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  1. That's just this sub, I don't believe any of us put you in the mod queue. This sub requires mod approval for replies to make sure that accurate replies are sent to answer questions.
  2. LadyMercury

    General Questions Had to make a new account

    Yep! It's not a problem, I was just clarifying since people often come to this sub for information and technical support. So if they were to read this and actually get to my message they'd find the answer.
  3. LadyMercury

    General Questions Had to make a new account

    Thanks anyway for letting us know, but it would've been fine regardless since losing access to an account and being able to prove you owned it would make you eligible for another one. The rule is mainly to prevent people from running multiple accounts at the same time!
  4. We had an issue with our backend storage server yesterday, it might've increased some of the load times, but overall IP.B itself is a fairly heavy app with so many users on it at once. It has to reside on the same server as another of our services (Canterlot Avenue) which is also another heavy php application.
  5. LadyMercury

    Aligning Staff with an Alignment Chart

    Hahahah, I love it. I'll just pretend to be evil in the meantime.
  6. Merry Birthiversary! 

  7. Happy birthday :)

    1. LadyMercury


      Thank you so much <3

  8. Happy birthday Merc! <3

    1. LadyMercury


      Thank you so much :D

  9. happy birthday ! ^^

    1. LadyMercury


      Thank you! 

    2. DarkShadowPonY


      your welcome :3  ^^

  10. Happy birthday Aelwen! :D

    1. LadyMercury


      Hehe, thank you! <3 

  11. @.Wolfe. wishes @LadyMercury a

    H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y !


    1. LadyMercury


      :D Thank you, that's an awesome image.

  12. Happy birthday!

    1. LadyMercury


      Thank you! It's good to see you around :D 

    2. Yellow Diamond

      Yellow Diamond

      Likewise! I hope you've managed to keep AD and Feld0 in check. :-P

  13. ♪ Happy birthday to you! 
    ♪ Happy birthday to you! 
    ♪ Happy birthday dear Mercury! 
    ♪ Happy birthday to youuuu! 

    ( I made a Tetris! :laugh: Get it? :love: Just kidding :D )

    Have a great day! :D 

    1. LadyMercury


      I'll do my best to! Thank you so much, and I hope you have a good day too :D 

    2. Rikifive


      Do your best? It has to be great! :mlp_yay:

      You're welcome and thank you too! :ticking:

  14. Happy b-day!

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      Thank you :D 

  15. Happy early birthday, Madam Mercury! :darling: Be sure to eat plenty of red velvet cake today!

    1. LadyMercury


      Hehehe, thank you! I'm not sure what kind of cake I'll have to be honest :o