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  1. It's funny she was complaining about napkin placement, since she rather enjoyed arranging silverware back when the princesses were teaching her that skill a few seasons ago. And I liked the nod to Starlight's old character with the origami swan napkin: She used magic to solve a problem. In my comments I simply referred to Sunburst as the new headstallion. But headmare used everywhere could be a possibility in a matriarchal society like Equestria. It even has a swimming pool on the roof for those late-night romantic dips. And like you said, they both get the entire castle to themselves. Presuming, of course, that Starlight can ever figure out her way around the place.
  2. Lol, I probably subconsciously thought about it because I recall seeing at least one email from my local theater about its special event anniversary release. Though I don't recall now if it was before or after I posted my comment, double lol. My impression of him in his S1 episodes was his aim was to score points with her ahead of time, so when he was old enough to date her he'd already be ahead in the game when it came to future competition from other stallions. And it seemed to have worked to an extent, since of all the characters she could have grabbed, she grabbed for him during the climax of "Scare Master." In later seasons when Sparity had been pushed to the sidelines (compared to its propensity in S1), it's less clear if that was his aim anymore. He may have just been happy to experience the euphoria of being near her and being helpful. Well, it was be particularly weird if she were instructed to call him dad because it would imply Sweetie Belle is actually Rarity's child. XD (Which, I'm well aware is a theory considered in some circles of the fandom due to the lack of presence of Rarity and Sweetie Belle's actual parents.) If Spike did marry Rarity, it would make him Sweetie Belle's brother-in-law, which is a lot easier than thinking of him as dad. And if Spike married Apple Bloom, then he and Big Mac would be brothers, which would be kind of neat.
  3. One other thing I've seen bothering folks is that Starlight could be considered guilty of nepotism just as much as she would have been had she hired Trixie. But the only pony who might actually raise a stink about it is the first turned-away candidate, Spoiled Rich. She could dig up dirt on him flunking out of Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and that he's her childhood best friend - and then try to use that to tarnish the reputation of the new headmare in an attempt to get her to resign as revenge. But I don't think many will pay attention to any such accusations by her. The rest of Sunburst's resume is fantastic. Who wouldn't want a Royal Crystaller as the vice-headstallion of a school?
  4. Eh, if they could redeem Garble.... Pretty much anything is possible. EDIT: Besides, she's on the town school board (or was? It's not clear anymore since we lost track of the internal goings-on at Cheerilee's school) so I would think Starlight would have to at least give her a chance to prove herself. Which she failed at miserably. Much to my delight.
  5. But I really like his light markings, especially that one on the bridge of his muzzle. That's what makes him cutest nerd pony. And kudos to this episode for FINALLY moving him to Ponyville! I just wish it had happened back in S7 and not 6 episodes before the end. Starlight was awesome in this episode. Trixie.... Not so much. This is the episode that made me openly wonder why she has any fans. Though I did feel bad for her after she got bawled out (even though she deserved it), so by the end of the episode I didn't mind her again. I'm not 100% sure that in real-life she'd be a good fit for student counselor, since she tend to go off on off-topic self-aggrandizement speeches that will have nothing to do with the issues the student she's counseling. Also, she lacks the diplomacy needed to tiptoe around touchy subjects. For example, I could see her blurting out that dragons and griffons are rude while she's trying to make her point, kind of like how she did with Grandpa Gruff. Her best appearance for me will always be in the S6 finale. They really got her character dialed in perfectly there. But her attitude here didn't detract enough for me to dislike the episode. This episode is up there as an example of one of the best utilizations of background characters. The audience got to root against Spoiled Rich again in a satisfying way. (Also, at least Diamond Tiara's VA is still getting work on the show, even if it's not as Diamond. ) We got to see a side of Big Mac we haven't before - an interest in being involved in education. I'm not sure where that interest came from, but it should provide for some worthwhile post-series fanon exploration. And it was nice to hear from Octavia and Dr. Hooves one more time before the series ends, though their roles didn't really expand our understanding of their characters much beyond what we already knew. Plus, several of the Student 6 got some speaking time, something I've missed this season. I felt bad for Gallus, however, as he seemed to get thrown under the bus on multiple occasions. Poor birb. Lol, I totally forgot Twilight and Spike were even in this episode due to how heated everything became by the end of it. And me getting all caught up in "Dragon Dropped" again didn't help. That Spike hug, though - Starlight, please don't break the poor #1 assistant. All it needs are the new teachers. And there are some fine candidates right there in Ponyville.
