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  1. I agree that's she'll have her hooves in both places, and that's why it was notable that Canterlot was her former and once-again home. My feeling from some of the comments was that she'd be miserable being away from her life Ponyville, and I just wanted point out that she still had ties there. It's true she won't have the life she once knew as a kid, though that is true for pretty much anyone who has grown up and returned to live in their hometown. (Admittedly, going from flying kites with your two brothers to ruling the nation with one of them is a pretty big change, lol.)
  2. I look at Twilight's life in Canterlot vs. Ponyville differently. For me, her life in Ponyville was akin to the time we as humans spend in school. I remember how much I disliked school, similar to how Twilight initially disliked moving to Ponyville. But like Twilight, I was surprisingly upset over having to say good-bye to pretty much everyone I knew since kindergarten when it came time to graduate from high school. For many of us, we only get to see those friends once every year or even ten years during class reunions. Twilight gets to see her old friends every moon and swap stories inbetween the business of running the empire. And those meetings don't preclude the possibility of her flying/teleporting over to Ponyville for surprise visits, something we saw Celestia do from time to time. And there's evidence she has plenty of fond memories growing up in Canterlot that don't involve books. She did a whole song about it at the end of season two, and we got another glimpse of how happy her life was with her family in Sparkle's 7. Plus I feel like now that she's fixed the problems she created with Moondancer, she and their little group of friends can become closer again. Not to say they'll be a replacement for the ReMane 5+Starlight, but it will certainly help her not be as miserable as some have theorized. I guess if I were to summarize my take on all of this is it's the audience who is feeling the pain of their separation more than she is feeling. But then again I didn't get particularly emotional at the end of this episode because of all the jumping around from past to present. For me, the most emotional scene this season was Big Mac's wedding a few episodes back, probably because that was a tighter arc like that of the CMC getting their cutie marks. Second would be the last scene at Pony Joe's, but I'll save my thoughts on that when I do "The End of the End" commentary. I agree that she was dragged into this new job too early, and perhaps doing the fast-forward at the beginning of the season would have made more sense and allowed a narrative of how much closer the Mane 6 had become since the end of S8. But I suspect it was a matter of resources at DHX. The older characters we saw in the montage were simplified versions that only had to be good enough for a few seconds of screentime. For an entire season of aged-up characters, more work would have to be put into the models. The directive was always she would become ruler at some point, and without the show doing a Simpsons and going on for 30+ seasons (which very few wanted) in order to show the continued growing bond between all of them, it pretty much had to happen as it did this season. Since I watched seasons 1 and 2 mixed together, I didn't see at first how rude Twilight was in season 1. Once I got the S1 and S2 DVD's and could watch them separately, I was shocked at how bitchy she could be at times to those around her, even after she stated she couldn't stand ever leaving her new friends at the end of episode 2. I guess it's a good sign of character growth that she wasn't as bad in S2, since having 9 seasons of often seeing her devolve into "Mudbriar Twilight" would have not allowed for her to become as popular as she is. It's interesting that you pointed our Luster doesn't seem as enthralled with Twilight as Twilight was with Celestia. I feel that's a nice little nuance to Luster's character that will make things interesting as the fandom moves forward writing stories for the two of them. Thanks!! And you know what? Because the one Spike is holding is the only one with the detail of numeric hours on the face of his stopwatch, I'm just going to assume that one is canon and all the others are due to lazy artists. (Also, once again Spike pulling stopwatches out of his "Dog and Pony Show" secret pockets he has in his thighs or rump, lol.) LOL on the 8 and 16 hour clocks. That would be great for computer programmers, though, if the day had sixteen hours in it since us programmers like power of two numbers due to how the binary system works.
