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  1. Hey Truffles! We haven't talked in a while! What's up?

    1. Truffles


      Lots of work! However in general during the hiatuses, I usually go into lurker mode and take a break from MLP. Most of the posts I do do are usually short one-sentence thoughts. I saw your comments on Spike's dad the other day but all the replies pretty much covered anything I had to say so I just left it at that. XD

    2. FlareGun45


      It's fine! I'm really taking this want of Spike having more a little too outta portion so I need to take a break from all that, but it's really hard to do! XD If there was anywhere around here that doesn't involve talking about MLP, I'd have so much more to talk about! :P 

      But I'm glad you're taking a break! You're better at control over that than me, that's for sure!

  2. Truffles

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    Dear Prince Blueblood, eat your heart out. Like I said in my initial comments about this special: That song was deep. Pear Butter and Bright Mac deep. I was surprised to see them push the envelope of their relationship that far. It even surpassed the end of "The Secret of my Excess" since the interpretation of Rarity hushing Spike as they fell was touching and romantic, but left wide open to interpretation. While her actions made it clear she was letting him know she knew how he felt about her, it was far from certain she felt the same (and subsequent seasons have seem to indicate she didn't). Here, she's clearly touched by his gift and maybe she finally sees how deep his devotion to her really is? (Skelenor notwithstanding. Spike's wandering eye this past season still makes me wonder if he's really in love with Rarity or - as the hopeless romantic his is - is he just wanting someone to love him back to satisfy his need of experiencing true love, and she's just a convenient target?) Unfortunately, since this is a special that, while part of the show's continuity, isn't part of any specific season's timeline, we don't know if it will be revisited again in this way or whether it will go back to being a running gag like it has in the past. Yes, and Twilight's midterm grading just before the Hearthswarming Eve holiday confirms this.
  3. Truffles

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    In that instance it may have been an aesthetics thing since it might have seemed weird for kids to see a disembodied row of green spines floating above the map. XD Looking closely at those buttons they do appear to have ridges on the outside of their circumference, so those ridges might be thin enough to act as a suitable fret. But the spacing of them is irregular. I know this is nitpicky but it is pretty interesting to focus on the details the animators put into Spike's homemade guitar - and the fact that they bothered to animate his claws moving up and down as he changed chords. Even if it's not exact, it's a nice bit of detail. You're quite welcome! I was going to reply to this over Thanksgiving but things got busier than expected. Now I just need to get caught up with the messages in the general show discussion. XD
  4. Truffles

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    I suppose if their temporal abilities are limited to only gift-giving, there might not be much reason for them to get involved in the dire circumstances Equestria has been involved in over the course of the show. However, their helping with others pick a gift might be a useful service they could provide to the larger population of the land, but maybe it would take the fun out of buying a gift for loved ones if someone was around to always give the perfect suggestion? Somehow, it's credible for Twilight to use extra-strength fibers in her scroll paper. XD Which means "Non-Compete" with it's implied 9 month school span must take place in late Spring/early Summer, depending on the length of vacation time between school years. It's unusual for sure, since most written text we see is that distorted version of the Western alphabet. Since MLP is an international show, it may have been done to make it clear to all audiences that character identifiers were written on each of those sheets. What is interesting is Spike's symbol goes against the commonality of Twilight using cutie marks as the symbol, since "Triple Threat" made it clear his spines are his "cutie mark." But since he has wings now it may have been simpler for her to draw a dragon wing rather than try to indicate his spines. I was surprised no one got their own name, since in our family that used to happen a lot before I wrote a program to do the picking. XD I suppose with the fully-packed story, however, it would have been a subplot that didn't really encompass the themes the episode was trying to depict and would have been a distraction. He may have just been using that as an off-the-cuff excuse to help sway AJ to switch if indeed she did have Rarity. But it could just as easily be that he initially thought he knew he could get her something great but realized it was more difficult than he thought. Kind of like how Twilight became neurotic over picking a gift for Pinkie when Spike pointed out it had to be extra special, he may have realized the same thing. Especially since he's not just out to give a friend a gift, but to give someone who he's trying to woo with said gift. I was thinking she was only considering buying those gifts but wanted to consult with her friend before making a final decision. I guess since she's Honest AJ vendor ponies trust her enough to not walk out of the area without paying. As for why she didn't get them in the end is probably due to her spending her bits to pull off that scheme on F&F, and so all she got out of it were the crappy dolls. XD He's played the banjo in "Simple Ways," and I don't play either of those instruments but I imagine if he could play one it wouldn't be too hard for him to play the other. At least his banjo had 4 strings instead of 3 like the guitar. Also, since chords generally consist of 3 notes, it would be theoretically possible to play on such an instrument. But the fingering would be difficult to say the least, and considering how short and stubby his claws are, I'm not sure how many unique chords he could actually produce out of that thing. XD There's no visible shooting stars out the window, though after looking at it again it is odd that Sugar Belle gives a concerned look briefly before appearing content again. I'm not sure what caused her that moment of concern. I loved seeing Thorax with his brother in that scene. A great bit of continuity. Also interesting were the changeling nymphs in the foreground. I'm still not sure if those are young from the original hive that changed, or if they are newborn and they're all being born that way now instead of having to go through the dark-and-holey-legged stage of their predecessors.
  5. Truffles

