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  1. I don't really feel that I can argue back since I have extremely limited knowledge on G1. I am not old enough to know about the toys and i don't really like/collect figures, not even in G4. When I said G1 was bad I said the show itself was bad. it is the same quality as the original Transformers cartoon. It has an old "80's charm," but that charm never appealed to me. I only was able to watch the original episode with Tirek in it, but nothing about the show made me want to watch more unlike G4. It was just boring... nothing stood out. It wasn't exactly "bad" just not good.
  2. This was an action packed episode, but was it nessesarily a good episode? The start of the episode introduces the notion of Twilight's insecurities with being a princess. Was that insecurity solved? At the end of the episode Twilight claims to have to task of "spreading friendship" but what exactly does that mean for her future duties? I don't exactly know what she sees she must do, but the character does, so I'll say it was solved in the end. The second focus is of course Discord. He has exponential character development in the episode with his fall from power (which kind of reminds me of the Star Trek episode in which Q lost his powers but I'll digress). Discord got humbled and shown the error of his ways with his magic getting taken away. It was probably the weakest Discord has ever been and ever will be which probably shocked him into true reforment by the end of the episode. Is he completely reformed? I honesty think he is at this point, but I don't think his antiques will completely end with his reforment. Was Triek a good villian? In terms of character, he is much more interesting than the Crirysalis and Sombra. He had a legitamate backstory and a brother who he constantly mentions throughout the episode. The betrayal of his brother definately had an impact on his character and you can feel it. Other than that, though. He was mostly just a generic bad guy, but definately the most powerful generic bad guy in the show so far. in the end, the finale accomplished amazing everyone with the animation AND severe character developement, world building, and makes everyone wonder what is to come in the future. Seriously, this makes me even more baffled than the season 3 finale!
  3. Its a different continuity. Why would they even have the exact same story/chracters as G1? G1 was bad, Not as bad as G2 or G3, but it was still a mess. Why would they want to copy and paste everything from it?
  4. I decided to start a huge fanfic idea... It was originally to actually going to be a remake of a story I made in deviantart a while back, but the idea transformed into a backstory for Starswirl the Bearded and the journey he had to go through to become the great unicorn he was without the help of the princesses. Its a pretty minimal story so far, and I may or may not continue it. I wanted to keep that he was Starswirl a secret, but in the end decided not to, but the first chapter is written without meantioning his name. My plan is to make this a huge storyline, but I may need a little help writing the story since I am mostly new at writing MLP fanfics. So far its a story of Starswirl and his younger brother being abandoned by their parents at a fairly young age. They freak out when a hooded figure appears and invades their house, so they set off on a journey to survive and find help. Here is the link: I dunno if someone already did this since I didn't really expect to write something like this in the first place...
  5. Made a FFV story with MLP characters. Just posted it a few days ago and decided to post this topic There is only a prologue and chapter one for now, and I'll get to working on the rest soon. Here is the link to the fic: Description: This is going to be a crossover, adventure, alternate universe fanfiction of Final Fantasy 5. FFV is my personal favorite Final Fantasy game for its cheerful story and colorful environments and characters. It also has an amazing battle system that I hope to implement in my fanfic. FFV is the story of a group of four individuals going on a quest to save the 4 crystals and keep them from shattering. The four crystals control the harmony and the four elements of the world. Without the crystals the elements will eventually stop functioning and decay, basically destroying the entire world. These heroes are... Bartz: Wanderer of the world that coincidentally got into the mess but seems to be connected to the story due to fate. Lenna: Princess of Tycoon. She vows to find her father who disappeared when the wind crystal shattered. Galuf: A amnesia stricken old man who's only memories are his name and a connection to the crystals. Faris: A pirate. She was lost as a child but found and raised by a band of pirates. The only momento she had of her past life was a single pendant. She finds that Lenna has the same pendant and hopes to find Lenna's father to find the truth behind her past. These four characters will be replaced by a very strange cast of pony characters. Bartz will be Flash Sentry due to them both being knight-type characters with similar personalities (They both barely have one) Lenna will be Fluttershy due to them both sharing a kind and gentle personality and a connection with animals. Galuf will be Starswirl the Bearded because both of them are quirky old men. I plan to make Starswirl to be a Black mage so the matching worked out. (The comic version of Starswirl is wise and very casual. Princess Luna described Starswirl to be more similar to Pinkie Pie the Twilight Sparkle, hinting at his playful and quirky nature.) Faris will be Rainbow Dash because they are both tom boy characters. I couldn't really find another fit for the Faris character and Rainbow Dash seemed to be the only logical choice. I plan to make her a thief type character, so it just worked out in the end. These character will be alternate universe variations of the characters. They will be a combination of the characters of the show and the characters of the game. They are different character essentially Well I hope I have fun writing this, and I hope others have fun reading it. This is my first "Book" and I hope that I will finish it. It may take a year to finish this though. its a very long game... Ha I just read the official MLP comic for references and further my knowledge of the world... and Rainbow Dash perfectly fits the role as pirate because of the Hoofbeard story that I read. Holy crap I didn't even know about that! XD Just read the Hoofbeard comic and realized that Rainbow Dash is the perfect Faris... wow that wasn't even intentional
  6. Ha! I don't got the self esteem to go throught with that! XD I always kinda like to just check and see if its worth writing before writing it and getting other's opinions are always a plus (And I don't have any brony friends to ask) Thanks you two for the moral encouragement. I decided to store this idea for later and work on another project to gain more experience in MLP fanfiction writing before tackling this project. It may be a few months before I get it started.
  7. I thought it was impossible to mispronounce my name since my name is Ty. Someone thought it was initials and called me T-Y as in Tea Why lol.
  8. I liked the 4Kids dub of One Piece when I was a kid... I AM ASHAMED!
  9. Looks always come into play when it comes to relationships. Is it bad that looks matter? Not necessarily, but looks shouldn't matter as much as people are treating it. Tendency for beautifying one self should not be as much of a priority as people now days are treating it. That was just a little rant of mine.... I'll move along now.
  10. He is right. In every sense he is right. That was a nice thing to hear you know? Thanks for sharing.
  11. Some of my coolest vacations were my families adventures in Japan. Probably the best trip to Japan was when we went to Kansai for the first time. It was really awesome to experience Japan right in front of my face.
  12. lol One of my pet peeves are people swearing in times when they really shouldn't be swearing. I almost never swear and when I do I am damn pissed off.
  13. I would like to live in... I dunno. I kinda just want to stay here in Hawaii.
  14. I love Subway, and whenever I am in the mainland I like to get some burritos at Chipotle I think that was the name.
  15. BLASPHEMY!!!! XD jk But seriously, that seems pretty awesome and scary at the same time. There is much good man can do with the power to create a universe... but at the same time what evils can man do with the power to create a universe? Its scary to think the possibilities.