  6. Heh, I had a feeling while I was finishing my post there was something in the episode about Gabby leaving for Griffonstone, but it was past midnight and I was too tired to watch the episode again, lol. All I can say is she must really like Spike to devote that much time traveling between the two towns. My proposal would have been that she asked Twilight if it would be OK to sit in on the classes Gallus attends so her reports to Grandpa Gruff were accurate. Though that would have likely been annoying to Gallus to have someone watching over him while he's trying to learn. Certainly the pressure to not screw up would have been greater. (I'm under the assumption that now in his second year of school his cover of pretending to think education is uncool is gone since all of his friends know by now he is actually pretty studious.) Additionally, since Gabby is pretty much good at everything she does, she could take any odd job in Ponyville if she were to do multi-day stays to reduce the number of trips. I'm sure she'd have no problem getting hired and keeping those jobs. While it might make sense for her to simply move to Ponyville to both keep tabs on Gallus and hang out with Spike, she likely wouldn't do that since the CMC entrusted with her being the Griffonstone branch of their group. (Though I seem to recall that episode hinted Gabby was going to fly all over Equestria helping other creatures out in service to the CMC. Hmm.)
  7. If there was an award for Character with the Most Insincere Smile This Season, she'd be a top contender: (Yikes) They'll have to get in line with everyone else who is a fan of his. And Twilight, too, for that matter since he's by her side the most. Interesting thought, though, about Spike and the Mirror Pool: I wonder what personality trait would stand out among the Spike-clones? With Pinkie, it was easy with her wanting to act silly and have fun. Pinning Spike's #1 trait is a little harder, at least now it is in the later seasons as he's matured. So having a bunch of Spikes who are only interested in Rarity or going around exclaiming, "Spike want!" seems a little anachronistic. Perhaps a modern Spike copy would be like how he was in "Spike at your Service" - hanging off of every creature in town trying to be helpful to them, but as a copy incapable of performing with the professionalism of the real McCoy? Or maybe the Mirror Pool would latch onto his hopeless romantic streak and you'd have a bunch of Spikes trying to play matchmaker for everypony in town? Aw, now that's not fair. While it was true when he didn't speak up for Thorax back in the day, here he tried to explain things, but Gabby wouldn't have any of it. She shut him down and leaving the turnip soup was the final word on the matter. We may have not gotten a convenient X-Ray view of Spike like we did with Twilight in "Father Knows Beast," but I'm pretty sure by his melting expression for the next few days that his little heart broke into just as many shards right then and there. I'd argue he's already aware of her flaws. There have been a number of times in recent seasons he's given her ideas strange looks, or cast doubt on them. But then he turns around and hits it out of the park with a romantic song during the holiday special, so I'd say he's accepted her flaws and still appreciates her for who she is. Of course now he's going to be juggling two relationships which can always be tricky, especially if one of them does turn serious when he's older. But as Spike is apt to say, "That''s Future Spike's problem!" I know you are probably asking this question in terms of fairness, but from Spike's POV, what he gets out of it is an endorphin rush that makes him keep going back. While being addicted to something (or, in this case, someone) isn't healthy, it would be interesting to put a price on the euphoria he feels from getting to work with her. Is it fair (or specifically, a fair price) to work hard for someone if being near them and interacting makes you happy? That is identifiable as an abusive relationship, which I suppose is why the lengths he went through in earlier seasons to do stuff for her dropped significantly later on after audience members complained his infatuation was being taken advantage of. Spike does something in an upcoming episode that seems to finally answer the extent of his ability. I'll leave it at that since it's a potential spoiler. Also since the series has yet to show any other dragon doing this, it must be some special ability of his. Whether it's just something he can do due to his lineage or if it was some power Celestia granted him remains unanswered thus far. I reckon the lantern theme is another one of her countryisms, this one non-verbal. What I want to know is how does Gabby fly between Ponyville and Griffonstone so effortlessly? We can see on the official Equestria maps that there's quite a bit of distance between the two towns. And we know it took a long time for Rainbow Dash and Pinkie to get there, so using the train on a daily basis is out of the question. I guess she lives in Ponyville half of the week and then goes back to Griffonstone for the other half, allowing her to limit the number of trips she'd need to make? Luna must be jealous. Maybe she should hang out with the two of them as well just to experience all those amazing logistical operations they'd get to experience on a daily basis? Knowing her, she'd probably just give them away to another interested party. She makes enough bits to afford to give them away, anyhow. My question though is to who? I don't think I've ever seen another character in Ponyville besides Spike being into the Power Ponies.