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    The orb was a vehicle to send whatever was in it to another dimension (like the EqG universe or the sock puppet dimension Discord was going to send Tree Hugger). So Starlight wouldn't have died since it presumably would have opened when it reached its destination. And all of the captured magic would have been released there, so Starlight would have gotten her magic powers back when she arrived. I don't know how long the Mane 6 and Spike would survive in Tartarus. There isn't any detail on whether there's food and water available, or whether Luna has to resupply it via portal - which wouldn't be possible anymore. However, with magic gone Tartarus would just become another cave so presumably everyone could have been dug out at some point. It's possible Cozy was "greasing the hooves" of the other students all year long off-screen like we saw her do early in this episode, and that's why most of the other students were enamored with her and didn't question her actions. Cozy is so manipulative with her words, she's more like a cult leader than a student. Fellow former cult leader Starlight even noticed this in Cozy's first appearance, so I get the feeling this was DHX's intent with her. Even if Cozy did the same favors for the Student 6, it took a student like Smolder to be suspicious of her. Either dragons really are naturally suspicious (now I'm being racist, lol), or Smolder was still on guard for such shenanigans after the incident with Sludge. Since the rest of the Student 6 are close friends with Smolder, they didn't take too kindly to Cozy's racist remarks about their friend and so they because suspicious, too. Heh, if it really was Sludge that was the catalyst for Smolder to question Cozy's authority, does that mean he inadvertently saved the world? I was wondering why the Student 6 didn't decide to check out the catacombs instead of following Cozy. I didn't think it was necessarily a bad decision on their part per se, but it seemed like a viable option and would have gotten to the bottom of things quicker than what they did by eavesdropping on her and Neighsay. Though I have to admit, a lot of that thinking is due to my playing the Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim, where the first order of business is to wait for the NPC to leave the area and then rummage around in all their belongings to see what they're up to, lol. Sadly, Neighsay probably believes his own rhetoric, even if it's illogical. Just watching the news the past week makes me more convinced than ever politicians get caught up in their lies and believe their own stories about outsider bogeymen who are coming to "invade." Yeah, this was a bit of a stretch. When Twilight realized the key was single-use only, she should have thought that was suspicious - especially since she saw first hand she couldn't open the door with her magic. I'm not sure what she was thinking the mechanism would be to re-open the doors to get back out again. Usually, prisons are locked on the inside to keep whoever is in there from getting out, right? XD I imagine that as a "cult leader," she would have her followers evangelize her virtues in hopes of turning enough of the citizens to her side so as to make it difficult for Celestia and Luna to rule. Whether this would actually work is questionable, but it's enough that she believes she has that ability for her plan to make sense. My guess is Twilight simply had more one-on-one time to teach Starlight than she does with a school full of students, where she (and the rest of the Mane 6) have to spread their time across dozens if not more students attending the school. So the possibility that Starlight's lessons were more rigorous seems likely. Yeah. That was a little off-putting to hear her say that, though I don't think she meant any disrespect to Spike. It may even be Spike has his claws full helping keeping the school running, even though there hasn't been mention of what that job is, exactly. I suspect he has too do a bit of everything whenever the Mane 6 or Starlight need some extra help, including filling in as a substitute teacher - which he has done on at least two occasions. Of course, seeing him picking up after Discord in "A Matter of Principals" makes me think he also has janitorial duties, similar to his cleaning duties at the castle. Speaking of which, I'm surprised it hasn't become a mess due to his absence. Then again, it was in pretty bad shape in the HWE special. Considering her young age and how she was under the control of Chrysalis, it wouldn't surprise me if she hadn't gotten the opportunity to every do that until now. Heh, good question. I suppose there would be some risk in sending everyone off unexpectedly like that, since without magic there would be no way to communicate to the parents their children were returning home and some of the kids could get lost. Another good catch. Though the concert tickets Cozy was promising may have been worthless and the students she was promising them to simply didn't think ahead to realize that the concert might be cancelled. Alternatively, Sapphire Shores does strike me as the type of pony who believes "The show must go on," so perhaps her concert would be more acoustical and less spectacle? If it has been the other celebrity, Rara, she would have no problem doing a glitz-less concert since that what the point of her episode. If she still had her fire, that would be a great opportunity to burn down the school like Rockhoof feared. XD However, since neither she nor Spike used their fire until magic returned, we can't say either way whether their fire is magical or physical. Speaking of which, I'm confused more than ever now about Spike's message sending ability. First of all, at the beginning when Celestia's message got stuck in his throat, was that because of his magic failing or Celestia's magic failing? The episode isn't clear on this. Even more confusing is the scene of him giving the diplomas to the students. Everything we know about his messaging ability indicates someone like Celestia has to send the scroll. But here, he's conjuring them up, seemingly out of nowhere! If that's not the case, then who was working with him to send the diplomas via his fire breath? And since he stopped before he could finish giving out all the diplomas, if someone was sending them how would they also know to stop? The mystery of this ability deepens. I would think a guard pony (or maybe Cerberus if he's intelligent enough) would go around and feed the prisoners. Where the food comes from is a mystery. Is there a massive stash somewhere of insta-meals that can be restored by adding water? Or perhaps that portal Luna opened at the end is how food is delivered? Presumably without magic Tararus would have to be closed or rebuilt into a more standard prison. Cozy's parents are a significant blind spot in her character arc, and not just in this episode. I can just imagine if Sludge was the one telling this tale of Cozy Glow to a bunch of random ponies, some of them might question it at the end. Asking obvious questions like, "So just how did Cozy arrive at the school and why haven't we ever seen her parents? Do they even care she's in Tartarus right now?"
  6. Truffles

