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  1. I hope to at least get the nightmare moon one~Since Princess Luna is one of my favorites but just the nightmare moon hoodie looks so badass XD Going to add ears to the hoodie too. I feel the Twilight one would look better on me but oh well have to find out at the convention. Yeah getting the bottom Luna plushie and omg this is coming out soon. I am probably going to buy this and paint it. Not sure to make it season 2 Luna or season 1 Luna. Her hair mold is Princess Cadence though >.<
  2. Today I went to a store that has been stocking my little pony related merchandise and finally got these fluttershy ear bud headphones. Been wanting them for a long time but I live nowhere near a hot topic. Hot topic needs to come to my province in canada > They work really nice but had to try the varying plastic covering sizes to fit my ears right.
  3. There is an online store called Rarity Boutique http://www.raritysboutique.com/ The seller has a lot of character hoodies for mlp~ I am hoping to get one hoodie from her when she comes to BronyCan~ She also has an etsy store. http://www.etsy.com/shop/RaritysBoutique?section_id=12401405 These are the hoodies I am interested in. Alicorn Twilight Nightmare Moon Fluttershy Other stuff I would like to get would be this twilight plushie~ http://shop.4de.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50 I am on the hunt for these blindbag ponies from wave 7 Gray/Aq
  4. KailaOceano

    Post Your Collection

    This is a little update of my pony sort of shrine XD I also recently painted a custom a original Princess Luna Blindbag so she was as close I could get to look like season 2 princess luna using matte and metallic acrylic paint.
  5. Got this doctor whooves vinyl figure at a comic store called Core Games today with one of my guy friends. Been wanting this for a while and glad a store in the city had this. Also got these at a different comic store called Golden Age collectables. Issue 5 and 6.
  6. Lots of mlp related merch I want to buy. I always have my eyes on this store called Rarity Boutique and her hoodies are just so awesome. Wouldn't mind getting a nightmare moon or twilight alicorn hoodie from her. Also a really nice Princess Luna plushie or Derpy Plushie or Fluttershy plushie. This princess luna welovefine shirt and doctor hooves shirt.
  7. I went on april 1st with my mom at around 11am to build a bear and got both pinkie pie and rainbow dash. It was rather quiet with some kids in the store and another teen girl getting both pinkie pie and rainbow dash stuffed by an employee in front of me. I wanted the nicest looking ones so I rummaged in there bins where they placed the empty carcasses of the rainbow dash and pinkie pie plushies, and tried to pick the nice looking ones. It had been a while since I went to build a bear and since forget the rituals the workers there make you do when you bring your bears or rather ponies to
  8. Recently I went to build a bear and got pinkie pie and rainbow dash~ I got the yellow wedding dress for pinkie pie and the rainbow gala dress for rainbow dash. I didn't get any voice boxes for them though I sorta regret not even getting the theme song in one of them. Though I learned from one of my previous build a bears that the voice box will get bad over time.
  9. I have given one of my good guy friends who is a brony mlp merch. One time for christmas I got him the pinkie pie christmas ornament but I found out he already had it XD but he still keeps it anyways. Recently for his birthday I bought him a my little pony easter egg hollow chocolate and then three blind bag ponies which where cadence,celestia and luna. He was really happy to receive them
  10. I try to collect a variety of merchandise of my little pony. I have a few shirts and a pullover(a princess luna shirt,pinkie pie,derpy shirt,wonderbolts shirt and then mane 6 on pullover. I get my shirts from welovefine,spencers and hot topic. I have the mane 6 brushables, fashion style luna and celestia,fashion style fluttershy, favorites collection,zecora and white talking celestia. I also have the SDCC Derpy. A lot of blindbags too >.< I collect the plushies I can get like the ones from funrise(I only have rainbow dash and fluttershy) and most recently Build-a-bear pinkie pie and rai
  11. Lots of lists online. You can even look up codes for which exact pony you want from the bling bag. To tell the difference for each wave is the look of the packaging. eg. wave 4 has a light blue packaging while wave 5 has yellow packaging. Here is a site I use personally. http://www.strawberryreef.com/Index/G4/IndexBB.html Also this site to look up the codes when you are buying blindbags. I usually save the code pictures to my iphone to look them up while buying. http://mlpg4merch.tumblr.com/post/24157634436/g4-blind-bag-master-post
  12. For sure Also to take off the tattoos I used nail polish remover with acetone in it. Today I went to a comic book store and they have wave 4 blindbags. I finally got a Twilight Velvet Twilights Mom!!!
  13. I used crafters acrylic paint. I got this cherry blossom pink for her mane and Luscious Lemon for her wings. I haven't bought the Design-a-pony Rainbow Dash yet. I was contemplating if I would have patients with it to be honest XD Also if I could do it well or not. But If she is still in stock at toys r us I might buy her and paint her. Would be nice to have an accurate looking Rainbow Dash toy.
  14. KailaOceano

    Post Your Collection

    ooh that would be cool if you made a sailor moon themed pony! I have seen some customs roaming around. They are pretty cool.
  15. My most recent purchase was the SDCC Derpy and Design-a-pony Fluttershy. I painted the fluttershy and took off her tattoos. Fluttershy used to look like this.
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