  8. Good catch! I missed that bit of detail. It's always nice to see the show referencing the S1 theme of pony special abilities, usually granted by cutie marks. My impression was she was truly touched by it, but could not return any of those feelings due to the uproar it would cause. I still feel like that was Spike's Perfect Pear moment and if he had been older they'd be a couple. But the moment passed and now his heart has wandered elsewhere. Well, ST:TMP kind of touched on that with Ilia proclaiming that humans were a "sexually immature species," though the comparison was a cultural one and not a physical one. If Deltans are analogous to adult humans, then humans to them are like tweens still stuck developmentally where all they can do is giggle over nudie mags. XD I thought Smolder clarified dragon growth when she stated in "Molt Down" that Greed Growth was completely different from normal growth and is an aberration, even in established dragon culture? If Garble and Smolder had given their ages in the show, we'd have better idea of how long dragons stay in their "baby dragon" form. I'm just going to presume that since the topic isn't suitable for a Y-7 show, that Twilight took Spike aside off-screen at some point and explained it wouldn't be socially acceptable for Rarity to go on a formal date with him. (Though all things considered, all those times they were together alone could be considered dates, even if the romantic feelings were only coming from one of the participants.) The pony I most wanted to see confront Spike regarding his fawning over Rarity was Sweetie Belle. Certainly she must have had concerns that Spike had dreams of marrying her sister and stealing her away from the family. It would have made for an interesting episode, and it could have touched on some of the social aspects Rarity was dealing with over having a small dragon enamored with her. That's why Spike is the perfect assistant and friend/family member for her. He'll always be there for her (barring any naps), especially if dragons live to be in the tens or hundreds of thousands of years.
  9. And then there's the as-of-yet unanswered question as to why the cows and sheep from S1 were able to speak and yet they were OK with being treated as nothing more than livestock. Certainly they must have the same sticky hoof powers that ponies have and can use tools to build a society? There's also the goats that make up Iron Will's crew and they seem as intelligent as ponies, but they don't seem to be able to speak, at least not in pony language. My guess is that is what would happen. I guess the contents of the potion are quantum entangled or something?
  10. That's a great point. (You're on a roll.) I suppose if I want to avoid casting blame on Twilight or Pinkie, I guess I could blame Granny for letting things get to this point. Or blame Mayor Mare or whomever it was that organized Trivia Trot Nights in the first place and then took a hooves-off approach. Or maybe they all just figured the Princess of Friendship would use her magic and fix things if they got out of hand. Just like she does with weekly monster attacks.
