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  1. I done did figured it out. Been looking at it like an, "I got to" thing when it's suppose to be a "I want to" thing, and it started out as "I want to" but it turned into "I got to," and when it's "I got to" it ain't no good.


    It's easy to get tricked into thinking "I got to" is an "I want to" because sometimes "I want to got to" and "I got to want to" can sound so alike.


    Make sense?


    Oh yeah. I been acting silly cause of it. Basic mistake.

  2. So here's a question for you guys, what's your favorite myth or story from the faith? The Tower of Babel, Jesus and the Ten Lepers, the Last Temptation of Christ, the Garden of Eden?

    When King David was running from Saul and wound up at the gates of the Philistine king. He had second thoughts about being there and acted like a Jibbering madman which led to the funniest verses of the Bible.


    "Look! You can see the man is crazy," Achish said to his servants. "Why did you bring him to me?


    Do I have such a shortage of crazy people that you brought this one to act crazy around me? Is this one going to come into my house?"


    1 Kings 21:14-15

  3. I went through the exact same thing you are going through now. Happened in 2013... Don't get carried away please.




    Sorry. I'm overzealous.


    Though the mark of the beast is already here and some really bad stuff is gonna drop on everyone's heads.


    Yom Kippur is today at sundown


    I'm scared for people.


    I think this is that hour.


    I shouldn't have come that way at you though. There was a reason for it but a misplaced one.


    The only reason I'm here is because I'm really trying to warn ppl that IT is coming.


    And all this pluralistic transhumanism going around?


    It's a trap.

  4. WWIII looms on the horizon and we're on a pony site while two monkeys compete for what we are told is the highest position in the land and everyone is more worried about clowns while not giving a single care that the signs of the times mentioned in the Bible have been sitting in front of our faces...


    I know Im not making sense. I can't make it make sense. Everyone has lost sense


    This makes sense tho:


    We are at the last chapters and He is coming back, praise God, Hallelujah!


    There's still time for people to repent so all Christians need to remember the parable of the talents and make sure they got thier wedding garments.

  5. I'm allowed to think. Perfect.


    Transhumanism? It naturally ends with the opposite being true.


    There is a reason for it all (it's the true motive of the movement) but then there is the rationalization. (The lie)


    Intuitively it makes sense on the primal level cause you just don't want anything touching your genome or nervous system, especially in this age of magic and super science. (Reference)


    Now any traditionalist Hindu will tell you that we are in the age of Kali Yuga and we're gonna be in it a while. The age of Kali Yuga is an age of decay


    New Age is a remix of a lot of old age stuff


    I don't believe we're in any of those ages. I think we're smack dab near the end of revelations and we got all the signs of the times going on.


    But that's just my opinion.


    Also Russia is prepping thier citizens for nuclear warfare and the US dropped two fake nukes in nevada for practice.

  6. I'm going to be unpopular here.


    It's pure corruption and will lead to your enslavement.


    Stop assuming that there isn't an overwhelming malevolent intent in this world and stop rationalizing.


    There is a reason for everything and a rational explanation for everything


    Qudosh means holy or separate in Hebrew.


    What's good to be Holy? What's good to be seperate?


    Because somethings aren't suppose to go

    together. It leads to death by nature.


    The image of...


    They want to change the image of...


    Google predictive programming Cern RFID contrails mark of the beast book of Enoch alien hybrids


    Everything here is plural. Truth is singular. The opposite of truth is always plural.


    I invaded an echo chamber.


    That's my outlook at least.


    Everybody has thier own opinion.

  7. I hope you have found something really cool to replace this hobby with.

    I like reading about discussions concerning Byzantine and Alexandrian text and watching various conspiracy theory videos on YouTube. When you get to the point that you can empiricaly verify the Earth is Flat and evil manifests itself in physical form, you can safely assume they're all true and someone wants us all dead.


    I like long walks as well.

  8. It breaks my heart just a little when I hear that.


    It's a relief to finally be free from imaginary personified transhumanoid figments representing a clever layer of occult symbolism that can never love you and was designed by the NWO to create this precise kind of subcultural group to gather more Intel needed in this grand psyop chess game for global domination.


    Well someone's been reading Revelations while listening to Linkin Park.

    I prefer hymns of praise.

  9. My God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. He raised up a root of Jesse, the Son of Man, to die for our sins. He died and preached the Gospel in Sheol, then rose from the dead on the third day. He will return very soon by the looks of things and will rule on Earth for 1000 years and after this He will judge all they dead, then throw death and Hades into the lake of fire.


    I believe in this because He revealed His truth to me while I was in jail. I drew close seeking him and He showed me his truth, a truth I rejected nearly a decade ago.

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