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  1. Underage Dating/Pedophilia on MLP Forums

    Alright I was just making sure, I can appreciate that and that's why I edited my post to include that, so thank you. If there's anything else left unclear by either of my statements feel free to bring it up. I'm still sorry if I seem a little snippy or anything like that as it is quite unintended because I'm still more used to more direct chat such as Discord or IRC over trying to make forum posts.
  2. Underage Dating/Pedophilia on MLP Forums

    If you read the second paragraph, you'll notice I said both parties in parenthesis. Not to try and sound snarky, but since you're making the comment it seems like you didn't read that I already understand this. If you're clarifying for the rest of the thread I suppose that's understandable.
  3. Underage Dating/Pedophilia on MLP Forums

    Telling them to take it off of our site is perfectly legitimate. Punishing people for something that is legal and acceptable where they're from isn't what I'm here to do. I just don't want it happening on our website. They can go do whatever legal things they're allowed to do in their country while in their country and on whatever other services that allow it. I will just ask them not to take it here because we don't want it. It's not a very fun subject to be on and I understand the concern. I do as careful of an investigation as I possibly can when looking into these reports, and I will make it quite clear that it's not OK to come here to prey on younger users. I was more referring to people who're in a relationship that started outside of this site and live in other countries where it's not wrong to be in a relationship with that sort of age gap (Both parties that is). That's the difference, and that's why I stated that case in the first place. If they're grooming people on this site, I don't want them on this site. But I want it to make it clear that if it's a relationship that's developed outside of the site and was here before before they got here they wouldn't be booted if they're not doing it on this site. I would just ask that they definitely keep any interactions involving their relationship off of our website.
  4. Keep Fighting for Net Neutrality

    Yea, but it's regulated a bit different here anyway than in America. We'll see how that ends up but in response to America ditching theirs there was a news report some time ago that it was being considered that Canada should strengthen their NN rules? If I can find the source on that I'll post it, but either way we should be fairly alright as far as it goes, we're through OVH, and hopefully they're smart enough to figure out their own stuff (Since they're getting into the business of being a last mile ISP nowadays too). I can agree. But there's some stuff that should've been done first by the government before stripping NN. Now we just hope that the situation can get solved by electing new people that won't vote for the companies or investigations are started to start breaking up the larger companies to allow some competition. NN definitely gets in the way of capitalism, but having regional monopolies controlling everything isn't...the best either. Just keep that in mind when making your judgments on people. Neither side of this fence is a good place to be right now, but one looks better in the short term.
  5. Keep Fighting for Net Neutrality

    It won't really, we're Canadian. We're hosted in Canada and operate the company itself in Canada. The only thing that it might effect is our US users that might have their internet packages changed.
  6. Underage Dating/Pedophilia on MLP Forums

    Alright. I'm back at a computer for a little while so I might as well type this up while I'm here. As I made it clear earlier we do take issues like this seriously, and I do my best to handle them on a case by case basis and gather enough information each time to make an educated decision and sometimes it's hard because it's not always what you'd expect from the people you've known or at least thought you knew well. The barest minimum that I'm going to have enforced is Canadian law. That's the jurisdiction that we fall under, and without any other information given (Say it's refused when someone on staff investigates) that is what will be enforced here, because without that other information we can't outright assume otherwise. Canadian law says 16, that's the lower limit here without taking into account close-in-age groups. That's not really the interesting part, but it gives a good baseline of what to look out for. The law regarding the close age groups states that a relationship can be held by someone under the age of 16 (14-15) with someone less than 5 years older than themselves. The logical way of looking at this (by myself) is that if you could've been in high school together it's not really outside your age group. I do usually take into account making sure that the parties haven't been doing anything questionable and look out for predatory practices, but the bare minimum is the law. On top of this, if information is provided from the users upon questioning and they are from countries that allow somewhat large variances in age groups that people are allowed to have relationships in I will take this into consideration and probably not enact punitive measures onsite, however I will ask that they take discussion of their relationship elsewhere and keep it in a private setting as it wouldn't do them any good to continue talking about it in the public eye. I'm doing my best to abstract my own personal opinions from this and make sure there's an understanding of what we have to follow. If you do see something suspicious it doesn't hurt to report it and get it looked at, as long as you're not spamming the report system with them.
  7. Underage Dating/Pedophilia on MLP Forums

    I wanna point out that I have seen this post and intend to write up a response to it, but I've not been at home and am on mobile so I'm not exactly comfortable writing up a long winded response on the subject quite yet. I will be providing one as a clarification on Poniverse's policies as a whole once I make the clarification here. A short answer for now: We do take these sorts of issues seriously and I usually personally review them and make the decision on reporting people to the proper authorities based on the information that we have available. I'll hopefully be able to have time tomorrow or Tuesday to give a better answer before my trip, if not I will have something up when I get the chance.
  8. Technical Issues Signature Error Help

    I'm intending to look at this issue again when I have a PC, it's not forgotten about I promise. I'm just moving so a few things are on hold while I'm stuck on mobile.
  9. It is for non staff members yes.
  10. Indeed, I figured looking at that last night would be good, so I'll get to it when I'm not exhausted, I'll work with Tinker when he's not dying to try and fix this one
  11. OK, I'm editing my post because I now realize that you can't just edit the source, so my bad However I am able to just post the link to add it like you've said, so I will do further investigation. As it is, please make sure that you're only using one image in your signature as that's all that's enabled thus far for users.
  12. We upgraded the forums! And broke things!

    I personally don't think of it as a 'You're crazy" but more of a humorous "Your post's content is somewhat crazy" akin to someone irl saying "That's nuts man" or something along those lines. I do want to judge how the community does end up using these though and I'll remove them accordingly if they're being used for the stuff I really don't think is appropriate.
  13. Issue did not persist, their login works now.
  14. Not without some modification to the software
  15. We upgraded the forums! And broke things!

    Thank IPS, not us We were not prepared for this and the only reason it's been enabled is to provide something a bit more than what we had to play around with. More changes will come in the future as we figure out what we want to do with the feature and how it effects user engagement. To clarify, we were not the ones to make the new reactions system, this is a part of the new update and one of the several changes that came with it.