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    Eh, I think it keeps Spike from becoming a Gary Stu if he has a few dark streaks like this, and it shows he still has some "typical" dragon in him. The funny thing is this scene is worse than it seems. If someone saw these screenshots... ...without any context, a first-time viewer would think he's the villain in the series. But as was stated by others, he could have asked and Fluttershy would have willingly traded with him. Plus he was so happy and excited to find Rarity's Secret Santa, it pretty much disarmed the scene for me. It is curious, however, why he thinks he needs to trick others in order to get certain things. I'd love to blame Sludge's con artistry for rubbing off on Spike a little too much for this behavior, but he acted this way back in S3 in "Just for Sidekicks" - and with Fluttershy again no less! And he also stated he was going to sweet talk a valuable hoofball card out of Big Mac back in the opening of "The Cutie Map." So this is just how he behaves sometimes. I don't know if it's just a lack of maturity, or if there really is some instinctual dragon behavior in that otherwise big heart of his that refuses to be completely suppressed. I guess if nothing else, this is (S9 spoiler ahead): My initial reaction to this was an angry, "Hey!" But I have to believe Twilight would never intentionally hurt Spike and I calmed down as the scene played out. More than the safety issue, it was the fact that she scared him which made it unsettling. What was weird is Rarity seems to have no memory either. When he acted all goofy around her while she was describing the hat she had ordered (and he pretty much gave away he was thinking about her again) she just sat there confused and them shrugged it off. One would think she'd remember what happened in "Secret of My Excess." She certainly remembered the "being grabbed" part of it during "Molt Down." XD At least the rest of the Mane 6 seem to remember, though. AJ's line to him about not having Rarity was hilarious. XD That scene of Gallus leaving is interesting: Last we saw, he didn't want anything to do with having to return home for the holidays, but he had no problems with it here. If this special really is covering the events of the very next HWE, I wonder what happened in the interim for him to change his mind? Did Grandpa Gruff, Gabby, and the young griff reluctantly agree to have a pleasant get-together this time? Nothing in the finale seemed to indicate the griffons were affected, so having the magic disappear and return shouldn't be a factor. At least they remembered to have Fluttershy mention she had no bits for the return train ride from Rainbow Falls after she got ripped off. Rarity didn't have anything. It appears that AJ gave Spike one of Flim and Flam's crappy dolls as a consolation gift, which he immediately managed to break. XD
  7. Truffles

