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  1. Shawchert

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    here have a new one of me
  2. Shawchert

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    this should work.....
  3. Shawchert

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Ok it didn't seem to work... lets try again :/ apparently i'm so ugly I keep breaking imgur or something O.O
  4. Shawchert

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    it's been a while... and it's so hard to get a photo of me because I'm behind the camera.... but I found one!!
  5. Shawchert

    it has begun

    I'm not sure if this was meant to be mean or not I'll think it's just a mix up of words because the game and him being the best shouldn't be for me. He wants to learn and to play himself and it's my pleasure to watch him have fun. Which he is even if he is having a hard time understanding it. It's also hard with over 18 kids and 3/4 coaches who cant keep an eye on one kid at a time with only 1.5 hours of practice and I don't know one thing about football so I am not stepping in. I just have to find someone who does know and can help. Thank you he is so far, the practices have kept him busy for sure and he's trying to do what they tell him
  6. Shawchert

    Web Last thing you bought online

    I learned I can buy catfood and litter online... guess what my last thing was?
  7. From the lion king, in fact it was a lion for soooo long, and has the same colors, white body with red mane and taile *though not as cool red and white as my pony lady* but my if you would call it a fursona or whatever.... but i'm not a furry.... is a Tiger, a golden tiger. She is awesome
  8. Shawchert

    it has begun

    football.... my son seems to like it but is not understanding everything and his attention span is the same as everywhere else, but he's trying lol. He sure does look handsome. I finally got his other parts of his uniform and got proper socks so at his first game tomorrow I will have a picture of him that is much better And my cat played with my last cucumber... Shaw is sad
  9. Shawchert

    Skype/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc Exchange Masterthread

    socially awkward... but yeah add me Shawchert
  10. Shawchert

    What happened when I was away.

    thanks, yeah I may be off and on every once in a while, my main thing really isn't ponies lately, though I still have them in my heart. I just want to make friends and I know pony people are the nicest so far
  11. Shawchert

    Web Last thing you bought online

    my super cool super awesome super loved Mouse Which would be a Sentey Revolution Pro gaming mouse
  12. Shawchert

    What happened when I was away.

    So yeah it was early this year that i went poof. I don't think anyone really noticed because... well no one really knows me. In any case it started out with a good chunk of overtime at work. Nice to get paid more, not so much to be so sore and tired afterward. Then the little man started T-ball. Which he had fun doing lol If that wasn't much, after Tball i did some picture taking of the local saddle club. I have some respite, but not much as it is Football season now and my son is learning how to play it. He's in flag so no worries he won't get hurt... too bad lol. Of course I have also be enjoying a little gardening too. I won't regale you on all the things I have, because I do have a lot, I'll just share what I have on my windowsill right now So yes I have my paws full!
  13. Shawchert

    What would G5 ponies look like?

    I don't think we have to worry about that until faaaar into the future.... hopefully O.O
  14. Shawchert

    Finding your next best friend

    come be my friend I HAS CANDDDYYYY Ok I can be everyone's friend but it would be strange to be friends with people younger than 20.... I don't want anyone thinking i'm some wierd child lover XD *30 btw* I don't have friends... at all... I am sure I posted here before but uuuhhhh.....
  15. Shawchert

    Visual Art Photos: Zoo

    I went to the zoo last weekend. Had fun and got many photo oppertunities The snake's head is hard to see because the lighting was off and it was asleep so I couldn't wait for it to move unless I had plenty of time which I didn't >.< This is a Golden Lion Tamarin cuuuutee! A King Vulture. The only good looking type of vulture a Pied Tamarin. An adorable little River Otter! I'm pretty sure this is a Timber wolf.... I should look at the descriptions of the animals in the zoo >.< Perdy tiger Sandhill crane! 1 year old male lion blending in and doing a great job! 1year old female lion relaxing in the shade Last but not least An elephant and rhino