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  1. Hfhdj6wp8


    Wow thank you! I probably should have explained the scene some more: Sketchywolf-13 wanted a drawing of his OC ( named Sketchy, in the middle) and Rarity. He wanted rarity to be horrified of a dirty/messed up car part that he hands her while he's working on the car. The car is actually his real life car, a 1978 Lincoln Continental, which he names La Luna, I believe (hence the Luna plates). Anyway sketchywolf13 has some got awesome pony art and the style he draws cars in is very polished. They appear to have a "professional" quality about them, in my opinion. He's got some great sty
  2. Hfhdj6wp8


    No problem, it was fun. Everyone's really liking it on Deviant Art, too!
  3. Hfhdj6wp8


    I've only been into mlp for 2 months, so that's probably why! I'm probably only gonna be posting a few of my requests here though, everything else is going on my DA (link in sig), so if you want to see it all, that's the place to go! I've got 20 coming up. Thank you! And tell all your friends, lol, I love when a lot of people see my stuff
  4. Hfhdj6wp8


    Wow that means a lot, I've been working very hard on my style. Seriously, it sounds dumb but sometimes I hope that one day people can look at one of my drawings and just immidietly recognize it as mine. This kind of stuff makes my day, thank you!
  5. Hfhdj6wp8


    I hope not! But seriously I love drawing, and you can't get better without a little work! Part of the reason I'm keeping the drawings simple though is so I don't get overloaded, so it'll be fine (unless I get like fifty requests at once in the request forum or something, but I don't think that'll be happening). The only problem I see is me getting slowed down on my next big mlp drawing (similar in size/effort to the battle charge) but that'll take a while no matter what. Btw, I'll be putting these up on DA as I complete them so that'll be the best place for you to see them, since your watc
  6. Hfhdj6wp8


    lol, thanks, and I'll draw your OC, just send the request to my request thread when I start it (Wednesday or Thursday - it'll be in the request forum)! I've got several requests lined up already, but you'll probably be toward the top of the list, you just have to remind me.
  7. Hfhdj6wp8


    I don't, unfortunately. It took a bit of time and practice to just get the the basics of ponies down (I'm still fairly new at this), and I want to keep practicing with them. However, I'll definetly draw your favorite pony/OC if you ever make any requests!
  8. Hfhdj6wp8


    Glad you like it, I enjoyed drawing it.
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