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  1. Request Shop

    Am I allowed to use the image that you've provided of her there?
  2. Request Shop

    I'll take care of her <3
  3. Request Shop

    I would appreciate number 5, I would be using her (from the looks of the picture) for roleplaing, and I will spend a bit of time thinking of a good name and talking it over with my bf.
  4. To quote the rule you've broken it's Rule #1:
  5. So, since you're going to call us corrupt, you being snarky and rude with the staff constantly for the past few days and quote: This was said after we'd already brought up there being an issue and you decided to continue to 'fuck with' the staff. This is not what that community is for and we are not your playthings. Please try to better yourself in the future and try to respect the staff a bit more in places you happen to go to next.
  6. Yay! Fellow engineer pone's here!

    1. LadyMercury


      \o/ Nice to meet you

  7. Cute avvie, cuz. 

  8. You get a free blep c:

    1. BlitzBLT


      *nuzzles* Thanks :D

  9. Hey there. Didn't realize you where an admin here, since i never see you here. :P

    1. LadyMercury


      Hoi Mes, I'm just sort of helping out and stuff around here. I guess I should post more and stuff :P

    2. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      Yesssssss. that would be nice. ;)

    3. LadyMercury


      *bleps at snek* I'll probably get around to it when I'm back on my laptop 

  10. here's a question, is there a way to get unbanned from the discord?


    1. Caltrop


      or is there a way back in, I'm guessing no


    2. LadyMercury


      The ban time has expired. You can rejoin using the link as long as you don't repeat past mistakes.

  11. *hugs that avatar* <3 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. LadyMercury


      Sure! I wouldn't mind chatting for a bit, you can hop on Discord if you'd like something other than IP.B's PMs

    3. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      If You want I can log in Discord ^^ I should send invitation soon. 

    4. LadyMercury


      Sure! Mercury#6281

  12. OMG! Your avatar... *cuteness overload*

  13. Oh no, they just made us jump from really high to simulate abandoning ships