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  1. Will you tell me in a weeks time when you've started it?
  2. Destiny am I in the Roleplay yet? Where do I start if I want in?
  3. No I mean, I've already replied to the hole Name and History etc...
  4. Did you read what I put? I filled in all the blanks :l
  5. Destiny is my character good for submissions? Am I a crystal empire royal guard? Do I still love Princes Cadance?
  6. I corrected some mistakes Mr Big Cheese is it better now? Can I join?
  7. Name Crystal Edge Kingdom Crystal Empire Princess Cadance Race Crystal Earth-Pony Appearance Looks the same as my OC on my Profile. Cutie Mark The Crystal Heart with Cadance and Shining Armor in its reflection with two guardsmen spears crossed on it. Personality He has a strong attitude one of a kings and isn't afraid to die for his Empire so most often than not leads the charge into every conflict. He gains great inspiration from his Princess and will take to the fairest depths of the world for her. He is a loyal and pride driven soldier for the Crystal Empire Royal Guard and takes his duty of such very seriously. History A rising official of the Crystal Empire Royal Guard that inspires to do his very best for his princess and empire no matter the cost. He has a loving affection for his princess and would gallop to the ends of Equestria for her love. He is also extremely connected to his cause of bringing the Crystal Empire to glory. Is that better? Am I in yet Mr big cheese?
  8. How do I join in? I wanna be a part of this awesomeness its my "Destiny".
  9. How about giving us the option to create groups with custom titles but then I guess that would be the same as sending a group message :l
  10. Welcome to the forum LightningMana! I love your custom pony figures you made Maybe you can make one of my OC one day ^^ I hope you have a grand time on MLP Forums with all the lovely ponies! You may add me as a friend if you would like too -Crystal Edge
  11. My room smells like Luna's Hoofies :3

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      well you and I can do a roleplay too, @commander tangent ^_^

    3. Commander Tangent

      Commander Tangent

      NAh, I gotta go in a bit. Maybe later :3

    4. otaku4242


      okay, just pm me.

  12. Welcome to the forum, Nihi The Brony! You sure have a lot to say haha and you're from Southern Asia I don't think I've met anypony from there yet! I joke around also so we'll get on fine if you can handle me Anyhow its nice to have you part of the forums! -Crystal Edge