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  1. It's just down ever since some of our DDoS proections we put into place the other day. I'll have tinker look into this some more.
  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Haaaaaaaappy birthday! :balloon::yay: 

  4. Happy birthday fellow admin and deer friend! <3

  5. Happy birthday super tech pone!


  6. So I wanna preface this with this: I'm thankful that everyone was caring and offered lots of help and showed a lot of concern for the site. We weren't hacked, DDoSed or anything like that really. We just experienced a symptom of old age it turns out! To get into a bit of technical stuff, we actually lost both of the main hard drives (SSDs) in the main web hosting server on the same day. To put this succinctly: This kills the server. After spending a day diagnosing the issue, the ops team and I were ready to submit the case to our hosting provider OVH and let them start replacing the parts.
  7. Hello and happy birthday! :D

  8. Merry Birthiversary! 

  9. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day to you; thank you for all your hard work.  :muffins:

  10. Happy birthday:balloon:

    1. LadyMercury


      Thank you so <3 

  11. Happy b-day, planet Pony! :balloon:

    1. LadyMercury


      :D Thanks, I hope you have a good day yourself

    2. Ecto Storm
  12. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday! :balloon::yay: N6QI2P3.pngbeware of fluttershy dual wielding balloons

    Have a wonderful day! :D 

    1. LadyMercury


      Oh no, not dual balloons :P 

      Thank you though~

  13. Happy birthday!!!!!! :kirin:

    I hope you have an absolutely fantastic day! :balloon:

    1. LadyMercury


      Thank you so much! I hope you and everyone else who's taken the time out of their day to wish me well has a great day too <3 

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