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  1. Info about my OC: I need help and others to help with continue my OC story at the RP. You can read things and background story of it, via the link. The wvents would begin at the Equestria, Ponyville, near at the Everfree Forest. How many roleplayers I allow? I am not sure yet. But I think best would be a group RP. I don't like and/or allow alicorn OC's, OP OC's, godmodding etc... I allow during the RP NSFW, but yet how limited, isn't conpletely sure yet. Relationships are aswell allowed Cannon OC's are ok aswell. Depending how many players the RP will or would have, it would be good, if there is an order. Genre of this RP at the moment: Would be Adventure/Action. All ideas and roleplayers are welcome to plan this RP. Current roleplayers: 1 - StormBolt24
  2. I have returned from my long break. And I would love to RP. I made some changes to my OC: So anyone?
  3. Storm Bolt
  4. Yayyy for the Germany winners! Yup Germany won indeed. Goooo Germany ^^ But Germany still won goooo Germany!
  5. Yayyy for Germany :D

  6. Hey, happy birthday man, wish you'd come back, i miss you :C

    1. StormBolt24


      I'm sorry... I am just too shy and socially weak to be here.. I can't feel myself right for being here....

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      Do you have a Skype? We could talk there instead if you do :)

  7. I'll be 18 years old tomorrow. I feel it as pretty big problem... Since it will brought with it more responsibilities and even worse... I have no studying place for this year.

  8. I am at my Summer Cottage. Will be back later July or August.

  9. I have for past weeks become even more pony ignoreable, since they are really tarting to get on my nerves... I have no idea why... Possibly because every people has to turn all original good ones to ponies.

  10. Not really. Netherlands have lost skills. I read from on football ((soccer)) magazine, that Chile and Spanish will go through. I hope best for Brazil, Germany and Italy.
  11. School is over. Now its summer Vacation.

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      What you planning to do on your vacation?

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      I don't ignore you, i just don't post if i can't think of something to say. :P

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      will still take super long for me

  12. Morning

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      good morning to you potental friend!

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      good morning