  11. Focus, Casanova. That little bit of shade (anachronistic as it may be, lol) was thrown by Twilight at her #1 assistant in the very first episode after they met Rarity. So here we are, 9 years later, and this was the first episode of the early releases that had not had its title or summary divulged. So for the first time since binge watching seasons 1 and 2, I was going in completely blind. All I knew about it was that it featured Rarity because she was in the thumbnail/poster frame of the video. Little did I know a few moments in she'd be calling for Spike. So I was like, "Alright, a Spike-Rarity episode. Great!" Then came the real surprise: Spike, writing a letter, deep in thought under his shawl, bleary-eyed, not paying any attention to her. Wut. And it was then I knew Spike had found someone else besides Rarity, and that line from Twilight so long ago had turned out to be quite prescient, as Spike was about to find himself caught in the middle of a love triangle. So the hopelessly romantic dragon who once exclaimed: We can't put on a front and pretend not to love. It's impossible! Finally found someone who likes him back in the same way he likes her. (Skelenor will be disappointed, lol.) But the big question on my mind was who was it? Then some time later, the post office scene started, and look who's there: And she's speaking. No wait. Could it be? Nah, can't be. There's no way they would pair off Gabby and Spike. That's like, a total crackship! And yet it was true. And after a little explaining by Spike (and exposition from Gabby) it all made perfect sense. In addition to the things in common they listed like their cultures and mail occupations, they also: - Really enjoy helping others. - Are both orphans. - Have multiple talents. I've said from time to time how compatible Spike is with many characters, that short of the worst villains, you could practically ship him with anyone and come up with ways to make it work. But for some reason, pairing these two off never reached a level of consciousness to make it stick. Yet they make a great couple! Or at least they do for now. One unanswered question is how Gabby will respond to Spike being snarky with her, which is probably an eventuality. Rarity always took his criticisms of some of her ideas (and criticisms from the rest of the Mane 6) in stride. I'm not sure how Gabby would react if he did it as often to her as he does to his other friends. I suppose he might change and become less honest, though Spike's sometimes brutal sincerity is one of my favorite things about his character. Maybe instead he'll change Gabby and make her a little more snarky? I have to admit, I really loved the disdain she showed toward Rarity when it all came out that the fashionista was trying to drive a wedge between the new couple. That's a side of Gabby we've never seen before, and hearkens back to some of that griffon attitude she referred to during her exposition. A few other compatibility issues also arise. Besides their age difference (they are at least a little closer in that regard) Spike is still going to need to take a 100 year nap at some point, and like ponies, I don't think griffons have the lengthy lifespans of dragons. If Spike had paired off with Smolder (or even Ember for that matter) he wouldn't have to worry about that. But just like it was with Rarity, he has to wonder if he's going to sleep the rest of his time with Gabby away in the future? On an unrelated note, I'm now even less sure how Spike's message-sending works. He was busy writing a letter when Rarity first asked him to go to the gem cave, and presumably he was writing to Gabby. (Which in itself is strange because he was about to see her in a few minutes, lol, but since he lost track of time I guess he thought it would be a while yet.) So Spike sends the letter, and unless Gabby is hanging with the princesses, he must have sent it straight to her. How did he do that? I thought his letter-sending was limited to just royalty. This is the first time we've ever seen him send a letter to anyone else. And how does it work? Does it go to whomever it's addressed to in the header? Or does he just have to think about who to send it to? (If it's the latter, he's getting dangerously close to the spooky mind powers he thought he had in "Equestria Games," lol.) But that first montage of Rarity remembering all the things Spike did for her. If episode 100 was a love-letter to the fans, and episode 200 was a love-letter to the VAs, then that montage in this episode 215 is a love-letter to Spike fans. Showing us the tip of the iceberg why we love his character so much, helpful, amazingly useful with his dragon abilities, and just a good friend and sounding board in general. Gabby's not kidding when she exclaims he's pretty awesome. Speaking of his gem-testing ability in that montage: I laughed at the sweat coming off the salespony's forehead. Was he only afraid of losing Rarity's business? Or was he afraid she was going to take a note from Capper and use Spike in a dragonly way to show what happens to gem stores who try to sell her glass fakes? "It would be a shame if my friend here were to suddenly sneeze and cause this whole establishment to burn to the ground." XD My favorite is still Twilight having to haul the previous