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  1. UPS? Why are you so random when delivering my Amazon orders? xD

  2. You see, due to the fact that Equestria has magic and ponies instead of electronics and people, we can't really be the same or make a utopia like Equestria. For starters, their magic makes it easier for them to do things, to communicate, etc. Their magic has no pollution either, or a fuel source other than food. They have no need for massive oil refineries or nuclear plants for their magic, but they can still communicate almost instantaneously with it. Also, ponies have much higher stamina than humans, thus disabling their need for cars. They can run pretty fast, and for a decent time too. A human would simply keel over and die. However, without electricity, humans wouldn't be stuck inside all day, we'd have reason to go outside and play, and move. We'd be stronger, and have somewhat higher stamina and strength. A horse drawn carriage or even bicycles wouldn't be bad things to convert to. Perhaps we could even come up with better man-powered vehicles if we weren't so focused on making cars less bad for the environment. Without electricity, we'd have no way of communication with others at the speed we do now, which may not be a bad thing. We'd be outside more, interacting with others. We'd read more, play more, socialize more. Community strength would grow, perhaps to the level of ponyville, where everypony knows everypony else. We'd have less reach but stronger bonds, and without instant messaging to hold us back we could go outside to talk to friends, speak face to face. This would build confidence, which appears to have gone from an all around average level, to extremes on both ends, with most people either being extremely confident or extremely inconfident. Perhaps then, with all this, we wouldn't have to conform to society's standards since we'd, for the most part, be our own society inside of a larger one. The basic principles of the larger still apply but with our own rules, instead of letting the rest of the world dictate us.
  3. I do that every year, my birthday is 2 days after the 4th of July, everybody's always on vacation still. I wanna do something this year.
  4. So I'm looking for some fun or silly things to do for my 18th birthday! Anybody have anything to suggest? I'll be able to post results on suggestions around Saturday night or Sunday morning, if I get any. Any place I should go, or do, or something?
  5. Oh, oh ohohohohoh I have some. For console and 3DS These games are so amazing. A lot of them may not seem like it but they're great. Except for Portal 2, everybody knows that was amazin'
  6. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this, so I'm sorry if I got it wrong. Anyways, I'm trying to send Faust a present, just for being her, but I'm having problems finding where to send it to. So far I've got the information on this site: http://www.fanmail.biz/32730.html But I'm not sure how credible it is. Does anybody know where I could send her a package?
  7. I wasn't able to get a ticket, I was too late and wasn't picked to be able to buy a returned ticket Any idea if Press can still get in? I'd love to write about Comic-con on my site!
  8. Exactly, daughter of the fandom is the perfect way to describe her. She was special to us in many ways, and she always will be. If I recall right, there's some people trying to get a Derpy Scholarship or something going, made by bronies, so that the fandom will continue to carry on as long as the scholarship is supported. On another note, I'm not so sure Hub did all they could, considering she's still in episodes and EqG, in the credits. I love that they did that though, I see it as a slight rebellion on their part, telling the parents that blew it way out of proportion to deal with it, though very subtly.
  9. I love Cave Johnson's lines, they're amazing. I've heard his voice before but I'm not sure where, anybody have any idea where? Also, anybody ever play the fan-made prequel? I don't remember the name, but it looked pretty good, and supposedly had real people behind the windows instead of an AI. It was a bit too tough for me to get the timing down on a couple levels though. Although, I guess you could call Portal 2 a prequel and a sequel, with the underground levels showing how Aperture was formed and how the testing was and all that. I found the second game far more interesting than the first, and still find myself replaying it at times.
  10. I like that Derpy had her part in her own episode, but I don't think she needs her own. She's kind of a symbol of the fandom, so the fact that she's like an easter egg in each episode, a Where's Waldo type of thing, I think that's a neat little shout out to the fandom, saying they still pay attention to us. She's just fun to see, even though she has no lines, in my opinion. That's why there's so much merch of her, cause she's a symbol of us, I think.
  11. Wow, that all looks really good! It's simple, no shading, and amazing. I love pony art like this. And I love the fur coming out of Dashie's ear, that's a nice touch!
  12. I'd say NiGHTS from NiGHTS Into Dreams and Journey of Dreams, or Scootaloo. NiGHTS because she's such a rebel, yet she was created by the God of Nightmares himself. She was not a child of his, with her own mind, she was a creation, a being of his. Yet still she was somehow able to resist him, and be her own being, and spirit. If she could, why not Reala? I also find her carefree personality amazing due to her past and her predicament. Scootaloo because we know almost nothing about her past, where she came from, why she's the way she is, but we know so much about her personality. It amazes me that someone with no clear role model or even relative for that matter can be so happy. I want to know more about her past, yet it doesn't matter because she is who she is.
  13. Well, I believe the second Map of Equestria, the poster one, bears quite a strong resemblance to the United States. Manehattan, Baltimare, Los Pegasus, they are all in the respective places of their human-world dopplegangers, Manhattan, Baltimore, and Los Angeles. The poster to me looks as if it were viewed at an angle, instead of directly above. I'd say that if, according to Equestria Girls, our world is an alternate dimension of the pony world, or at least one of them, It's the same landmass, just unchanged by humans, therefore the distances would be nearly the same.
  14. It's a pretty chill forum, friendly users and all that. Welcome, new friend! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  15. Sounds about right. The gall these two must have had to do so though, if they have such a complex. An odd combination to feel so inferior they value their time above others.