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    The next time I see it I'll have to pay closer attention to that scene with Thorax and see if he's celebrating like Ocellus say changelings do.
  8. Truffles

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    First swing at some replies. More in coming day(s): It's easy to imagine his plan was something along the lines of expecting the Mane 6 to be feeling completely hopeless trapped in Tartarus with no magics and he'd be the one tormenting them. Since he doesn't understand friendship, he wouldn't expect they'd be able to keep each other's spirits up and figure out a way to escape, allowing Pinkie to fulfill her role as Mane Annoyance. XD So the flaw in his plan is completely plausible. At first I didn't understand why (or how) Cozy Glow wouldn't realize by draining all the magic she'd be clipping her own wings as well. I suppose the inference is that perhaps she just didn't care that she'd never be able to fly again and having the popular power to overthrow all the now-impotent princesses was more important? A fair trade, I reckon. She was essentially turning Equestria into something more akin to our world, where physical power, physics and chemistry are the rule of the day instead of magic. I saw this and @KH7672's reply. Both good points. I can think of one in-universe explanation and that's they were flying but since it was now the third day they all decided to land out of precaution in case their flying ability failed early. Of course, it didn't appear they had gotten very far from the capitol so I'm not sure it's an ideal solution. She's a villain that utilizes the most powerful weapon of all: Her brain.
  9. Truffles