  3. Whew. Finally getting around to some more detailed thoughts on the last episode of the series. As I said earlier in the topic, I liked the finale. (Comments about E24 and E25 I'll put in their proper topic at another date.) As for "The Last Problem," it did what I always hoped the last episode would do: Let the show wind down properly rather than cutting it off right after the evil-gets-defeated/reformed-climax. Such an ending would have been unsatisfying after 9 season run. The fact that they even did a fast-forward was even more than I could have hoped for. I thought we might get something like that in the last few moments of the episode, but to wrap a whole story around Future Twilight and Future Spike (see what I did there? Lol.) was unexpected. Having said that, the structure of the flash-forward to flashbacks comes off as a little choppy. While I loved the detailed view we got of the future, the jumping back and forth didn't allow for me to settle in with the "new" characters. I felt like I didn't know them even though their personalities and voices were more-or-less the same. And not having the ReMane 5 appear in their future forms till the end was a little disappointing. While it was clear they needed to hide them to keep Luster Dawn insisting "friendships fade," I couldn't help but wonder if it was also to keep the audience guessing as to whether the ReMane 5 had passed on by the time this episode takes place. In the end, the ReMane 5 do show up and allows the biggest reveal as to how their lives turned out. Pinkie's outcome is the most apparent, while the pairings of Appledash and Fluttercord are left a little more open to interpretation. Rarity's is the most obscure since the only confirmation is she continues to be a successful businessmare, having expanded all the way to Yakyakistan. There's no indication she ever married like she wanted to in S1, no indication of foals, and no indication any relationship between her and Spike rekindled. Of all the main characters, they left hers the most open to interpretation by the fans. I imagine those who didn't like this episode due to the constraints it put on the future characters' lives at least appreciated Rarity's ambiguous future. And speaking of Spike: This here. Agreed 100%. Anthro-Spike was a bit of a letdown, even though I get why they did it: This comment pretty much explains it here, and there's plenty of evidence he's been working out to try and achieve that goal from his daily mirror checks, like this famous one: So I get it. But it does seem a little odd how disproportionate his limbs have become: His arms almost touch the ground, and his legs have barely grown at all. (My initial thought upon first seeing him was he was shaped like Gizmoduck, lol.) I suppose this could just be him going through the awkward "teen dragon" phase (teen as in physical traits, not actual age) since another dragon had these weird proportions: Garble was also all torso and no legs with arms that seem too long. So hopefully Spike will grow out of this look at some point and resemble a more standard dragon, though his physiometry seems to indicate he might grow up to look more like Torch than one of the standard large dragons, like this guy: (On a side note, I'd like to think this is the dragon from Dragonshy who took a brief wake-up from his nap to attend the coronation. :)) Still, I think they could have simply taken that Spike posing in front of Starlight above and used a scaled-up version, maybe with a longer snout, as his young adult model. It's certainly more dragon-y and less human looking. If it weren't for the movie, I'd still wonder where Spike's notion that he had to take on bipedal human characteristics as the image of "ideal masculinity" came from, but it's clear there's a bunch of anthro species in their world that we just don't see that often outside of the occasional Capper cameo or Iron Will. What's more confusing is how Smolder managed to look like this: She's older than Spike but managed to maintain her established serpentine look. Even that would have worked better for him, but like I said, it seems male dragons go through this awkward anthro stage during their early adulthood. In the end I'm not too disappointed, however, since on the inside he's still the same sweet-yet-snarky guy we've known since S1. Luster Dawn was okay, though I agree with @Music Chart Fan that she was a bit curt with her responses to Twilight and Spike's explanations. But then I think back to how rude Twilight was to all her friends in many scenes during S1, so this may have been the angle the writers were aiming for in order to show history repeating itself with this new protege. The song was