbbz's "Kickstarter Crap" youtube series just a moment ago.
  10. I have a broad taste in music; basically I like a little bit of everything. I like the fact that I'm able to enjoy dark and dirty humor, as long as it's funny. And lastly, I like the fact and find it a bit comical that I embody my own sexual preference towards men. I'm lean, white, tone, normal height, dark brown hair (almost black), brown eyes, a nice clean shaven face, and little to no acne. These are all the characteristics of men that fall into my range of preference, and are traits that I poses as well. So basically, I find myself attractive which is kinda weird, and I'm not sure...
  11. Huh? What? Who the hell are you and why are you naked? Have I been rufied or something?
  12. I'd date a guy or girl so possibly.
  13. It's a pitty that didn't last longer.
  14. CosmicHooves

    Confession Time!

    I love being naked and not in a pervy way. I just like the way my body looks without any clothes to hiding anything. I feel just like an animal. At times when I know my parents and my brother are away and aren't coming back in a while, I'll go about my daily routine watching Netflix on our flatscreen while eating popcorn, sipping coffee while studying for any upcoming exams, and even catch up on my language studies; all completely naked while doing so. Where as some might consider this taboo, I find it liberating. Too bad I don't always get the opportunity to enjoy myself in this way that
  15. For an act of attention? Well you should tell people who say that they'll get nothing from gambling against the odds for no reason, and that it makes them less likely to take up any leadership role since they're willing to take risks for the sake of being reckless.
  16. But how is YOLO condescending?
  17. I think he's just kidding.Cisgender has almost never been used in the context he's referring to. It'd be really hard to get confused in that sense. (was a bit late posting this)
  18. List some or state one condescending phrase that is often heard that drives you nuts. "educate yourself" This phrase is used out of context pretty much every time it's used. It's condescending because the phrase is used to assume the opponent hasn't done their research into the issue that their debating about. In fact, if the person whom your debating with has a quite far-out stance, then at times this phrase can come across as another way of saying "brainwash yourself like I have". But the real underlying message almost always is "you're an uneducated fool and that's why you're wro
  19. What's my sexuality huh? Well... hey someone had to post this video on this thread eventually.
  20. CosmicHooves

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for breathing.
  21. Jungle Beats is apparently a hip-hop/rap music review station. They recently were suggested to review Pink Guy's album "Pink Season" live. It was so hilarious that I began crying. https://youtu.be/P7I3y2yOEgo
  22. CosmicHooves

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    More terrorist attacks. How much sleep do you get per night on average?
  23. My sexuality's quite complicated. I'll go through phases that last months where my sexuality feels altered towards the same sex. A couple months ago, at the height of one of these phases, I even acted a bit more flamboyant in terms of my personality. I was also thinking about asking out a guy at my college, but never did. Now I'm back to being attracted to both sexes again. (since my default sexuality is bi) But when I'm going through these *ahem* "gay phases", I'm not attracted to women whatsoever, no matter how attractive. So technecally no, I'm bi, but check up on me in a month or two
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