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  1. Jeric

    Mixed feelings

    I’m gonna to echo what Mister Chaos said above up there and also steal from something I said in private about this. I showed up in the fandom in mid 2014 and actually thought the show had one more season left. So in a way I know how you are feeling. But quite frankly, after getting to know people personally in 2014 here, I would have gone to a group con if this website was a battery lovers forum. All of us are so flipping different and a bunch of us on staff and off it are fairly close. Just about everyone here is worth spending a few days chilling with and a lot of you I sometimes regret that I’m in a different generation and locale because I suspect I’d have become fast friends with quite a few of you. Thats why you should come if obligation and funds aren’t the issue. You come for the people. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m up to kicking back with you and saying “let’s have fun!”
  2. Jeric

    Did I miss something?

    OMG Albino Black Sheep videos Good times. Good times. I'm locking this now. But yeah it was me just being silly.
  3. Jeric

    Did I miss something?

    Do I look like the type of guy to embrace whimsical inside jokes?
  4. Jeric

    I think the voice acting is getting awkward.

    Tabitha St. Germain has the most vocal variation when acting as Rarity than any other character. Run samples of her lines through a wave analysis algorithm and compare to each other and then do the same for other characters, Rarity is not vocally formulaic.
  5. Jeric

    Idea: James Cameron as G5's showrunner

    Outside of Terminator 2 (which hasn’t aged well) and Aliens, Cameron is horrifically mediocre with production, writing and direction. Alita has a paper thin storyline and character development like Avatar and the romance in Titanic. Hard pass on this idea. Gendy tho ... maybe him.
  6. Jeric

    Chrysalis's priorities

    Common psychology. By placing a focus on Thorax she is admitting that her role and ability in ruling the hive was a failure. In her mind an outside influence had to be at fault, and that was Starlight Glimmer. Sure, she would still consider Thorax a traitor, but Starlight gets the brunt of her hatred because she took away the most important thing to her, her rule. Shining and Cadance defeated Chrysalis and her return and abduction was taking revenge. However, I don’t think she would be single minded against them anyway because she was defeated with love during the wedding, and Queeny understands that love is extremely powerful so it makes sense. Shining and Cadance didn’t hit her in her ego. That’s the unforgivable sin.
  7. Jeric

    General Casual Nudity

    I don't we need two topics on being nude, do we?
  8. Just a announcement that the email server that supports notifications is currently down and we will let you all know when it is back up and running.
  9. This week I went through and made the basic purchases for the final Trixie cosplay. I will be trying to pull off this version of Trixie from Equestria Girls. It started simple enough. Blue hoodie, purple skirt, and purple shirt. Not hard to find some garments that match enough. I picked up blue dye that I will use for the bottom of the skirt. I will still need yellow dye, and some fabric markers to make the bottom of the skirt and the hoodie cuffs (etc) match. I will also be using some of that dye along with extensions to pull off Trixie's hair. That and hairspray and gel should help get the style done right. Then I started to hit a snag. Trixie's shows and legwear. I made a requirement that I could not pull off heels and was not cool with bear legs because of some scarring due to a car accident. My daughter nixed jeans and suggested opaque tights. Trixie wears blue socks so this was the initial idea and I pulled the trigger on these. Next we turned our eyes to her shoes. This became a challenge. Block heeled blue high top purple and blue deep tread sneakers are not exactly easy to come by. Add to that difficulty is the fact that apparently you need to add two sizes to your current men's shoe size to find a comparable women's shoe size. Size 11 womens shoes are a trick in general. After an exhaustive search my daughter purchased two different shoe styles as she wasn't sure what would look okay. I may wear those normally! and then these The change in shoe style from the show also made it hard to tell of the initial legwear socks and light blue tights would work so these were ordered as options in case they don't work. This was me after all of this What did I get myself into? My Amazon suggested order page is all sures of interesting now.
  10. Several years ago we tried to do this with the Smile Song. Unfortunately song files were lost, people backed out, and I started to deal with a deluge of medical issues that ultimately culminated in my stepping down from staff. So, we are trying this again. The community can (should they wish to participate) select a song that we will all sing together. Smile is generally the easiest one, but there are other options now that we have had a few more years of Pone. How this will work is simple, you all can sing as much or as little of the selected song you want. Send it to us and when we have enough voices we will cut together a massive Poniverse Smile Song using a snippet along with some of the old files I still have. First Smile is one option, are there any others you think will work?
  11. GAME ON 




    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      huh, the image it leeched fits perfectly for it's cut form