fainting couch out while Rarity is conjuring up a new one, and finally giving in to her inner actress: Kudos to whichever storyboard artist or animator came up with this brilliant visual gag. Though my vote for cutest shot is is: The funny thing about this shot is if you blink you might miss it. I only noticed it after someone did some nice artwork based on it: That was one of the minor nitpicks I had with that episode as well. Twilight even went as far as to call on Spike to grab a bunch of stuff to help her start this new research project, and I probably even complained that we didn't get a follow-through on Spike having another "nachos" moment like he did in "Twilight Time". It's funny - Spike and Gabby establish their relationship by being penpals. That was the same way he said he and Thorax became friends in "The Times are a Changeling," only that time he was lying about it to cover for his new buddy. I like the last shot of Rarity as Spike and Gabby fly off. Its evident she realizes she has to let him go: I think she was surprised as anyone that Spike showed up later that evening to help her in the gem cave. It was good to see Spike realize that he, as well, wasn't blameless for everything that happened. This is another reason why I can't feel too badly over Rarity's behavior: If the VA is enjoying exploring the flawed side of their character for the sake of comedy, then it's easier to accept any regression the character exhibits. For example, getting to hear Spike's sad song near the start of "Just for Sidekicks" was worth him getting greedy with the gems for his gem cake, even though that whole sequence seemed like a regression from what he learned in "Secret of my Excess." I wouldn't call him necessarily blameless. He shouldn't have blown Rarity off the multiple times she asked to spend some time with him. I've seen a few comments claiming all three of the main characters were acting OOC to one extent or another, but to me none of them were. In terms of why Spike acted the way he did, all I can say is I've had friends in high school who find a love interest and suddenly they become pretty scarce - just like Spike here. (No D&D during lunch, no get-togethers at computer club. Grumble.) Eventually things balance out (or they break up, lol) and it all works out. I never got angry at them, but perhaps was a little sad since our remaining group was down one person. This is the #1 reason nothing Rarity did was OOC. It being a new test for her element, so her reaction to having Spike "stolen" away from her was plausible - and in fact, likely. I think @Dark Qiviut even commented to you on your point about this too, but I can't find the message now. But whoever it was, they brought up a brilliant point: Spike has become part of Rarity's identity, and to have that aspect of her life suddenly ripped away caused her a great deal of pain. Images like this are why I can't help but still have some sympathy for the marshmallow fashionista: And you're right that the same extends to the rest of the Mane 6. Rarity may be fiercely independent, but she still wouldn't have two profitable boutiques up and running without her close circle of friends to help her along the way. I wouldn't go that far. Perhaps when she pulled out the O&O game she wasn't sure if it was her thing. But her body language while playing with him one scene later said to me she was actually rather enjoying being in the role of Princess Shmarity and fighting monsters. And give Rarity some credit: She cares enough about Spike to know what he likes. If her only interest was to use him as manual labor, I would think she wouldn't even know what his interests were and what items she would use to get him back into her life. I'm glad someone else noticed this. The way Gabby discreetly watches the drama unfold from her Fortress of Apology Items was adorable. The issues with having Spike and Gabby in a full-blown romantic relationship are the same ones with Rarity returning any of the feelings he's had for her over the years: Gabby is at least 18 (probably college-aged) since she's old enough to set out on her own and hold a full-time job. (Well, in her case, jobs, since she's good at everything when it comes to professional careers, lol). But in Spike's case he's still a teenager under 18. Unless they suddenly announce he's legally an adult before the show ends, they have to dance around the two of them doing anything more than giving each other hugs. It's also the face of someone listening to the rules of Trivia Trot for hours on end, lol: Even as a die-hard Spike fan, however, I only felt partially bad for Spike after Gabby dumped him. As I explained above, he didn't do himself any favors by completely ignoring Rarity, and while she wasn't justified in her attempts to break the two of them up, I feel like he had a window of opportunity to avoid disaster. (His heart was probably telling him otherwise, though - that he couldn't bear to stand a day without seeing or writing to Gabby.) Anyway, loved the episode. And loved that the entire Mane 6 got to have a speaking roles. (The only character missing was Starlight. Again. Though she'll be seen soon enough.) And like episode 16, initial audience reaction seems to be more positive than I expected. So that's good, too.
