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  1. Moving to media as the series isn’t MLP and doesn’t have a strong related presence in the Brony fandom. The discussion of the show can stand on its own in Media.
  2. Jeric

    I feel The Cutest Couple Contest was rigged

    When an actor flubs a line they and the others around them keep going as if nothing happened. Most people don’t notice. Those that do normally keep it to themselves. Those that don’t keep it to themselves normally receive smiles that hide and internal dialogue that the person who outed the mistake is ... well ... fill in the blank. I’m not instituting any of your suggestions Bas. Ultimately whether it comes across demanding or not doesn’t matter. There is a fair amount of loose planning mixed with ad-hoc decisions. That isn’t changing. If your observation skills are ruining events for you, there are plenty of other things around here to occupy your time. I honestly don’t think that it was a big deal to most people. And those that did catch any mistake probably had a wry smile on their face. Anyway, locking this topic for obvious reasons. Also, one profile that kept changing and one profile dedicated for stuff unrelated to this event. All planned so it wasn’t really a mistake. Sorry you didn’t like it. I’m not entirely surprised though.
  3. Jeric

    Gaming The "BotW" Fallacy

    I think, and I may be wrong here, that they are reusing assets from prior games (including GO) in S/S which may make your point a valid one. Then again, rescuing assets is not an issue exclusive to GF, but it’s using in same-console sequels that you see that happen. Anyway, if someone can correct me or validate what I am seeing on asset usage, I would appreciate it.
  4. Jeric

    Masculinity, Feminism, and Security

    This thread appears to be related to the My Little Pony franchise and/or the Bronydom in general. Thus, it has been sentenced to Sugarcube Corner.
  5. Jeric

    Gaming The "BotW" Fallacy

    Even though the OP was a ban evader, I am sooo keeping this discussion going. As I implied earlier gaming has reached a stage where visuals compliment the experience instead of become the experience. This isn’t a new debate. There are definitely moments in games on some hardware where the team has to compromise, but what makes BotW and other NES games curious successes in this is that they allow any limitations to guide their art design. To me it’s no different that realizing that water colors won’t give you sharp lines, so you paint a picture that fits the tools available.
  6. Jeric

    staff The Journey of the Jonin

    That’s it! Both of you are in the same room for BronyCon!!!
  7. Jeric

    Dark mode (without needing Stylish?)

    As I just committed to this I’ll lock the Feedback topic. If there are any issues or hiccups I’ll either reopen this or communicate what is going on. And no, as with any enhancements this isn’t an ETA.
  8. Oh hell no! I am not going to tolerate suggesting that any group be murdered because you don't like their opinion. I just stripped out a back and forth that was predicated on that statement. If you can't put on your big boy pants when discussing counter points to topics, don't waste your time hitting save.
  9. Jeric

    Gaming The "BotW" Fallacy

    I can respond to this with my general opinion The first image is still a masterpiece to many, irrespective of its visual accuracy and fidelity. The second image may be more realistic and gorgeous, yet we enter a world of taste when suggesting preference. Video games have reached this point some time ago.
  10. Jeric

    Highest happiness point since becoming a pony fan?

    Happiest? Attending BABSCon with my kids.
  11. Jeric

    i am very racist

    Also, this is the cause of @Mesme Rize hatred of milk
  12. Jeric

    Dark mode (without needing Stylish?)

