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  1. My only problem with this series is that in the last series you had a 1/12 chance of finding each figure. Funko recently announced that in this series there will be a 2/12 chance of getting Big Mac or Non-Colored Discord which kinda brings a downer on this set for me. I'm still going to buy a few when they come out, but the odds are going to be higher to get the ones that I find highly unattractive. *first time I have ever use a sad face during my time on the forums*
  2. *WARNING: This is only a partially review. I will be buying the book in a few short days and will do a full review if anyone wants me to* Hiya Everypony I was in Wal-Mart today looking around for the My Little Pony dog tags that my friend said were restocked. After looking around for quite a while I had picked one up and went to checkout when I found something that caught my eye on the way to the till. It was "The Journal Of The Two Sisters". I have been scavenging amazon, looking for a good price on this hoping to be able to purchase it online (seeing as though we don't get too much good pony merchandise at my Wal-Mart). So when I saw this it was quite a shocker.Seeing as though I had a few minutes to get home I took the book and walked as fast as I could to the other side of the store (because the isle was packed with mothers and daughter) and looked at as much as I could in the time limit I had. I only had about 1-2 minutes, so there won't be too much in this review. So lets get started... The Cover: The cover was really well done, and it looks just like it does in the show. Not to mention the fact that it was hardcover which really made me happy (in some odd way) Art: Flipping through out the pages I saw drawings of Celestia and Luna, looking the exact same as they did in the first episode (when Twilight reads about Nightmare Moon). This second part isn't confirmed, but I just mostly saw art of Celestia and Luna which disappointed me, I was kind of hoping to see art of other ponies or at the least other little doodles from Celestia and Luna that they may have drawn as filly's. Content: I didn't really get to read much, but I did read a small entry about Celestia getting her cutie mark, which intrigued me very much. Price: For a price of $20 CAD, it seems like a pretty good deal. It's also solid content that you won't find anywhere else in the episodes (unlike some of the other books that just re-tell the plot lines of episodes). Now I just need to find that Daring Do book set... Well, that's it for now everypony, but like I said, if any of you want me to make a full review, please let me know. I would be more than willing A Royal Brohoof to all of you -King Kurtis
  3. Send this picture to Hasbro with the subtitle "Still waiting for Nightmare Rarity episode" This is my number one picture of Nightmare Rarity Great job
  4. If Vinyl Scratch was forced to listen to western music ... this would be her response Nice job
  5. On a DS I could barely spell my name XD
  6. Why thank you I'm working on the second chapter at the moment, just so you know
  7. Braeburn The Outlaw Fan-Fic
  8. I will post the link to the Fan-Fic below Please like (or dislike) if you enjoyed it (or didn't) Royal Brohoof coming your way /)
  9. I recently went to Target and got myself a "Blind Box Funko Figure" It was surprisingly high quality for $8 (I got a glow in the dark Vinyl Scratch btw *Fangirl scream*)
  10. Hey everypony, King Kurtis here. So I have been singing for quite a while (5 years) And have been in multiple talent shows. I also play some simple guitar.* And am 15 and have a Tenor range voice. If anypony could help me come up with songs I could cover from the show (or that you would like me to cover) please paste them below. *I only play chords, just started last year with lessons. Thanks A Royal BroHoof coming your way /) King Kurtis
  11. Would anypony read a Mysterious Mare Do Well Fan-Fic? I would really like to know, I am very intrigued in my own idea about The Mysterious Mare Do Well. This Fan-Fic would be based on ... Twilight and the gang read up on The Mysterious Mare Do Well in an old book of fable's, but the Mysterious Mare Do Well exists and is planning revenge on Twilight and the gang for copying her trademark... I was wondering if anyone had any idea's and or thoughts on the story. Thanks A Royal BroHoof to all of you /) -King Kurtis *On a side note, The reading of the fable would be the gangs inspiration to prank Rainbow
  12. There is usually a convention called CANterlot, but unfortunately it was cancelled this year -__-
  13. Flash Sentry You Are My Candy: