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  1. I have come to realize that reality really fucking sucks.... I'm done searching for a love life because its honestly more trouble than its worth.... i did everything for this one girl and she kills me..... rips my heart out not expecting that i actually am a guy with feelings! :(

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    2. Changeling Neon

      Changeling Neon

      Np, I'm always here if you need me. ^^

    3. Joker Q

      Joker Q

      I know that feel.

    4. vivishy


      I've been there before and it sucks. You deserve better than that.

  2. Hi there, and happy birthday! :D Hope you have a good time~ :3

  3. Hi guys I'm back. I've finally started my fanfiction. The first one "Realms Unite" is a mega crossover with six different realms including my own original series soon to be underway. The realms: 1 Naruto 2 DBZ 3 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 4 Star Wars 5 Fairy Tail 6 My original series "Roads of Destiny" The second story "Heroes of Equestria" Takes place after "Reasons Unite" a side story which takes place on Equestria that will lead up to the sequel. The link ^ is the page to both stories. Please leave a review if you read this story and remember to read Realms Unite before Heroes of Equestria or you'll get very confused. Thank you!!!!
  4. Oh darn ok. Let me know if you do. Haha
  5. Oops hehehe I forgot the filw XD sorry dash
  6. Hey dash remember me?! Haha well I was wondering if you've ran into a pegasus stallion by the name of Night Glade yet? He's grey with green eyes, a vest, and a star cutie mark like the file attached to this message.
  7. I'm doing alright. Writing allot of stories. Trying to get other people to read them
  8. so out of curiosity who her has a Facebook. and of anybody does I have some stories I could share with you all. my name is Jeremy Cleek so don't be afraid to all about my stories. just pm me if your interested.

    1. vivishy


      They are really awesome stories :D

    2. The Mighty Ninyn

      The Mighty Ninyn

      There not that great lol

    3. vivishy


      aw yes they are

  9. looking back at all I know I sure am glad with who I am. I may be a little edgy here and there but I know where my heart lies. Always and forever I'm a light that forever shines for all fandoms. especially the bronies. Always believe in each other through thick and thin! ~Ninyn. Happy Halloween Everybody!!!!#