  12. That's a good point. It could be Zecora might not have ever assumed Fluttershy would go into the Everfree alone. Though I seem to have recollections of her doing just that in past episodes, but maybe Zecora never heard about it? I still say it was more reckless than Twilight, however, since the saying about what assuming things does applies here. Also, since she gave those instructions, she should have reacted with shock when Fluttershy showed up as Angel: "What are you doing here?! I told you to stay in your house! I'm so upset I'm not even rhyming!" That's true. Though if she knew them well enough to offer counseling, then she should know Angel is not to be trusted to follow any kind of instructions and not be hasty. Maybe if she had given the potions to her in a locked container and given Fluttershy the key I'd feel better about her giving potentially dangerous magic. Thinking about the dangers further (and maybe more to your side of the discussion) I wonder if Fluttershy had been scooped up by a predator, would she have been able to talk to it and convince it to let her go? She could still use the stare, so she also had that as a weapon of last resort. She'd have to act pretty fast though before getting impaled by some talons or a beak.
  13. So yeah, I'm so busy it takes a holiday weekend for me to finally have some time to comment on this episode, lol. So I said I was interested in people's reaction to this episode after seeing the negative reaction to episode 15. And indeed, reading everyone's comments was actually just as interesting as watching the episode itself. Thanks to all the over-the-top humor, a number of folks enjoyed this episode more than they did that 15. It also didn't help that 15 had a deadly combination of a character acting like a jerk during the same section of the episode being uninteresting. (At least for me.) My takeaway then is it's OK to regress a character as long as there's enough humor to make the regression worthwhile. And 16 is a lot funnier than 15, so it was enjoyable for me as well. And those who didn't find Twilight's antics funny didn't seem to like the episode. It will be interesting to see, then, how fans react the next time a character is forced to regress for the sake of humor. Choice Russian words. lol. Originally, I was going to try to connect this episode's theme to community sports like little league, and specifically to situations where parents become so obsessive over their kids winning that they try to get the less-skilled kids kicked off the team. But your analogy to on-line gaming is actually much more appropriate! I agree that Pinkie needed to stop being Pinkie for a few hours and just learn the game, especially if she wants to show respect for her friend. But Trivia Trot is more like random assignment in online team games, and there one should never expect every player who is assigned to a team to understand how to be an expert at that game. So Twilight should have been a little more tolerant of her friend since she was new, and it was just Twilight's rotten luck on her 3rd attempt in a row at a win that she got stuck with a pony who only takes things seriously in extreme situations. It's interesting to note that most team games LET you kick players who are causing more harm than good, or are just being annoying via a voting mechanism. But with these 2-member teams such an arrangement wouldn't work out very well since Trivia Trot has that rule that single-member teams aren't allowed to compete. Both of these comments hearken back to "Too Many Pinkie Pies," where she had to prove that her friendship to Twilight (and others) was important, and more to the point, that she could settle down and take things seriously for a long period of time. Why she couldn't do that here is a bit of a mystery, though it may have just been an oversight on the writer to not have Twilight, in an effort to reign Pinkie in, remind her of that event and how she was able to focus back then. Then again, the point of Trivia Trot is to have fun, and the point of watching paint dry.... isn't. XD So then there's this: Perhaps the episode would showcase the message better if it wasn't about Twilight just needing to relax and have fun and instead showcase a message about everyone needing to have fun? In this situation, Twilight was clearly not letting Pinkie have any fun by forcing her to sit there in silence. Furthermore, I would argue Twilight's win streak was just as much a function of luck as it was her skill, even though her skill (and shipping planning chart, lol) did play an important role. In a game where any random citizen can enter, she probably shouldn't expect the same group of ponies to enter every time. Especially since it seems if someone like Sunburst would travel across Equestria to enter, then the whole continent is a potential player pool. Oh, and look you already said this later, lol. But actually, that's the perfect solution - have a pro session where the players have to have won a minimum number of times so each player knows they're getting a teammate who can play at a decent level. Going back to the online gaming analogy, it's no fun when the matchup server picks a Masters League player to play against you when you're way down in Bronze League, lol. And thinking along that vein, Trivia Trot could do exclusions the opposite way and not allow players who have won a maximum number of games to enter thus giving newbies a chance to have more fun, too.
