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  1. If ya'll can't find anyone for your room, maybe think about joining up with someone else. My friend and I are still looking for 2 people to share our room with and we are staying Thurs-Monday.
  2. So it looks like one of our roomates may have to bail, due to being sick. Even if not, there's only 3 of us in the room, and we could really use a 4th person for a better Hotel Share. We're getting a hotel room for Thursday-Monday, though if you're just wanting to say Friday to Sunday or Friday to Monday that's fine too! I'm a MtF TransWoman while my friend is Cismale. We don't care about your gender or sexuality, though we would like someone who is a Female Identifying, but that is not required. We're super chill, we don't mind if you fur suit. We just want someone who is chill, pay
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