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  1. No it really isn’t something that has been established as possible, unless you are Starlight Glimmer
  2. Before someone posts something, yes OH is going to some restructuring to allow for some new changes focused on encouraging people to art and also form collaborative projects. Basically you have Commissions, Art Requests, Gallery, and How To Art. More to come later.
  3. I tried. The moment I realized what may be coming up I really wanted as many people to at least experience the end of the show with fresh eyes.
  4. Better and more songs in the final three seasons
  5. If you take the explanation that something is canonical if it is explicit, what he says is true. But then we start arguing about meanings. Even if they flat out pulled a Cheese Sandwich with RD, nothing would stop the fandom from shipping the characters with whoever they want. I also shortened the title a tad. ‘Twas long
  6. As the show has aired in it’s entirety I’m about to start moving all of the Season 9 topics into Show Discussion. I appreciate how much many of you worked to keep the last few episodes spoiler free for this that wanted to go in blind. I’ll leave it up to you on how you want to handle spoilers for the next few weeks, but with the exception of the upcoming EqG special the spoiler rule will no longer be enforced.
  7. I’ll always recall you were the biggest advocate for the MCM coming back when I started on staff and may have actually been the catalyst for it returning. Since it has been done four times since you’ve alone had a huge impact. It really is the small things, right?
  8. Eh. In the past they had stated what the truth is just to have people close their eyes and nya nya them. Case in point the people who still refuse to accept that the Apple parents are dead. Same with gay ponies. Also it’s disingenuous to state that it is left up to the fans completely because Jim did give several elements of what his interpretation or intent is. He just gave an out for people that don’t like his view. He even pointed out that he and Haber disagree on if Luster is related to Starlight. He gave answers, it’s up to the fan to accept them or not. The other non answers were mostly related to not having enough time to go into everything. Depends on who you asked on the writing team, Jim or Mike. You’ll also get a different answer or at least I did. Vogel is mostly in line with “Implicit = Yep” BTW And it’s far more lazy to spell out exactly what you are seeing.
  9. And we are almost done. Kirin is currently up and is now the new 750 rant and the first one that will represent major species of Equestria. The final one .... soon.
  10. You won’t find me commenting on this directly save to say that I am all for community engagement. I’m a doer not a talker so I am paying attention to suggestions posted here.
  11. I always got the impression that the modern ponies of Equestria put an emphasis on tradition. Could be that. I do like to thing of her moving away as almost a meta reference to the show ending and this being a call to action to keep in touch with all your friends around you, and that it’s going to be more work to do it but will be worth it.
  12. Honestly no one is gonna jump on your back if you post it in Merch or Sugarcube. A lot of our OCD about categorizing things was because of the sheer amount of daily topics we had back in the day. Posting in merch is perfectly okay. Your call.
  13. I will always remember you no matter where you go. You’ll always be CB to me. I’m sure I’ll see you on Twitter Take care!
  14. This. I watched the film and the character is not supposed to be sympathetic. The unreliable elements of the depiction of events presses home the idea that at the end of the day it’s all about justifications that he fathoms out of his twisted perspective of life.
  15. I would have thought you had enough of planes after your last trip!
  16. That’s not how we grab staff I’m more interested I doing things with the users here that aren’t really “staff projects”. During BronyCon a few of us were talking about how we really want to break this weird idea that users have no impact on the sites direction and that staff aren’t also users. This is going to sound silly to some, but my end goal is to creat a stronger community vibe in general.
  17. I have seen it and I found it fascinating and I loved it as a piece of cinema and a unique take on one of my favorite villains in literature. Yes I called comics literature. The controversy is a bit much if I am being honest.
  18. Posting one of the less shared songs just because you mentioned them
  19. @BornAgainBrony will probably send you a PM later but I’m really interested in doing more things like The World Cup and such. Your mention of interactive stories has me intrigued. Also, thank you for participating @WindShear I see you lurking down there!
  20. At least you didn’t ruin 30 takes because of one silly moment in the show I swear whenever I’m in a bad mood I just need to say pudding. No deadline. Instead of one massive video it’s going to be a series now. I want to put a proper effort into it. Shush. Don’t you realize people swoon over that accent! You gotta get that out
  21. Possibly. I’m legit interested because that was out of the blue. Personally I assume there has to be some sort of growth cap on Alicorns. I mean if not .... O_o
  22. @Bas nah no cringe at all. You came across like a normal type person dude. I’m glad you submitted something. Sorry I had so many weird issues with your friend’s file but get him to submit something for a letter. And I was cringing at all the bad cuts and typos and such this morning. I had already rendered it and wanted to get it out to Nicole since she was online and she was actually expecting it today XD @BornAgainBrony there was a moment that I felt overwhelmed with all the cutting I had to do in general because it got to a few weeks out and I felt there was no way I could have done this justice. I was actually in a pretty meh rut because I tend to push myself too much to do big community projects. Then I listened to your file and remembered why I am here. I’m been in many many fandoms over the years but this one was the first that actually made me want to get to know the people behind the words and avatars. This is why I push community projects, so we can all do something together and get to know each other. That heartfelt love letter to the show and the fandom was reinvigorating. The finale made me cry. Your entry made me bawl. I did edit out a lot of dead air. I am going to take a second pass at this and make a more polished version. Mostly because your story and others feel like .... they should be told more in depth. The show saved you, saved me mid-stream thanks to the friends I met, and saved many others. As long as people like you stick around here there will always be a reason for me to. Ah shit. Tears again. Anyway Nicole is emailing the link out to the crew (got to love mail lists). I’ll post her reaction but she said she was humbled. This was a blast when I got past the frustration. I see the appeal of your Pinkie messages from a creative standpoint.