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  1. Holy shit. Haven't been on here in months...

    1. Christmasy Britty

      Christmasy Britty

      welcome back to the forums then :D

    2. Magical Anarchy
  2. Faiy Tail is good. Just finshed ep 212

  3. Yesterday, I saw Big Hero 6. It was AMAZING

  4. Markiplier, JonTron, PBG, JackSepticEye, Caddicarus, TheRPGMinx, EatMyDiction1. They're immensely funny gamers.
  5. Anyone else freaking out over the musical episode of Supernatural?

  6. Well, its probably a given. You can't just leave it hanging with that kind of a closing scene, plus there's a 3rd EqG book on Amazon, and marketing. I'm guessing with high likelyhood that EqG 3 is coming
  7. Please do. They are honestly the best label for electronic dance music out there. They put out diverse and simply amazing songs that have had a massive impact on the dance music genre in general. Plus, the community (mostly their followers, as YouTube can be...y'know) is awesome! I highly reccomend you doing so.
  8. Nope. You're probably right about the females being vocal, but I've met a crap ton of fans for each, and I'm also a member of all three fandoms, but I could probably count the number of female fans from all three on my hands.
  9. Yeah, I wasn't keen on Kaleidoscope, but I enjoyed Cloud Nine, Reach, and triumph. Super happy Trap was added, so I have high hopes for that! HE'S BACK AND ABOUT TIME TOO, AND THIS TIME HE'S IN HOT PURSUIT! (Donkey Kong references ftw). So Best artist TTC has new EP on Oct. 31! HOORAYQ!
  10. I have had the fortunate pleasure to meet several Bronies my age in my school. One, to whom I owe the reason I became a Brony, Two, who with the aforementioned Brony and I's insistance, watched and became (sounds dramatic, I know), Three, who I just met when I wore my Dashie hat to school, Four, I met when I was humming "Pinkie's Lament" to myself, and finally Five, who became a Brony just like Two.
  11. I just recently finished a pretty comedic anime called "The Devil is a Part-Timer!" in which the Devil takes on the job of an employee at a fast-food restraunt. It's not dark really except for one or two scenes, and the comedy is really funny. I'd reccomend that one. It's on Netflix.
  12. Alright. Finished The Devil Is A Part-Timer. Great anime.

  13. So I started watching The Devil Is A Part-Timer and it is amazing. Anyone else watched it?

  14. Hmmm...I did enjoy more of The Last Airbender than most people, but that's because I took it as a brand-new installment in the franchise, and not so much canon-driven. Granted, I couldn't take Iroh seriously because he was played by the dude on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but overall, it wasn't as bad as people made it out to be.
  15. Yep! You're right on track, sir! TwiDash is best MLP ship. 50 cannons and a poop deck so polished your face is as clear as a mirror! But to be honest, TwiDash is best ship.