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  1. Considering I basically grew up watching the show online (didn't have cable TV for most of that time period, and even when I did, The Hub/Discovery Family wasn't part of the package), I don't think the ads would've been much of an issue.
  2. For both the favorite and underrated categories, I'd probably go with The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone. It basically feels like it had everything I desired in a Gilda return episode (basically confirming my personal headcanons from S1, plus having a really solid redemption), I like Pinkie and Rainbow's characterizations, the humor is pretty good, and also it does set potential for Gilda returning in future episodes even if the show didn't really utilize that. Yet it's never really one I see people talking about and especially considering Gilda's redemption being hands down one of the show's b
  3. -Ketchup, and most condiments of that sort, taste nasty and ruin the flavor of the food it's on. -Nutella isn't that good. -Even with their politics aside, Chick-Fil-A is average at best. -I can not stand frozen pizza. -I can't stand fried fish and fish sticks/fingers, but enjoy other types of seafood (sushi, tilapia, shrimp) -Cincinatti chili is fucking amazing.
  4. Typically I'd prefer it to be over but then my cats started breaking into my bathroom and causing mischief so I've had no choice but to put it under.
  5. IIRC in an interview MA Larson stated that Magical Mystery Cure was originally going to be a 2-parter and as such the plot would have been less rushed and more developed, with Twilight’s conflict in the episode being something that Celestia wasn’t able to solve, ergo making her ascension feel more ‘deserved’, for lack of a better word. (source: https://www.reddit.com/r/mylittlepony/comments/3crbhn/ma_larson_discusses_the_original_versionscript_of/csycz1l/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)
  6. To be honest, even if they went with the original finale plans when they were planning to end Season 3, I still feel there would've been a lot of loose ends, and when rewatching S1-3 now it's very clear that the characters and writing still had a lot of room to grow that was fulfilled by S4 onwards. It is kind of hard to say how I would've "felt" considering that if that was the case I wouldn't have the knowledge of how the show ended at Season 9 to compare it to, but at the very least it would've probably been disappointing for it to go so quickly.
  7. I'm unsure how I feel about MS buying out ActiBlizz. On one hand, this may pave the way for some much needed restructuring within the company especially due to the recent lawsuits, but it is concerning that Microsoft is gaining a monopoly on the gaming industry.

  8. job listings be like:

    "entry-level job"

    "5+ years professional experience in this field required"

    1. Courageous Thunder Dash

      Courageous Thunder Dash

      Ugh...I feel your pain dude...the irony of job searching...

  9. when you reach the maximum character limit on twitter


    1. Sparklefan1234


      I like to think that they were pranking Celestia. :orly:

  10. I first played this game in 2018 and definitely liked it, but didn't really go back to it until recently after getting DDLC+ on the Switch for Christmas, but I gotta say I definitely find more appreciation and respect for the game and the different characters replaying it now. Every character just feels interesting and well-written and I like seeing how each of their "routes" unfold as you appeal to them. Honestly it's a really nice game even with some of the, uh... twists aside. natsuki is best girl btw
  11. ExpitheCat

    Gaming What do you game on?

    honestly I don't really have a "primary" platform, but I lean most towards PC and Switch - especially the latter when it comes to indie games (which is a lot of the modern stuff I play these days lol). I also have an Xbox One X and do spend a good amount of time with that though, not to mention a lot of my last-gen and older systems (Wii U and before).
  12. why is she called spitfire if she doesn't actually spit fire? curious (/s)

  13. Honeycrisps are usually the ones I get, albeit I am interested in trying Fuji Apples. Dunno about you, but my iPad doesn’t taste very good.
  14. It's funny, because when this thread was posted, I was 11 years old and really into old/retro video games and cartoons (and honestly still am).
  15.  Every copy of Sonic Mania is personalized.


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