really good, and it's hard for me to decide whether I like this song or "A Better Way to be Bad" more. They're both excellent in their own right. Some other interesting stuff I noticed in the final episode: Aww. Shining Armor still showing some of that liquid pride for his little sister. It was neat to see how far Pharynx has come in terms of empathy, actually showing concern for Twilight when she stumbled on the balcony. This is probably the funniest visual from the finale: Everyone forced to "drink" the applesauce in their glasses with Big Mac feeling sheepish over his miscue. (Now he knows that look AJ got from Granny when she messed up that apple trivia question, lol.) Spike's devil-may-care attitude above says it all about how little this bothers him. XD Political reasons, probably. She may be ruler, but she wants good relations with the other royals and it would be a slap in the face to them if she moved the capitol from Canterlot to Ponyville. Which, despite it having a castle, hasn't yet become the metropolis Canterlot is that dignitaries visiting from far and wide would come to expect upon their arrival. I could imagine in a century or so it may be feasible to move the capitol if Twilight still feels it's important to her to be back in Ponyville. Though even that I think is unlikely. Twilight and Spike may have made Ponyville their home for some time, but we need to remember they both grew up in Canterlot. Spike for certain was born (hatched) there, and there's a good chance Canterlot is also Twilight's birth city. So even though Twilight was sad to be leaving her friends, there is a sense of home to the place she's returning to. Plus her parents are still there, too. Mapping a dragon nap to a rough estimate of a human nap, I calculated dragons live to be about 25 million years old. That's close enough to immortality. We're definitely in agreement here! My thinking was he simply didn't care about some of his old belongings anymore, and if they got thrown out/traded in Rainbow Falls he wouldn't care. I have to imagine he's taking all his comics that are considered collectibles, however. It was nice that Spike realized how much leaving such items behind was bothering Twilight and decided to take it after all, even though he stated he was losing interest in reading comics. I think Fluttershy actually helped here and told the spiders what Rarity wanted and they agreed to do it. Maybe Fluttershy paid them for their work in flies, lol? That's interesting! What scene is that in? I'll want to go back and take a look. I remember you stating in another recent review the wonky hour counts the clock had. I would hope these missions Spike is doing is at the behest of the princess and that he's around to be her "royal advisor" more often than once a moon. He did state that his work as ambassador has become "a full-time job," but perhaps it was just this one mission of trying to strike a peace between the Diamond Dogs and Abyssinians? That's a good question. Since the montage showed her flying in the center of the formation, I have to presume she's still actively captain. (It's notable none of the other Wonderbolts are present, anymore. Presumably they retired.) It would be logical that Rainbow would put retirement off as long as possible since being in their squad was her lifelong dream, and by the tenor of RD and AJ's talk when they enter, it still sounds like they're still active and competitive with one another. Also, Rainbow was the youngest team member so even if 20 years passed, she'd only be in her 40's. I admit I don't know what age the Blue Angels pilots are forced to withdraw from the squadron, however. Having Tempest in there was a nice touch, though. And look - in that same shot we even get to see Twilight's parents one more time. I always thought she was (shall we say) the most mature of the Mane 6, so seeing the gray doesn't surprise me. Spike has had to live with the fact that he would outlive all his friends since Dragonshy. So I'm not sure how things are much different except that now he at least has a family member who will always be there for him and Twilight has him to always be around for her. What lore are you referring to? The continuity between it and "A Canterlot Wedding" was on target as far as I can tell. Yaks are naturally large, and she doesn't look any larger to me than her relatives. I think the issue with adult Yona is her eyes were kept large relative to the size of her head. All the other adult yaks from previous episodes have eyes that are smaller (and most of the time hidden) and it appears to me in order to save time they simply took Yona's head and scaled it up and pasted it onto an adult yak body.