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    Part of the problem is the lack of focus on Spike being an orphan through the run of the series. Thanks to "Dragon Quest," the audience could connect the dots and assume that as an orphan, he's been wondering who his parents are, what they were like, and whether he was behaving anything like them. But there has been no intervening stories between then and now that shed any light on that aspect of his character. It never comes up in his supporting character roles, and while a number of his focus episodes have successfully shone a light on other aspects of his character, none of these other than "DQ" told us what his aspirations were -- aside, of course, from being Twilight's assistant and dreaming of Rarity as his special somepony. I guess I didn't mind this because of what happened back in "Secret of my Excess." Twilight tried taking Spike to a doctor (the same doctor from "A Health of Information," in fact) but he plainly stated "[he didn't] know anything about dragons" and then suggested she instead take him to a vet (the same vet from yet another Fluttershy episode, "Fluttershy Leans In") and that didn't work out, either. So there is some plausibility for the Mane 6 to skip that and try and mend him themselves. However, with the school being open it is difficult to believe there's still no doctor on staff in Ponyville that doesn't understand the anatomy of other creatures since any injury among the Student 6 besides Sandbar or Yona would be dire if there was no one nearby to treat them. I suppose another possibility, though, is even if the medics in Ponyville can treat other creatures, it may be that Sludge being an adult dragon instead of a child would make any run-of-the-mill pony hesitant to treat him. So there's still some room there for what they did to make sense. My guess is if faced with the threat of being kicked out, he'd acquiesce to Twilight's demands but use that to drive a wedge between her and Spike so she'd eventually relent. He could even fake another injury to reset things to how they were when he first arrived though such a strategy would likely result in diminishing returns after repeated attempts at fooling them. Twilight's problem is she really thought he was Spike's dad, and wanted to treat him like family. The audience, however, knows he's not so there's a disconnect between Twilight's POV and ours, and maybe that's part of the frustration the audience has with the episode? I'd like to think he was invited by Rainbow Dash to fly with her as part of a Wonderbolts show, perhaps in the Crystal Empire? Having him there in at least one stunt might bring in a larger crowd than usual. Since both dragons and pegasi are fictional creatures, it's hard to say how feathered vs. non-feathered wings would behave on their respective species. Perhaps the feathers provide more surface area and thus pegasi/alicorns don't need to flap so much? There's probably some correlating info that might shed light on this in regards to how bat vs. bird wings work, but I'm too busy to do the research for a single throwaway line in an episode. XD I suppose it's possible her parents never told her the real reason dragons don't use pillows is because they don't have any, and so she was just speaking from her experiences of how she normally sleeps. Of course, she states she sleeps in the school now and not outside, so it would be interesting to know if she sleeps on a bed without pillows or if she even sleeps on a bed at all and prefers to sleep on the floor? it's further complicated by the fact that she has to hide her love of "cute stuff." Perhaps the idea of sleeping with frilly pillows would expose her secret, and so she avoids them to portray this false rough exterior? I suppose it didn't really matter if she was lying or not - the purpose of her stating those ideas was to expose Sludge at the con artist he is, and it worked. I still have minor issues with the ending though - the scenes between Sludge and Smolder seemed rushed. And the episode doesn't follow the rule of, "Show, don't tell" in those scenes since the audience is simply expected to take everything that Smolder is saying about dragon families at face value. Having a brief flashback of her with her parents earlier in the episode would lend a lot more credibility to her statements, especially considering her cruel HWE story and her kicking her brother out once he started molting. Maybe? XD Though with raw eggs the whites are pretty much clear. Those whites were translucent, so maybe Sludge just likes fried eggs that are barely fried? I know I like my scrambled eggs to be a bit more watery than is probably good for me. I want his dad to be Burnferno from his favorite storybook, but I'll have to wait till next season to see if all that hinting in this episode and "A Flurry of Emotions" is just a red herring or not. XD
  10. Truffles

    Spoiler Characters not in Best Gift Ever

    I would have liked her to have a line, but after watching it again I noticed her cameo with Trixie was the two of them traveling in Trixie's wagon. So she would have had to say something right at the beginning of the episode, maybe explaining her and Trixie couldn't take part in the exchange due to their previously scheduled plans..
  11. Truffles

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    I guess it's fair to say that this episode should take place during the second year of Twilight's school since the first HWE with the school in existence was "The Hearthswarming Club?" Does this make this episode an early S9-timeline episode instead of a late S8-timeline episode? The Sparity was strong in this one. I'm not sure how to feel about that since they haven't explored whether Spike's crush has gone beyond a physical attraction or something deeper, and I had pretty much moved on with that narrative and was wondering when he would follow suit. His opening with that song though - whoa. I got some real "You're in my Head like a Catchy Song" vibes there. I mean he really poured his heart out there and Rarity's reaction was not of worry that she'd have to hurt his feelings. I suppose they could have a sort of Nick and Judy/Carrots type relationship where they acknowledge they love each other without going any further and keeping it platonic? Also that's the first kiss he's received from her since "The Secret of My Excess." Yeah it's been that long. Of course, now he has to compete with Pistachio. Speaking of romance, the Marble Pie acknowledgement of Sugarmac was a big shocker. I thought the show would quietly forget she and Big Mac had feelings for one another and just move on. but now it doesn't seem like it. Am I watching Friendship is Magic or a soap opera? I have to admit, that whole ending that included Discord and made Fluttershy the hero was really special. In fact it was brilliant. And it may be Discord's most brilliant moment yet - even surpassing Sugar Belle's broken wagon wheel. He really is a softie. Amazing episode. Now I have to add this to my list of catching-up to do. I still have some "Father Knows beast" replies and needs to write up "School Raze" - like completely. It's time-consuming coming back from vacation and having to introduce new cats into a household when you're the sole cat whisperer.
  12. Truffles

