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  1. Day one in Clock town from Majoras Mask, It is almost the default music that plays in my head when I have nothing else to do
  2. I am very thankful for each and every organ donor, a lot of people don't think about who they could be saving. My Best Friend was diagnosed with something called Alport Syndrome, and at the age of 18 he went through his first organ transplant as his kidneys had failed, he has been given more time and a longer life because someone was an organ donor, he will need more transplants through his life but he is happy with that. Then there is me, I have a Genetic mutation that is causing my liver to die slowly though i do not drink or take medication, in the next 5 years I will be needing a liver transplant, and as with my friend, it will be a rinse and repeat situation until I finally pass away, but because of organ donors like those of you who are, I will get to live a longer life and a happier life. So I want to thank those of you who are donors, thank you for saving someones life.
  3. Hmm, I have always love Apricot, Though lime Strychnine sounds lovely.
  4. Hopefully its delicious Kool-aid, Otherwise I am out
  5. Wait if we are a religion what do our churches look like? Also do we get awesome new holidays like other religions do? Cause I mean if we are a religion we need religious holidays, I mean come'on. In all seriousness, Saying the fandom is a religion is like saying whovians are a part of a religion, and I have never once heard that, nor have I seen/heard of anyone praying to the Doctor, but hey if they want to say we are starting a religion that teaches love and tolerance instead of lies and hate, then Meh.
  6. Well I really enjoy fine bone china, Like Royal Dalton or Royal Albert, They have such an amazing collection Tea cups and such, I would just love to have a cabinet in my home filled with my special tea cups
  7. I don't hate on America, instead as a Canadian I just feel bad for most of them, because I know that they are very similar to Canada, yet get stereotyped as being resistant to change, ignorant, gun-toting hillbillies, with a hard on for Jesus, but that is just because honestly, its all I ever see on TV, and I imagine its the same in other places, I don't think we should judge a country and its people as a whole just because of the few stereotypical people.
  8. I think at first I would be a little upset (and by a little what I actually mean is losing my shit for about 20 minutes about how unfair life) but then I would go back to daily life, I would for sure rewatch the show a number of times and hope that these forums stay active despite the show being over, and I have to say I hope that if it goes, it goes well and with a chance of it picking back up again unlike Firefly
  9. Bitrates

    Luna Fan Club

    I would really like to see an episode that goes into detail the relationship that Luna and Celestia had before, I mean can you imagine some of the things that they could do? I mean it could put some amazing depth into the show, also I mean its Luna and she is amazing
  10. 1.) I sleep in a blanket fort 2.) Batman Blankies 3.) Posters all over my walls 4.) It is always full of cats ( like usually 2-3 in it) 5.) surround sound 6.) No Tv so the laptop is hooked up the the monitor 7.) Boyfriends tea collection is on my old TV stand 8.) my room is currently a mess 9.) I have a collection of various pop bottles that I collected (one for a bacon pop and a pumpkin pie pop ect, ect, ect.) 10.) Xbox 360 and games all over the place
  11. I am actually really excited for this now, I mean I was skeptical of the first one, it just felt like a weird Bratz rip off, but I liked it alright, so hopefully I like this one as well
  12. Grade 7 so about 12-13 Massive tomboy phase that I couldn't shake for a few years Yesterday, at 20 years of age, a whole lot of growing up (Also a filter)
  13. Its a lazy day, so Batman T-shirt, Batman hoodie, and batman boxers
  14. I don't just think I am cool, I know I'm not

    1. Malinter


      just be happy, cool is a goal for another day.

    2. Tarnation


      No, you're cool

  15. Will you be sacrificing me to the magnificent love gods? will there be goats? what about black cloaks? if these things are not present, then I will be disappointed.