  4. After reading that, I now have this image of Spike as a band geek and being pretty useful for doing TP parties. (Equestrian toilet paper counts as parchment, right? )
  5. Ha! I totally missed that ref! Here I thought it was a ref to The Three Amigos, but the colors and style of the mariachi suits is unmistakable in retrospect. XD Good catch. And its notable she does this since Big Mac and Sugar Belle do it differently just a few scenes later. It was nice to have the CMC get another important role after some of the issues and regressions exhibited with the CMC in "Growing Up is Hard to Do." Here, they acted how I would have expected them to act post "The Last Crusade" - as mature fillies crossing the threshold of being bright, young women. This, in addition to the music, is the other reason the wedding scene is so emotional for me. It was truly moving to see Grand Pear get to experience the wedding of his grandson-in-law after missing the wedding of his daughter and son-in-law the first time. Yes. XD The infamous baked bads incident in S1E4 forever canonized that dragons have stomachs made of steel. Discord, Voice of Reason. Now that's a switch.... Some of that VoR stems from him being cynical, and I suppose I could go back to "TB-U, B-D" and turn Spike's own words against him: There, Spike first calls out Discord for being cynical. But Spike may be just as cynical for matters not relating to romance since his roles as the VoR over the years could be construed the same way. I suspect because his words have gotten him into so much trouble in the past that he'd want to avoid using them at all costs, thinking they could cause problems again no matter how well-intentioned they were. Not that planning a crazy scheme to drop hints to a proposal is any better, mind you. XD That's for sure, lol. He may have said Sugar Belle, but its likely he was just thinking about what he would have liked himself. I guess if Gabby ever wanted to propose to Spike, setting up a bunch of gems with clues attached to them would be a good way to make it memorable for him - provided she could accomplish such a task any better than Big Mac could. XD Hmm. These are all excellent points. He must do something with his power to determine whether it will burn or send, otherwise there would be a great many objects (including one roc) that would have been teleported away somewhere. That would explain how he burned Twilight's book in "Owl's Well that Ends Well." As for "GtB-O," I suppose perhaps he had been thinking about sending those scrolls to Celestia at some point so their destination was already predetermined during his hiccup barrage? (After hearing some tidbits from the Series Bible while I was on vacation that got out during the leaks, it could be that S1 episode was written with the knowledge contained in that document in mind. Apparently he was supposed to be the only dragon left and he would uncover new hidden abilities as the series went on. But at some point that idea was scrapped.) As for the ribbons, seals and foil coatings, maybe we can use the 1994 Terminator Time-Displacement Machine logic and like that machine where it can only send biological matter or matter contained in biological material, perhaps because the seals and ribbons are attached to the parchment they also get sent along with it to the destination? I dunno, I'm reaching here, lol. This episode showing Spike consciously planning a destination and specifically mentioning parchment was good enough for me to finally get at least a little bit of canonization as to how that message-sending power works. That's what I'm thinking, and it unfortunately was accidentally edited out of the script during a rewrite for time. Spike's been around Twilight all his life, so a Twilight-ism like using the word "logical" in an incorrect situation seems plausible. I wondered about that too, though SB does say to the CMC at the end of their talk that it will actually be 22. But it would be neat if the 21 was a significant value, like the number of moons/months the two of them have been together. It would give the audience some sense of the amount of time that has passed since "Hard to Say Anything." It's a bad habit of his, he's been known to do that before. The most blatant example being his crawling up through the middle of Gilda's cake in the aforementioned, "Griffon the Brush-Off." I suppose because he's several years older now, he should know better. But at least it's not as bad as his butt touching the food. XD My guess is AJ only found out right before the wedding that there were some shenanigans that went on leading up to her brother proposing. Perhaps Discord spilling the beans right before the ceremony just because that's his nature? So knowing AJ, she would have wanted to hear every detail right then and there. So she lined them up and had them explain their parts in the events that nearly became a fiasco. That's what I think, anyway.
  6. ^^^ This 100%. The characters that were there on Big Mac's side of the family helped him fall in love or helped his parents fall in love. Sugar Belle's side included close friends to balance out the ceremony. As for Starlight I still contend she wasn't there because she didn't want word of her attending a wedding to get back to her nosy father and have him writing her with questions as to when she was going to tie the knot herself and with who.