    When I’m done with some other theme related changes, this is next.
  13. Jeric

    The Tree of Harmony and Elements

    Well worse comes to worse the Six Pillars could always do it again. It’s not like it look a thousand years to grow since Luna and Tia were beaters over a 1000 years prior.
  14. No. I don’t think the Mane Six will separate. I do think that Big Mac may leave Ponyville if they do an engagement arc for him.
  15. Jeric

    speculation Cozy's and Tirek's roles

    If they do it properly they Premiere will open with Sombra back with unanswered questions as to how he returned. Then later standalone episodes with Chrysalis and Tirek/Cozy respectively. The finale could be the alliance of all the villain characters with the reveal that Grogar is behind it (and was the reason Sombra was resurrected if they keep the necromancy connection). At this point I’m interested in how they play Sombra since he really hasn’t been given much dialogue in his past appearances. Is Sombra connected to Grogar somehow? They could really play this really well.
  16. SEASON 9 SPOILER FORUM IS HERE* *DON'T HEAD THERE UNLESS YOU WANT SPOILERS IN TITLES Okay, time for that talk again, but this time we have the solution we discussed back in Season 8. Effective immediately all spoiler discussion for season 9 and unreleased spoiler information needs to go here in the spoiler forum. What is a spoiler? Well, how we treat spoilers is that anything that is confirmed to happen, or directly derived from confirmed details, is a spoiler until the spoiler material has aired and been out in the US and Canada for two weeks. No, general speculation is not a spoiler. So if you want to see Cheese Sandwich return in Season 9, you can post that in Show Discussion NOT Season 9 Spoilers. Now, there is some common sense you have to apply here. If I create that same Cheese Sandwich thread, and two days later an episode synopsis confirms that he is in an episode, we are going to allow someone to reply to the above topic, but they had best be using spoiler tags. Ultimately what we want to avoid is loading the Show Discussion topic up with confirmed spoilers turning it into a land mine and having people not knowing if they can and can't click on something. We have even put a reminder to NOT post Season 9 topics that have spoiler information when creating a new topic in Show Discussion. No excuse guys. Last season a few people did it several times in a row even after we asked them not to. This time, I'm going to flat out tell you that creating a Season 9 topic that with a spoiler title will ensure that you will lose the ability to post new topics in Show Discussion. This is the last season and it is going to be emotional for some of us. So 1) NO SPOILERS IN SHOW DISCUSSION UNTIL TWO WEEKS AFTER US AIRING OF AN EPISODE. 2) IN SOME CASES YOU CAN POST A SPOILER IN SPOILER TAGS AS A REPLY (THOUGH YOU DON'T REALLY NEED TO) 3) SERIOUSLY BE COOL GUYS. HAVING THE SHINY NEW TOPIC ON A PONY BOARD BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T WAIT ISN'T WORTH THE IRE OF PEOPLE.
  17. The voice change or the GoT repeat?
  18. My issue is that they did this GoT business before in a season 6 trailer with much higher production values (it actually looked quite good). This one looks like more of a tossed in afterthought. I don’t mind gimmicks but they could have put a little more effort into it. The switch from epic narration to the typical DF woman is also jarring.
  19. Jeric

    staff The Journey of the Jonin

    Yep you have them mixed up, but they both have had a less than usual path to their positions. Anyway here is @Venomous original staff announcement made by @Troblems back in 2016
  20. Jeric

    Chrysalis and Luna

    This thread appears to be discussing MLP:FiM in some way, shape or form. Thus, it has been sentenced to Show Discussion.
  21. Jeric

    Chrysalis and Luna

    Reminds me of the theories when I first became a fan that Luna was actually the Changeling Queen in disguise.
  22. Jeric

    Visual Art Aftermath

    This forum is for original art or derivative art with a significant amount of effort placed into layout and modification. This is amusing but should be placed in a blog or status update.
  23. Jeric

    General When did you join the forums?

    Sondash, this information is located on user profiles. Having a topic dedicated to it is really not needed. I will say Happy Forumversary tho.
  24. Jeric

    speculation Cozy's and Tirek's roles

    If the statue art or sketch was in the same .eml file we everything else it is almost certainly legitimate. I luckily ignored most of the leaked sketches and Season 9 stuff but as I keep running into things in the last day it is sounding like my Tambelon team may be a legit thing that is happening. Grogar, Tirek, Cozy Glow, Sombra ....
  25. Jeric

    answered Question about Requestria

    Closing as question was given the correct answer. Thanks for the question