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  1. Why set my work schedule to end at 1am when they know its when the truck comes in and I'm going to have to stay untill 2am or 3am? Stupid.

  2. Ah sh!@# I freaking loved this episode! ...but then you had to bring that to my attention. Really, it didn't color my view at all, but it did get me to think. Humans are increadibly complex entities that often have set backs, relapses, and inevitable points of failure. Ponies are the same way. This is why I'm able to overlook the oft pointed out flaws of Rainbow Falls. It was easy for Rainbow Dash to tell the shadow bolts to buck off, because, hey, who the heck are the shadow bolts anyways? The temptation, imo at least, wasn't very strong. For Rainbow Falls, however,
  3. I absolutely disagree, because I'm the living example of what happens when you become too soft. I wasted two years of my life in a co-dependant relationship, because I was too much of an open bleeding heart, cowardly, naive and my mind was a bit fractured from drug used as well. I'm not proud of the things I've done and the way I've been, but it's made me the bitter f@#k I am today. I'm still able to be kind and generous, but I'm a lot more picky with who I help, and how far out of my way i'm willing to go for them.
  4. If you like dark/snarky comedy, then I reccommend Rainbow Burger. It's not exactly what you expect from looking at the cover art.
  5. I appreciate the welcome from all of yall. I don't know what speaks louder. The magnum or Applejack's expression...Probably the magnum.
  6. Kel_Grym

    Humor Rainbow Burger

    Rainbow Burger This fic is my heart and soul. The setting takes place in an alternate universe of Equestria where Humanity has been around for at least a century or two. Equestria is modernized, The mane 6 have never met each other, and Pinkie (or rather Pinkamena) works at Rainbow Burger, the MLP version of McDonalds. The patties are protein enhanced soy. A few things I must point out about this fic. It is absolutley not a Cupcakes rewrite, and only vaugly references Cupcakes. Pinkamena isn't a psycho killer in this, just a disgruntled, snarky, and all around kick a
  7. Man, Season 4 may have it's weak points, but it definatlely is the best season for the CMC so far! I loved this episode!
  8. No I didn't like this episode, in fact, I believe Fluttershy deserved better. I'm not as critical against it as others are, and I've seen some seriously negative critical analysis of this episode, but it was headed in the right direction with Fluttershy's moral thingy... ...Its just the breezies and thier role in Equestria didn't make a lot of sense (I thought they were stupid, an idea with potential that was completely wasted) and it was a bummer all around. If I had to collect every episode of MLP for prosterity, this episode would be the one I'd leave out of my collection.
  9. >> Paladen Butters Why yes, yes it is. >>FunDead I do like your zombie applejack avater
  10. How did you find MLP Forums?: Google How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Was introduced to the show by a friend in college. Didn't delve into it then, but two years later I started watching the show.I got hooked. I'm a college graduate that lost his way in life. Don't do drugs, m'kay? I work at Whataburger, soon to start working a second job at a distribution center. I live in a small town with few career oppurunities and spend my free time writing fanfiction, though I wont have as much time to do that soon. http://www.fimfiction.net/user/KelGrym <&
  11. Man, I was curious to find out if anyone made similar esoteric connections between the show and the occult and your post is mindblowing. I've learned so much more! Still going through and reading it, and re reading it, and skimming, and absorbing. It'll take a while for me to retain all this information. I wrote a fic recently that contains an analysis of some of the occult aspects of the show, and makes a few more connections you might not have put together (specifically synchronization between the four classical elements and the japanese godai). I think you'll find it an interesting
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