  7. Episode 19 dealt with that. Those lines reminded me of Soarin, who has the same thing going on under his eyes. He's still able to fly for the Wonderbolts so he can't be too old, and I'd like to think the same is true for the ReMane 5. As for Bow and Windy, maybe they're big on wrinkle reducing creams? I've been on a road trip that began shortly before the finale aired, and since trying to type a long set of comments on a mobile device isn't my idea of a vacation, I'll say a lot more after I return next weekend. (I also have more to say about The Big Mac Question.) But I did like the remaining 3 episodes and was happy to see the series end with a proper denouement. I suspect Twilight's coronation will go down in history as the only one where the new ruler of Equestria started her reign by falling off the tower balcony the moment she became ruler.
  8. The meta is strong in that Granny. That was my favorite line from the episode. I suppose that counts as pandering since its something the fans bring up all the time, but, eh, I don't care. When the title was revealed for this episode, it was pretty evident this would be about a marriage proposal. The only question was who was doing the proposing in a matriarchal society (answer: both, lol) and which characters would appear. I figured Spike would be in it, and I hoped Discord would be in it as well since he appeared in the last SugarMac outing. Little did I know this episode would turn out to be a direct sequel to "The Break-Up, Break-Down!" But it's more than a sequel to one of the best episodes from last season - it's the end of both the whole SugarMac storyline and Guy's Night Saga. And ending them as a trilogy somehow seems fitting. And making "Hard to Say Anything" the start of a trilogy somehow makes it seem better in retrospect. (As least for me, I kinda doubt many will agree, lol). It's easier to look back on the events of that episode and laugh when you know how good everything turned out in the end and the events of that episode now seem like wacky stories the two of them can tell to their kids. Yeah... Spike can claim he wasn't going to eat the diamond in that ring, but unfortunately we know from "Just for Sidekicks" his tongue has a mind of its own. And that drool is a dead giveaway his stomach was getting ahead of his brain. I wonder how long Big Mac had to save up for that wedding ring? I suppose the ubiquity of gems in Equestria probably makes wedding rings less expensive than they are here. It could also be the farm has become a lot more profitable since they started working with the fruit bats. I liked all the callbacks to previous episodes. We got to see Spike's spooky Pinkie Pie-esque psychic powers again, the same ones he had in "The Break-Up, Break-Down." (Though I imagine Spike would just say he's being observant, and I suppose there may be merit to that having been raised by Twilight.) And we had Discord recalling his chocolate rain and long-legged "laporidae" from his first appearance. That was similar to his reminiscing to his hedge maze puzzle in "Dungeons and Discords," and having this continuity-of-callback was another nice way of tying the two sets of three episodes together. It was funny how the episode switched things up by having Discord be the voice of reason in various segments of the episode, while Spike panicked over everything needing to be perfect in the name of romance. (But can you really blame a hopeless romantic, though?) I also found it amusing how Discord can just teleport around town now and no pony even raises an eyebrow over it. I'm trying to compare this Discord to Discord from "The Break-Up, Break-Down" and whether he's less likeable here. He did cause a lot of damage due to his apples-run-amok and applezilla, but he also meant well. But in the former, he was being pretty rude trying to get his pals to play O&O with him, even though it was their fault for tricking him into appearing. So I'm still on the fence. When I saw this episode opening with a close-up of Spike talking to the audience, I was ready to give it a loved rating right then and there. (It's also the closest I'll ever come to having a face-to-face conversation with my favorite character, lol) I also loved the emotion they managed to coax out of his Flash puppet. The animators really have mastered their tools to the point it practically looks like fully hand-drawn animation. Many an animated TV series has usually suffered