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  1. Awesome avatar, did you draw it yourself? :)

    1. Invalid


      Ah. thanks. And no, I didn't. I credited the original artist in this post:



    2. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      Ah, I see. Nice 'sona, an avid coffee drinker I see. XD

  2. Invalid

    General Coffee Drinkers UNITE!

    Where would my mental state be in the morning without my daily coffee, I wonder? Scary thought... I've been drinking it routinely for several years now with at least one cup a day. About two if I want to stay up longer at night. Not only does it help stave off whatever drowsiness I would have at the moment, it also helps elevate my mood and keeps my mind going in bit of a more positive direction. Definitely helpful for when I want to keep my focus up. Coffee is life.~
  3. So far, I've read some decent reasons for furthering my study of the Russian language. Cultural interests, content exclusivity, and whatnot. I guess what I was also trying to ask and find out is if I could also find more long term uses for it as well. To make vocal and written use of it as often as reasonably possible, within and outside the internet for example. Though ultimately, it seems like that's going to be left up to my personal future. Besides what I've already stated for the use of my Spanish, my expansion of it is almost completely nonexistent. To be quite honest, and
  4. Currently, I'm doing a self-study of the Russian language and so far, I've been learning the basics of it. After meeting a couple of english-speaking Russian friends some time ago, that sparked an interest in wanting to get to know the language a little better. Which lead me to taking the study a little more seriously when I spent more time on educational websites and even going so far as to buying a book on its basics for convenient use for whenever I'm out and about. However, I've recently come to a halt when I stopped and asked myself, "What's the point?". By that, I mean beyond just wa
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it. True, I could've given him a coffee related name, but then again, I didn't want him to revolve around it completely. Since he, like I do, also have other interests/hobbies and such. But in essence, the name implies his qualities lie within the simpler pleasures in life. Thus, the "chill and easy going" bit I mentioned. Coffee just being among one of his most highlighted aspects when it helps with something such as adjusting to melancholic moods, for example. Or something to that effect. Still trying to figure out how to explain it better...
  6. That's a very good question. It's one detail I'll have to make up over time, though unfortunately, I have no in-depth answer for at the moment. Ah. Gotcha. I thought you meant otherwise. My bad for misunderstanding.
  7. Ah, yes. That was more of a "run of the mill" thing and I admit, it was one part I didn't put too much thought into. While I was constructing my OC, I was stumped for an idea at the time and the artist helped by suggesting I put in something I had more (productive) passion for. Whether it was books, games, or just that, coffee. Since we were both fans of the stuff and it's one of those things we have in common as friends, I decided to go with it and work off of that. But it's not to say his cutie mark is invalidated due to a lack of thought. It's still something I want to work off of and I apo
  8. This is basically my first time creating a ponysona/OC for myself and I could use some thoughts, as well as any necessary critique. Like some people do with their OCs, I wanted to make it sort of a (Equestrian) representation of myself and not entirely a different entity altogether. Some changes in personality would take place though. Like, for example, replace video games with fiction novels. So, for starters, here is the reference pic for visual presentation: Credit and thanks go to the original artist for the artwork. All I did was provide the descriptive details.
  9. Invalid

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Stressed, and it's only piling up after having been fired from my job last week...
  10. Got approved to be part of staff for BABSCon this year. Looking forward to experiencing my first convention ever and becoming a productive member of it.
  11. Just my wallet, which has nothing more than my debit card and ID for everyday use just in case. If I'm out for a longer period of time, then I'll bring my MP3 player and/or my 3DS. I try not to bring a lot with me since anything else beyond basic necessity is pointless and because of the (paranoid) thought of having something of mine stolen or left behind.
  12. I'm curious if there are vendors that'll accept debit cards or checks alternatively, but I'm guessing they won't and I'll need to bring physical cash on hand just in case?
  13. Invalid

    Volunteering questions

    Thanks for the informative response. By your description, it would seem the 'EUP Brigade' would be the best choice for me. I don't mind doing the leg work and social interactions that are necessary for the jobs. Something else I forgot to ask, but how much time would volunteer workers have to go about and enjoy the con themselves? Such as taking the time to view/buy merchandise from vendors or meeting up with their friends? Unless breaks cover that... I apologize if all this sounds 'noob-ish' and obvious to most people already, but I'd rather be safe (and prepared) than sorry.
  14. So, I've already reserved my hotel room and 3-day con pass. With this being my first convention ever, I was interested in doing volunteer work for them and I had some general questions pertaining to things like applying for positions and the job requirements. When I go to BABSCon's main site for registering to volunteer, they have a list of positions available and when I go through them, I'll obviously go for the ones I believe I can assist best at. But my main personal concern is, for an "Average Joe" like me who's done mostly manual labor jobs and not much else in the way of brain work,
  15. Invalid

    General How Cute are you?

    Can there please be an option for a zero? It feels like if I'm ever called such a thing as being "cute", it'd be nothing more than a sarcastic remark to me.
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