  14. Are you thinking of "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" In that one Fluttershy was imagining Angel as a monster, and then later that version of him helped defeat the Tantabus. But it's not clear in the second case whether that was the real Angel in the shared dream or just Fluttershy conjuring him again from her memories. Given those possible unfortunate outcomes of the first two vs. the possible unfortunate outcome of the last, I would say having the danger of Fluttershy getting eaten is a lot more reckless than the Cheer Squad potentially disbanding. I guess I find it hard to believe she somehow knew everything would work out given that Fluttershy was now prey to the rest of the forest. Didn't she learn anything from her experience with the roc, lol? This is probably the episode where Zecora is the least in the right. Having said all that, like with Twilight a few weeks ago, the recklessness of her plan didn't bother me all that much. It's not like the show would ever have Fluttershy get seriously hurt. (Now her getting emotionally hurt - well, that's another matter, as embarrassed and heartbroken Flutters has been a thing in past episodes. ) As for the rest of the episode, I liked it well enough, but not enough to push it into the "loved" category. It was a nice little low-drama episode, unlike 15 and 16 and... My feelings have less to do with Zecora's plan but instead with it feeling like a missed opportunity. I pretty much agree with Dr. Wolf in this instance in that Angel is a character who has had beefs with several others over the years, and this episode didn't take any advantage of it. (Other than that one little line regarding Discord, lol.) I'm not sure why the animal sanctuary was a setting that needed to be revisited. I felt the episode was at its funniest when Angel was going through town making light of his ability to talk with the other ponies. I would have liked to have seen more of that since that's where I felt the episode scored points on humor. It's funny that Spike, one of his bigger rivals (next to Discord), even appeared in this episode but the two never got a chance to meet and have Angel tell Spike how he really feels about all those times he was pet-sat by him. One thing that didn't bother me was the whole vegan scene where Fluttershy tells the predators they can't eat the prey animals while in the sanctuary. I saw some comments that complained about forcing carnivores to go meatless, but it wouldn't make sense to have a sanctuary where some of the injured animals could get eaten. I'm not sure the episode did the right thing by making the snake eat cookies, however. I guess Fluttershy should have had a supply of processed fish meat for them to eat, since fish appear to be fair game when it comes to sources of protein. So this is supposedly Nick Confalone's last episode of the series. While it's not a bad one to go out on, his crowning achievement will always be "The Break-Up, Break-Down."
  15. I guess some of Trixie has rubbed off on Chrysalis. Which is amazing if you think about it because the only time they ever met is the brief period of time she was before her at the end of S6, right before she got cocooned. Of course, being sneaky is all Chrysalis did when she was in Canterlot the first time. It was her drones who did most of the work. All except poor Thorax who did nothing but get caught in Shining and Cadance's love shield. XD I think the show has only covered 3: The one in the pilot, the one at the start of S4, and now this one. Since there have been many more HWEs, its safe to assume the show has skipped covered the others where nothing Earth-shattering happened. There's no consistency in this episode, either, lol. The shot I used was from the middle of the episode, but there are some close-ups near the beginning when Celestia is explaining things to Twilight. In those shots, certain panes appear next to one another even though they don't appear that way in the wide shot. And in some scenes, there's 2 normal windows between the stained glass windows instead of one, so that's confusing too. I suppose it's because close-ups require views from a different angle, and all these backgrounds are constructed from pre-built Flash assets and the assets don't necessarily have consistency between each other.