in terms of animation quality as the episodes stack up, so it's great to see the artists at DHX going out at the top of their game. Who wants to have hand gestures made at them with their own hand? Visual gag aside, I want to know if Spike knows how to manipulate Discord's claw from past experience of them playing O&O together, or does Discord's claw jump at any opportunity to show its disdain for its host? I swear Big Mac looks chibi-fied in this "The Three Amigos" reference. He's so cute! Spike, on the other hand, looks like he's having flashbacks to the hug he received from Starlight just a few episodes ago. Ded dragon. This initial exchange between Spike and Mrs. Cake was hilarious: Spike: "Eugh! Did somepony else bake these?" Mrs. Cake: "No. Why?" Spike: "No reason." Spike tries his best to be diplomatic, but the sardonic tone in that last line shows he wasn't completely successful. Later, when Mrs. Cake yells at him for burning the food, his defenses go up and he doesn't mince words in regards to the quality of the baked goods. (I would have lol'd if he had referred to them as baked bads, even though back then he didn't have any issues eating such things.) I know some have criticized Spike for being rude to her, but I disagree because of the reasons stated above. (And that's not the Spike fan talking in me - I had no qualms about criticizing him over how he dropped the ball in "Dragon Dropped".) This is my favorite visual gag from the episode. The comedy beat they inserted between Spike's "successful" teleportation and the ensuing inferno cracks me up every time I see it. This scene finally establishes some ground rules for Spike message-sending power: He notices the notes are on parchment and says sending that material is his specialty. So it seems his power is limited to just that - he can't send objects or living things with his fire - which is something I wondered about all the way back when I started watching this show. Furthermore, his power isn't limited to sending notes to just the princesses. Since he had a random assortment of baked goods on the counter, it means he only has to visualize where he wants to send them. So when he sends messages to Celestia, Luna, Cadence, or Twilight, he's really thinking about them appearing next to them. So he really is a kind of maildragon like he stated a few episodes ago since he can send letters to just about anyone or anywhere he is familiar with. And I suppose if he was feeling nasty he could visualize the parchment re-materializing inside some enemy's throat instead of next to them, but he's a nice dragon. (Right? Right??) I still believe he was granted his power by Celestia, and presumably she also gave him the ability to receive messages through a spell she casts that activates that power. Uh oh. Lesson Zero Mrs. Cake is emerging! XD Looks like Apple Bloom has been taking leaning lessons from Discord! (Sweetie and Scoots are unimpressed.) I want to think this was another callback to "TB-U, BD." Sweetie Belle has seen too much. The scrunchy mouth doesn't lie. Discord has a heart! Who'da thunk it. (Fluttershy, actually. And Spike, too.) Discord wasn't the only one showing off his liquid pride at the wedding. I got all choked up, and it was strange because up to that point the episode was all about the laughter. And yet, that background music, the wonderful callbacks to "The Perfect Pear" and invocation of Big Mac's parents all brought it to an amazing emotional climax. I love AJ's dress and her braided mane. It seems like the costume she wore in the "Hearthswarming Eve" play, but I'd have to go and check. It didn't go unnoticed that the ReMane 5 nor Starlight appeared here. Considering it would have been simple enough for the animators to add them in, I have to think the attendees we saw were by design. It would make sense knowing both Big Mac and Sugar Belle would want a very small wedding, and it appears they only invited a small number of family members and their closest friends. (Spike, Discord, and the trio of Our Town ponies should be honored.) Anyway, amazing episode. Definitely my favorite of the season. Not a bad way for the series to go out before the finale!
  9. I didn't think it mattered we didn't know who they were talking to. That was part of the suspense, and for the majority of the episode it was enough to take at face value they were simply talking directly to the audience to provide amusing commentary.
