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  1. My brother is swining his jatana around...it scares me

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    2. Pinkamena Dianne Pie

      Pinkamena Dianne Pie

      Don't worry. The items I usually throw around are normally sheathed.

    3. Ahri of the Wind
    4. Pinkamena Dianne Pie

      Pinkamena Dianne Pie

      Eh. Not as much as you would think. Like getting hit with a spoon or something.

  2. What am I to do now....

    1. catnet


      Sort through all your notifications? =p

      Or you could reintroduce yourself in the Welcoming Plaza, since you've been gone a while ^^ Down to you if you want to or not ;)

    2. Ahri of the Wind
  3. I just continued it where I left if that was okay
  4. Ahri of the Wind

    Private 1 x1 with Ahri of the Wind

    ((Okay thank you for your forgiveness and we can just continue it from where it suddenly stopped)) "Yes I know them...I'm not friends with them either way but...I was hoping I lost them...I could live normally finally but they came and now this happened...I'm sorry Flurry when I get you home I'm going to leave I didn't mean to get you in all of this" Tiabelle said
  5. Ahri of the Wind

    Private 1 x1 with Ahri of the Wind

    ((OH MY CELESTIA I am so sorry Dovashy I was in car accident and then once I was out of the hospital I had to go to my grand parents house for a while. I really hope you can forgive me please Dovashy I really didn't mean to leave without saying anything please forgive me))
  6. I don't think I'll join sorry for the bad news
  7. Are you guys still accepting because my brother sent me here
  8. I finally get back and I have 348 notifications....wow

  9. Ahri of the Wind

    Private 1 x1 with Ahri of the Wind

    Tiabelle finished taking off the restraints and got Flurry on her back. "Let's get you back home so you can rest" Tiabelle said as she left the cave with Flurry on her back. "Lets go Max" Tiabelle said calling max over. She left the cave and headed back to Flurrys house
  10. Ahri of the Wind

    Private 1 x1 with Ahri of the Wind

    "Thank you Max" Tiabelle said before going to Flurry. "Flurry I'm getting you out of here..." Tiabelle said as her horn glowed and broke the restraints and looked to the pony. "Max get back I'll handle this" Tiabelle said as her horn glowed once more and waited for max to get away from the pony.
  11. Ahri of the Wind

    Private 1 x1 with Ahri of the Wind

    "The Key!? great they want it" Tiabelle thought. "I have a better idea" Tiabelle said before knocking the stallion. "You want the key then you're going to have to do better then that..." Tiabelle said as she went deeper into the cave and saw Flurry. "Flurry!" Tiablee ran over to her
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