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    Star Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh!, MLP: FIM, Bakugan, Transformers, Pokemon, Halo, playing guitar, writing stories, drawing, playing/hanging out with friends, watching TV, playing video games, reading
  1. I want to be an author. I wrote a 208 paged book when I was 7. :3. Oh, yeah... also, I want to be an actor. I can sing, and I can act pretty well. .
  2. Thank you! . Just a question, HOW do I change my profile picture/avatar? ;-;"....
  3. Same thing happened to me in Halo: Reach; or, a SIMILAR thing.... a Banshee just flew into the ground, and a Ghost vehicle was just parked, and then it went through the floor. o_o"....
  4. I was playing Star Wars: Battlefront. I was running around, when my friend (who was right next to me at the time, on my SAME SIDE/TEAM), decided to troll, and sniped me! I jumped into an AT-AT, and shot him every time he re-spawned. I felt pretty boss, so I got down and out of it, and I was hit by a Snowspeeder. XD. In Halo Reach, I was charging a Grunt, and it turned ninja. It randomly threw, I don't know.... maybe 6 different plasma grenades at once? I have no idea how, though.... That's not all. I escaped all of them, and laughed at him. I shot him, and ran over to taunt him.... Apparently, his Elite friend/pal didn't want me to hurt his little friend, so he stabbed me the second I turned around. Moral of the story? Don't mess around with Grunts. XD.
  5. Darst, Slasha, Tama.... those are all online names, IDK about my rl ones........ I don't really DO nicknames in rl. .
  6. It sure got my attention, wondering what happened to the rest of the title. XD. Hey there. . While we're at it, how DO you get even higher than a, "Blank-Flank?" :/.
  7. Lol, yeah. . Thanks, everypony!
  8. Looking for some friends.

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  9. I am a guy who became a brony last month or so. I love to play guitar, hang out with friends, watch MLP: FIM, write, draw, etc. You can call me Tama . I just wanted to introduce myself! Thank you. . Weird smilies. .