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  1. Yeah, I've only had one encounter so far, but it was by chance. I was going to get my friends and try to investigate somewhere, but we don't have the money or equipment for that.
  2. Ghost activity happens almost as much during the day, but it's less noticeable when everybody is moving around. Outside noise and other various causes such as rain can block out the activity.
  3. As a left handed person taught to write right handed and re mastering my left on writing, don't jump straight to writing. You will probably get demotivated as I did. I would start by doing simple things, like opening doors or lifting stuff. Just keep in mind to use your right hand on occasion. I would just slowly work your way into it. Not attempting to write until later. Drop back in with some progress occasionally, I would like to see how it goes!
  4. If I could choose? Probably something that I would laugh at right before I die. But I procastinate so much, I'll most likely put off death and never die!
  5. *Opens book* *Reads 10 words* "Thats enough studying for today!" *Closes Book*
  6. I brought a gameboy to my school once. My classmates told me it belonged in a muesem. Feels awkard seeing people older than me not knowing what a gameboy is ._.
  7. I think one could call this a close call: Introvert(78%) iNtuitive(50%) Thinking(50%) Perceiving(61%) You have strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (78%) You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (50%) You have moderate preference of Thinking over Feeling (50%) You have distinct preference of Perceiving over Judging (61%) 2 50-50's
  8. heh, I probably wouldnt want to meet anyone yet. I havent been here long enough, and I have some SERIOUS trust issues. I am one of the best liars out there. Until I trust you, you wont get anything from me. I don't have an avatar because I like to be judged by my post, not a picture on the side of my words. That being said, I'm not lying here. The internet is where I'm honest. Real life though, whole different story >.>
  9. What would you do if the Earth extended forever. Ignoring all concepts of physics and gravity that would otherwise make this impossible. Would you simply remain in your country, or would you go explore. This pertains to things like oil too, there is an infinite amount if you go out far enough. Me, I would go out somewhere and make a lost country. It would be the thing you would hear about in a storybook. Le magical edit: The current 'Earth' Still exists. All of the stuff we are familiar with is still there. The main problem would be deciding where the current 'Earth' ends, but I will leave that up to you. You can walk in any direction forever! Of course oceans and stuff would still appear. Oh, and you still can't punch trees. You are not Steve.
  10. Wait a minute, did you put your avatar's face on a stick figure and put it on the clipboard? I applaud you.
  11. As far as photographic goes, I have no Idea. Vinyl can access my memory and re-tell me some things. But others are harder to access per se. Ethical? Probably not. Useful and fucking amazing? Hell yeah! V[ I have no problem helping out TC with his tests and such. As long as he pays me back later with something I want :3]
  12. If someone killed my brother, I would find out where they live. Chain them up in their sleep. Then wake them up. Once their awake I gouge out their eyes with a rusty spoon, and dump gasoline in them. Then I give a dose of adrenaline to keep them awake; I then proceed to light their eye-holes on fire. Don't really have a plan after that. Anyone else though and I probably wont give a fuck :3
  13. Yeah, but you have to ask them speifically about it, there isnt any posters or ads anywhere
  14. If anyone doesn't know, you can already pre-order them from Gamestop for about Five dollars down. From there its just paying over time. My bro already reserved his sapphire, just gotta make the time to go get Ruby
  15. 2.1 but going up, I finally managed to kick my lazy ass into gear