  10. They did things mostly right, but only in the end. As soon as Big Mac laid out his plan (or, to be precise - Spike psychically laying out his plan so he doesn't have to speak, lol) I facepalmed. He was making things wayyyyy too complicated and I knew it was going to backfire on him. The big surprise was Sugar Belle was doing the exact same thing with the help of Mrs. Cake and the CMC, and it was hilarious. Lyra and Bon-bon really had it all nailed down in comparison. Though I suppose it's possible there were also a bunch of hijinks off screen that we didn't see save for the actual proposal. And my ego wants to believe someone on the staff saw my comments after the airing of the "Break-Up, Break-Down" that Spike was now firmly established as a hopeless romantic since he admits it himself at long last. But I suspect the writers already knew that all along. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loved how this episode pulled ideas from other episodes, and indeed, these are the same three amazing episodes I was thinking of I mentioned in my introductory message yesterday: The Saddle Row Review, The Perfect Pear, and The Break-Up, Break Down. All three of these are episodes I loved so any episode that uses the format, themes, and story from them is going to be an amazing experience. I'm working on a big follow-up with lots of pics.
  11. The greatness of this episode is due in part to it combining ideas from three of the best episodes in the series. I'll share which ones after it airs officially.
  12. There's definitely been a build-up of those two's relationship over the course of this season. Since I experienced pretty much the same reaction as a lot of other folks, here, I don't have much to add. I was very much looking forward to this one (in fact, looking forward to it the most out of the remaining non-finale episodes.) But the end result was rather pedestrian; a basic paint-by-numbers plot that preferred sending the CMC off to interact with new characters in their new bodies rather than have the humor grow from how the Mane 6 (and the rest of Ponyville) deal with these three fillies suddenly thrust into physical adulthood. And even with using the backdrop of Appleloosa, even that wasn't handled in an inspiring manner. Here was the perfect opportunity to see Little Strongheart and Chief Thunderhooves one more time. But not only aren't they present, it appears only ponies showed up for the fair. You would think after Twilight's School and griffons and yaks and dragons you'd see some other species attending the fair, but it's all pony and none of the buffalo made an appearance. And if not Appleloosa, then their classmates in Ponyville. Another nice send-off would have been to have Diamond and Silver both be involved in the story, maybe even (gasp) as a voice-of-reason instead of her usual purpose? I guess it was revealed very recently that Hasbro didn't really like Diamond all that much and that's why she didn't get any speaking appearances after the CMC got their marks. Bummer. I also didn't understand why the CMC decided to pick on Twist after they "grew up" during the musical montage. What did she ever do to them? That was probably my least favorite moment in the episode. I was kind of hoping Trixie would appear and try to fix their problem with an age spell as a callback to old times. Also their voices weren't consistently adult. Sometimes they would sound like how their VA's sound in real life now, other times they still sounded like they were kids. It's almost like someone in the audio booth forgot to skip pitching their voices up in this episode, lol. However, even after all that negative commentary, I'm still giving this one a like. Aside from the Twist incident, this episode didn't do anything particularly bad. It was just disappointing to see so many missed opportunities. It still had a lot of fun moments, and Twilight and Fluttershy were on their A-game in this outing. And even though I didn't think this episode needed to introduce new characters, Spur and Biscuit were cute. It's always interesting to see other teenage ponies with the same body shapes as young Fluttershy and Snails. What I liked most of all was it was really great to get an official extended view of what the CMC's will look like after they're adults, so on that alone it would be hard for me to vote this episode down. I think I found out about this episode before the early airing of 19 and so I didn't know Spike had found a new special somegriffon in Gabby. But while I was waiting for this episode to air, I was hoping there would be scene of him finally noticing Sweetie Belle. That would have been a really intriguing conundrum: Do they give up their last wish to fix the problem and become foals again, or give Scootaloo the ability to fly? I think since Scootaloo was meant to be a pony kids with physical impairments could relate to, her being able to fly with her own wings was always out of the question, unfortunately. (Even though Bulk Biceps manages, somehow.)