    Spoiler S08:E23 - Sounds of Silence

    I agree with this, though it seems particularly in-character for Applejack: She strikes me as having the type of personality who gets offended if you refuse to talk to her. It's part-in-parcel with her presumed country-ishness. She was probably thinking, "It' ain't downright neighborly if somepony doesn't want to even give a friendly hello to new guests." So I can't say I was surprised to see her act that way. This is what I figured the stream did - it made them emotionless and everything they do now is only out of need. If they're hungry, they eat but they don't enjoy it. Every birthday is just another day. One way the stream made things worse, however, is it also seemed to strip them of pity, empathy and compassion. The kirins had no issue with throwing AJ and Fluttershy into the stream when they started arguing - it just seemed like the logical thing to do.This is worse because it essentially made them all into sociopaths. If the village was running short of food, they would likely have no issues with killing someone if it meant the end of starvation. And this brings up an associated idea: It's likely the stream also quelled all aspects of love and lust, so aside from any of them who were already present, it's unlikely anyone was busy having kids. If they really are part-dragon, they may share the long lifespans of dragons so perhaps their leader figured increasing their population wasn't as important as keeping the peace? It could be she's an unreliable narrator. Perhaps seem assumed she was driving them batty simply because they ignored her? In fact, most of the scenes of them showing feelings may just be due to her explaining things in song. However: I can't think of a good explanation for this. This seems like an oversight on the animators or scriptwriter. Unless the stream made them into the equivalent of Vulcans and moments of extreme stress cause their emotions to show through? If that's the case, them the stream isn't as extreme as something like going through the Kolinahr. I think his state of mind pretty much answers that question. XD I kept expecting to see AJ have them ask to write answers on paper, but perhaps that despite their ability to speak ponish, perhaps they use an alphabet that wouldn't be recognizable by ponies? It's kind of a stretch but it's the only explanation I can think of as to why they didn't try to use writing to begin with.
  13. Truffles

    General issues with Spike

    Heh, when I heard the phrase "bad boy," instead of Spike I thought of this guy: Meet "Speck" - Honker J. Muddlefoot's identity-crisis induced alter-ego from the Darkwing Duck episode, "Calm a Chameleon." For some reason, Spike and Honker seem like kindred spirits, even though they don't have much in common personality-wise. As for the topic at hand, Spike is nicely balanced out between being nice and being a smart-aleck. I don't think that makes him bad at all.
  14. Truffles

    Vote for the Best and Worst Episodes of Season 8!

    Oops! Didn't see you could vote for more than 1 episode and the votes can't be changed. I was torn between "Break Up, Break Down" and "Molt Down" for best (picked the latter), but picking worst was easy: "Fake It Till You Make It." There are some parts of a few other episodes that were particularly bad (and even "Fake It" isn't totally bad, admittedly) but it left a sour taste in my mouth that was a little more noticeable that the other episodes I was meh about.
  15. Truffles

    Am I the only one who quite liked Season 6?

    Until this season, S6 was my favorite season, beating out S4 after it concluded. Now it's S8>S6>S4>S2>S1>S7>S5>S3. Besides S7 being Spike's breakout season, a lot of episodes many hated like "Newbie Dash," "AJs Day Off," "Every Little Thing She Does," and "PPOV" I actually enjoyed. In fact, the only episode I didn't really enjoy was "28 Pranks Later." Adding up all those loved and liked episodes makes S6 stand up nicely to all the other seasons. In fact, there are something like 2 or 3 episodes I didn't care for in S8 so by that measure I should still have S6 as my favorite. But I give S8 bonus points for tackling topics the show has shied away from in seasons past, and for giving us a great villain in Cozy. Time might shift things though. Aspects I find amazing now might not be as exciting years down the road. For example, I happened upon the third act of "Lesson Zero" again recently and found it to be the most amazing thing to behold and made me long for when the show had that kind of tone. I guess that means could still see S2 (or some other season) topping the list again someday after enough time has passed following the end of Gen 4.