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  1. I was born in North Carolina, but as a marine brat we moved often. Once my dad retired he came to New York (nope not the city!!!!) and I've been here since.. that would be 26 years now D: and nope I don't like it. I'd love to move somewhere warmer!
  2. I've seen them companion other horses, they can really hold their own, but that mane!!!
  3. 503652 that last post confused the daylights out of me!
  4. Happy belated thanksgiving everyone! I wasn't on yesterday because family time! It was a great day though

  5. oh my son doesn't like ANYTHING I do sooo.... lol its a strange world :3
  6. May 100% thats when the flowers pop up and i feel rejuvinated and revitalized, also when I can start camping and biking, and going out more!
  7. @Jesse Terrence tried to get me to post in your welcome thread, but I cannot do that. That would send my post count to 10.000, and I am trying to avoid that :laugh:

    1. Shawchert


      I see!! lol so you want to stay at 9999 forever? :O

    2. Splashee


      Yes. As I see it, 9999 is worth more than getting the final rank. Being able to not post in any topic that can bump the post count is a challenge. So I asked everypony I know on this forum to try to make me make that mistake (by tagging me randomly). Will I make a mistake? One day maybe :orly:

    3. Shawchert


      haha alright i'll see what I can do LMAO

  8. I am not, I am from NC USA Deviled eggs!! 100%! a light shade of green? hmm, possibly when painting to show shadows and sunlight??
  9. Thank you everyone for the warm greetings!
  10. I like being asked questions, and like the attention, so ... show me some attention!
  11. Time flies when you have so much to do! And boy did I! My son has gotten depression and he was pretty bad for a while, he quit everything and just watches youtube videos these days. Ugh. Love him but wish he wasn't a tween, almost teen D: So lately I have been pushing myself into riding bicycles!! Camping [img= Taekwondo Diamond Painting Dungeons and dragons and working on getting myself a new house!! There's a lot that's happened in the last six years, but this is where I am at now! SUPER BUSY! lol
  12. This is a picture I took many, many years ago, and it is my favorite picture
  13. I can play the face covering game! Me at taekwondo post opening, it's so nice being back in the dojang!!!
  14. I work in a factory, which makes solinoids, valves, lvdt's and so on that goes in trucks, trains, planes, spaceships and other vehicles, I deburr parts, which means I take any of the extra metal that has been left on a cut part and zip it off. This is not always an easy feat and it can be super super annoying to the point that I want to quit some days. I work from 5am- 3:30 pm 10 hours of grueling work D: but I do get fridays off!! <3 so I have a three day weekend instead of a two. I do tend to get super tired during the week when I am working, though I try to do other things. I'm usually drained though.