  13. And that’s how I like them! This is pretty much in line how I feel about the ponies befriending the dragons. I am happy that they have grown beyond a mere obstacle to deal with, or a species to be feared and hated. And yet, for all the progress made with the two cultures coming to terms with one another, dragons are still creatures you don't want to tick off. I am reminded of Ember in "Triple Threat" when the pony band startled her with their brass section and she immediately went into rage mode, causing the entire welcoming committee to flee in terror. Or in "Molt Down" when Smolder, despite being one of the friendliest dragons around, nonchalantly mentions to Spike that he needs to move away, start a hoard, and find a pony village to terrorize - then only realizes and corrects herself after that fact that dragons aren't allowed to do that last thing anymore. So if even a dragon like Smolder can have an amoral attitude towards terrorizing ponies - essentially shrugging it off as something that's just part of being a dragon - then I feel in a world like the one Equestria exists in it's fair to allow a guardian beast like Ahuizotl some leeway to maim or kill interlopers who wander into the temples he guards with the intention of stealing the treasures he's been tasked with safeguarding. Heh, I had totally forgotten Ahuizotl appeared in that episode. (Probably wanted to forget it due to it's third act and RD's overall cluelessness. =P ) I want to believe that Ahuizotl's punishments he delivers may be epic in scale, so having a whole town suffer may be just the way he rolls. But like you said, there doesn't seem to be a reason to punish the inhabitants of Somnambula in the first place. Unless, the diadem was formerly a stolen relic from his land that was re-cast into a new shape? Or maybe he just has a really bad rivalry with the Sphinx and wanted to make sure there was no way for her to use those villagers as a worship resource if she were ever to return? (Yeah, "Black & White" was a fun game, except for all the bugs. XD ) There must have been another time skip here (like there was with Rarity's mane), since writing a book takes a long time. (Unless Ahuizotl has a secret stash of fanfictions he's been writing all this time that he pushed out to a publisher? XD ) But during that time skip, I suppose a bunch of things could have happened to establish him as someone who is no longer a threat to ponies (as long as they stay clear of his treasures.) And with all the other creatures roaming around these days thanks to Twilight, it wouldn't surprise me if the ponies simply shrugged their shoulders over an ancient Aztec god becoming a best-selling author. (Reminds me of "Slice of Life" and the bugbear. XD ) The early parts of this episode with situations and lack of logic you described are why I was concerned this was going to be another outing where the episode would end in frustration over how biased towards Caballeron Fluttershy seemed to be. You and me both. XD This is what I think she believed. There is some evidence to believe it could be true: Remember the story of Flash Magnus going out to rescue his teammates from dragons in "Campfire Tales," thus establishing a history of other species capturing and likely killing ponies for their amusement or food. So it may be that any creature that looks scary must be a monster who is out to murder ponies and must be treated as such. Of course, in this series only bad guys who cross a certain line get killed, and characters who aren't baddies die in the background with mere hints that they met an untimely fate. I can't believe in a world where the currency is (supposedly) cast from gold that the talisman would be worth more melted down. It's also hard to believe he couldn't find a buyer on the black market for it. Certainly the likes of Flim and Flam would love to get their hooves on such a magical item and would have no qualms over buying a stolen relic. As for whether it would lose its powers if melted, my feeling is yes, it would. It was probably enchanted by a powerful Aztec sorcerer and if the construct the enchantment was attached to is altered, the enchantment would stop working. Of course, all that should be taken with a grain of salt since trying to analyze magic use in a fictional world is arbitrary to say the least. XD I wonder if Ahuizotl managed to do what Caballeron couldn't - here and also in "Daring Done?" Namely, put an end to the Daring Do series of books. While Daring Do herself may still be able to do research of ancient treasures and keep thieves from taking them, A.K. Yearling's Daring Do stories are likely kaput. We already saw how much damage Caballeron's alternate POV series had hurt A.K. Yearling's sales, and now with Ahuizotl also writing books from his own perspective casting both Yearling and Caballeron in a bad light, then who is left save for the most die-hard DD fans like Rainbow Dash to keep the series alive? From everything we saw in this episode, that number seems incredibly small. However, if A.K. Yearling needs a career change, perhaps Rainbow Dash should suggest she try out for the Wonderbolts? I'm sure Dash would absolutely love that. XD
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