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  1. If ya'll can't find anyone for your room, maybe think about joining up with someone else. My friend and I are still looking for 2 people to share our room with and we are staying Thurs-Monday.
  2. So it looks like one of our roomates may have to bail, due to being sick. Even if not, there's only 3 of us in the room, and we could really use a 4th person for a better Hotel Share. We're getting a hotel room for Thursday-Monday, though if you're just wanting to say Friday to Sunday or Friday to Monday that's fine too! I'm a MtF TransWoman while my friend is Cismale. We don't care about your gender or sexuality, though we would like someone who is a Female Identifying, but that is not required. We're super chill, we don't mind if you fur suit. We just want someone who is chill, pays their fair share, and willing to keep their stuff in their corner of the room.