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Status Updates posted by LadyMercury

  1. Hopefully fixed!

    1. LadyMercury
    2. tinker


      No worries
      Thanks for digging through the old logs!

    1. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      Are you trying to fix the 'blank status' issue?

    2. LadyMercury


      I'm troubleshooting why the fix we previously applied in 2019 for this issue doesn't work.

  2. And we're back! Sorry about that folks. A failed backup on a different service was causing I/O issues here. With that resolved hopefully loading returns to normal.

  3. This weekend was fantastic and I'd like to thank everyone who met up with us at the con for hanging out and contributing to the great time! I hope I can see you all again and I hope I see some of the rest of y'all at whichever con I can get to next!

    I'd especially like to thank @Jeric @Dark Horse and @PathfinderCS for helping me out on such short notice since my plans got cut short and I almost missed it this year. I had a wonderful time and everyone I met was positively wonderful to talk to and I hope everyone shares the same experience! 

  4. Test

    1. LadyMercury


      Cool statuses fixed, again.

    2. Duck Bird

      Duck Bird


    3. Kyoshi
  5. test

    1. Phosphor


      Radar signal detected. We're online!  :P

  6. This should work now

    1. Rikifive


      Yeah, but it wasn't that bad I suppose. :P 

  7. Sorry for being a little late with the fire brigade, sorry about it taking me an hour to restore functionality to the forums. My tired brain was struggling to figure out why everything wasn't making sense in the logs :twismile:

    1. Dabmanz


      All good thank you for restoring functionality you should have a rest. :)

  8. You get a free blep c:

    1. BlitzBLT


      *nuzzles* Thanks :D

  9. Going to try to be more active here. Been a while since I've used forums at all.

    1. DwhitetheGamer


      Do what you can, bud.

  10. So...I had no idea this existed. Now I'm here.

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