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    My bug ono

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    General Do you believe in Soulmates?

    -hugs @Changeling Neon- I do believe soulmates exist! For obvious reasons x3 -soulmate noises-
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    Discord Fan Club

    Not directly in it or mentioned, but you know who is responsible x3 Merry (real) Christmas (almost) to everyone
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    Discord Fan Club

    Heey, lookie, I found a really cool Discord pic! Really well made ^^
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    Discord Fan Club

    Jelly-filled donut! My favorite! Nothing beats a jelly-filled donut 7v7
  7. Sherlock walked past Missklang Government information? And the best strategy was to shank you? It seems like it went a bit out of control. Did they see you? Followed you? Because if they really want it, they will come back over and over again. He looked at John as he finished patching her up. Maybe it's best you don't go outside for a few days. I'll ask my brother, perhaps he will have more intel on this. Missklang yawned. How long was it? I don't perceive time same as you. Maybe a year. Maybe two... maybe more... I did come here with somewhat of a goal actually. I presume with your status you've heard of the... well.... The facility has its departments everywhere, and my good doctor was originally working here. I'm looking into digging up her old work... for personal reasons. She chuckled. Not really the easiest place to get in... Or, actually, getting out would be harder. I can always get captured on purpose again.
  8. School started and I was a bit overwhelmed. Only slightly. I will try to post more often 7v7 Funny you should mention vampires, here is a bit of useless trivia about my pony OC Missklang: As he is a dragon pony, he has black dragon blood. One of the particularities of that blood (other than making you fire-resistant and thus key component on the most effective anti-fire potions) is that it's deadly to anything that drinks it like mosquitoes and vampires. xd just thought it might be funny to mention
  9. Missklang stood there, for a second, looking at her, smiling before replying. Fate dragged me here, I felt attracted to this place. Hiding from you know who, searching for someone you don't even know exist. Trying to research about the chaos people. Besides, London is magnificent at this time of the year. She looked at John. Oh John, yes indeed, we met in the past. I would tell but if I would, they would come and kill you. They always had a particular way of insisting on staying secret. At this moment, Sherlock descended the stairs, holding a medkit and a water glass that he gave to Kenzie. Who attacked you? Why did they do so?
  10. Missklang

    General If you could switch bodies with anyone

    I would switch bodies with Discord, then, with his powers, would change physical form to look more like my OC and then doing other fun stuff like "taking over universe" and similar things
  11. Howdy, I won't be able to respond right now, I have a person coming over, so I'll have to say goodbye for today ^ ^
  12. The Doctor Who references are the best kind of references 7v7
  13. Nonsense! You are obviously not. John, you help her, I'll go get her roommate. He rushed up the stairs, past Missklang, and started knocking on the door of McKenzie's apartment while Missklang slowly went down the stairs, looking at her. Why hello there. Her nose twitched slightly as she smiled widely. That petrichor peppermint smell... I know you... 6382 was it? Bad wolf
  14. Sherlock looked at McKenzie for a split second before regaining his senses and rushing down the stairs towards, faintly hearing "I smell blood" coming from behind him. Come, we have an aid kit in our apartment. John, whatever you do, don't call the police. He looked at her. John, you are the doctor here, do something, the medkit is on the shelf in the bathroom. He moved his hand forward, inviting her to follow.
  15. Sherlock yawned. If Lestrade needed my help he wouldn't be coming here with sirens. That would be equivalent to shouting "Oh, I'm helpless, I'm coming to ask Sherlock for help, look at me". It's not his style. Probably some boring bank robbery or a cat stuck in the tree. In the mean time, Missklang stood up and started to inspect the shelves of the book case. You are Sherlock... You know, my...hmmm... I knew... someone who was extremely interested in your "theory of deduction"... Sherlock clapped his hands triumphantly. Aha! See John? And you told no one cared. Who was that person? Missklang stopped. It was... a friend of mine. Sherlock frowned. What was that ruckus at the door anyway? He stood from the couch and opened the door, leaning out to see who made the noise.