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  1. Indeed, I figured looking at that last night would be good, so I'll get to it when I'm not exhausted, I'll work with Tinker when he's not dying to try and fix this one
  2. OK, I'm editing my post because I now realize that you can't just edit the source, so my bad However I am able to just post the link to add it like you've said, so I will do further investigation. As it is, please make sure that you're only using one image in your signature as that's all that's enabled thus far for users.
  3. We upgraded the forums! And broke things!

    I personally don't think of it as a 'You're crazy" but more of a humorous "Your post's content is somewhat crazy" akin to someone irl saying "That's nuts man" or something along those lines. I do want to judge how the community does end up using these though and I'll remove them accordingly if they're being used for the stuff I really don't think is appropriate.
  4. Issue did not persist, their login works now.
  5. Not without some modification to the software
  6. We upgraded the forums! And broke things!

    Thank IPS, not us We were not prepared for this and the only reason it's been enabled is to provide something a bit more than what we had to play around with. More changes will come in the future as we figure out what we want to do with the feature and how it effects user engagement. To clarify, we were not the ones to make the new reactions system, this is a part of the new update and one of the several changes that came with it.
  7. We upgraded the forums! And broke things!

    Unfortunately I don't think so, since it's now the reactions module, and anytime anyone 'reacted' it'd just tell you that they brohoofed you, which isn't exactly true. I did just check the configuration for the module, and it does not allow for each reaction to have specific notification verbage unfortunately.
  8. We upgraded the forums! And broke things!

    No, I've already made it clear that brohoofs will be the only ones actually counting towards the reputation count going up. We weren't actually intending to implement this feature but IPS was kind enough to introduce it in this patch so I figured I might as well give the community some more icons to play around with in the meantime. As for the issues you've listed, the missing icons should be fixed, that was a CDN issue so it could be cached incorrectly in your browser so clearing your cache might help. I'll look into the post count colliding with the post date, it shouldn't be that hard of a fix. Thank you everyone for bringing forward some of the issues, it's been very helpful in getting us through this upgrade
  9. Technology Who here uses VPNs?

    I use PIA too, but they're not always unblocked by Netflix/Amazon. It kinda sucks when they do because it always happens in like, in the middle of a series
  10. General Questions Darkmode/nightmode?

    I've taken about 5 hours to cobble together a usable dark theme, I might make a thread for suggestions on it and stuff. The link is here below if you want to try it out, you install it using Stylish. The known bug right now is that the blogs are unsupported. There are so many differences that I will need to take a closer look and make a separate stylesheet for that. I also forgot to apply it to profiles, fixing now. It now supports profiles. My bad on that one, I'd gone through every other link I could think of, and I've missed a couple. If something's broken, make sure you revisit the page and download the update.
  11. Count to 2018 before 2018

  12. How do you brohoof topics now??

    It should be visible on both mobile and desktop.
  13. General Questions Darkmode/nightmode?

    I suppose. I'll have to take a look at it and what's going on with all of the middle elements, since basically it all needs to be inverted.
  14. General Questions Darkmode/nightmode?

    I can look into making one for stylish, though I don't have a good background to replace the one we have with. Suggestions on that are welcome I suppose
  15. We upgraded the forums! And broke things!

    As it is, I've fixed the CSS preventing us from seeing the brohoof image, for some reason it was filtered out with a grayscale and over saturation. That's been dealt with so please continue to bring us your issues!