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  1. No line but the general rule of thumb is ... if it is about the fandom it goes in SC. Show? SD.
  2. Hm Actually that was decidedly the co founder of MLPF who missed that one. It was right after he launched this place and I don’t think they started to take on any staff. @Twilight Sparkle ✨ you are in big trouble now mister! You can always report the topic. It’s actually the number one reason why we get reports.
  3. Past Generations wasn’t a forum until 2016. Most of the forum structure was different in 2011 and it was basically a small staff too. By 2016 nobody could reasonably dig through 5 years of topics and move them. 2013-2014 was massively busy and the number of new topics exploded. Today with the forum a bit smaller I’m not going to fuss over placement much. There are topics that can fit in multiple areas and that is actually one of them. Though I do feel the best places for that would be PG or SD and not SCC
  4. No it really isn’t something that has been established as possible, unless you are Starlight Glimmer
  5. Before someone posts something, yes OH is going to some restructuring to allow for some new changes focused on encouraging people to art and also form collaborative projects. Basically you have Commissions, Art Requests, Gallery, and How To Art. More to come later.
  6. I tried. The moment I realized what may be coming up I really wanted as many people to at least experience the end of the show with fresh eyes.
  7. Better and more songs in the final three seasons
  8. If you take the explanation that something is canonical if it is explicit, what he says is true. But then we start arguing about meanings. Even if they flat out pulled a Cheese Sandwich with RD, nothing would stop the fandom from shipping the characters with whoever they want. I also shortened the title a tad. ‘Twas long
  9. As the show has aired in it’s entirety I’m about to start moving all of the Season 9 topics into Show Discussion. I appreciate how much many of you worked to keep the last few episodes spoiler free for this that wanted to go in blind. I’ll leave it up to you on how you want to handle spoilers for the next few weeks, but with the exception of the upcoming EqG special the spoiler rule will no longer be enforced.
  10. I’ll always recall you were the biggest advocate for the MCM coming back when I started on staff and may have actually been the catalyst for it returning. Since it has been done four times since you’ve alone had a huge impact. It really is the small things, right?
  11. It wasn’t but .... two parasprites with one stone!
  12. Eh. In the past they had stated what the truth is just to have people close their eyes and nya nya them. Case in point the people who still refuse to accept that the Apple parents are dead. Same with gay ponies. Also it’s disingenuous to state that it is left up to the fans completely because Jim did give several elements of what his interpretation or intent is. He just gave an out for people that don’t like his view. He even pointed out that he and Haber disagree on if Luster is related to Starlight. He gave answers, it’s up to the fan to accept them or not. The other non answers were mostly related to not having enough time to go into everything. Depends on who you asked on the writing team, Jim or Mike. You’ll also get a different answer or at least I did. Vogel is mostly in line with “Implicit = Yep” BTW And it’s far more lazy to spell out exactly what you are seeing.
  13. And we are almost done. Kirin is currently up and is now the new 750 rant and the first one that will represent major species of Equestria. The final one .... soon.