  12. Added 2/19/19 - Email notification server outage - Verified
  13. In an effort to update the community on current technical issues, and help the tech pones that keep the gears oiled for us, we are making this topic stand as a list of known issues. You will find statuses of where we are in fixing them within. I'm going to keep this topic locked, so if you see a new issue or an old issue pop back up again please make a new thread, and once verified and tech is informed this will be updated in this OP and with a new post. (Note: I'll pretty up the formatting later and will be adding older unresolved issues tomorrow). Feel free to follow this topic for updates. Recently Reported Issues 5/29/18 - Status update replies are not formatted correctly initially and requires refresh to properly merge them - Verified / IP.B Issue 5/30/18 - Cover Photos cannot be repositioned in default theme, but can in IPS theme - Verified / In Progress Recently Fixed Issues 5/29/2018 - Cover Photos not showing, and not updating. (IPB support ticket filed). - 5/29/2018 - Search Quick bar ends in server timeout - Resolved 06/01/18 - MLPF will log members out due to inactivity - Resolved 6/6/2018- Some members cannot log in and are being forced to try and create new accounts - Resolved 5/30/18 - Formatting issues with post date stamp persists - Resolved 2/19/19 - Email notification server outage - Resolved
  14. Jeric

    Changeling Kingdom vs Ponyville

    It’s game time folks.
  15. As we are resuming the World Cup here soon, I wanted to resurface this so everyone old and new are aware of this. In short, if you join a team here, and post in the match threads themselves, you stand a chance to win a video game console of your choice. PART 1: The Grand Prize - A Thank You For Participating So I have a proclivity for throwing unpredictability into things. The giveaway is no different. I originally announced that there would be a drawing for a Nintendo Switch Bundle. That is absolutely correct. What I failed to state, though I hinted that I had something up my sleeve, is that that isn't the only option. Some are not fans of the Nintendo system and games (no judgement, tastes vary). What to do ... what to do? The only reasonable solution would be to offer a choice to the lucky winner that would work for most people here. So the lucky winner will have a choice of the following bundles. NIntendo Switch Bundle - The console, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Zelda Breath of the Wild, or any other two games of your choice. PS4 Pro Bundle - The console, Spider-Man or another game of your choice X-Box One X Bundle - The console and game of your choice The drawing will take place live on the Saturday following the conclusion of the World Cup. Yes will ship international (though I only have US systems). Some of you have weird plugs! PART 2: How to be eligible This part is easy. The first condition check is to join a team. If you are a member of a team, you met the first criteria. After that, each World Cup match topic you posted in after the Wild Card nets one entry. Again, be a member of a team and post in the actual match threads. PART 3: How does the reboot effect me? Several months ago I recreated the teams requiring people to rejoin them. If you opted not to rejoin a team, or leave a team, I still have your post data and you are still in the pool so yes you remain eligible and your prior entries count. Thanks all.
  16. MLPF will be coordinating something along these lines ourselves.
  17. This OP is not written in a way that would invite commentary surrounding a topic of interest to the community at large. It is more like "Look at what I accomplished" and ends there. Our blog system is tailored for this type of content. I would recommend moving this over as a blog, or retooling this topic to allow for more general discussion surrounding IP law. Alternatively you can add to any existing topic on trademark and copyright based laws if it would organically fit the conversation.
  18. After months of fighting with IP.B and trying to salvage the character database, I realized that I have wasted precious hours trying to fix something that might best be redone. The issues that plague the old databases are just a pain to fix and also set up for the future of Roleplay and also for other uses of the character database. Entering March the existing character databases will be placed into an archived state that will still keep them accessible, but lock them from edits or new character entries. As this happens we will be rolling out a new database that will be designed to incorporate multiple facets of the upcoming Roleplay revamp. This means that some individuals will need to manually copy over any information from their existing character templates to the new system if you wish to have them active and connected to any new features. I will be VERY transparent as I do this giving everyone ample time to prepare. Again, the old database is NOT going to be deleted or removed. Your old characters will still be there. It will simply be read only. It will be replaced by a better looking and more flexible database. The idea is to incorporate optional elements and categories for various RP types making it a hell of a lot easy to maintain and to allow you as character creators several options. Stay tuned.
  19. Jeric

    A note on the show ending

    Whoops, locked this by mistake doing clean up.
  20. I’ll miss the show I suppose, but I don’t need to miss the fandom since I have no shortage of people I will undoubtably interact with after the show is wrapped up. It’s a shame that my experience doesn’t reflect yours OP, but I’m sure I am not along in the resolution to keep elements of the fandom alive in some small way, and for me the best way is through my fellow Brony friends.
  21. My thoughts echo yours as well. I've met numerous people I call friends. Some who have been there during my darkest days, and allowed me to be there for them. All because of a forum centered around a show with horses making friends, and I can say that with a straight face because it was worth the experience and having these friends in my life. Saccharine, but true.
  22. until
    Fluttershy and company take on Luna and her powerful core of characters.
  23. Jeric

    E06: Street Chic

    You just lost your topic Mista Pupper!
  24. The results are in. The council had entered Tambelon to vote and have since been expelled by Grogar. The following will be sixth member of each team for the Final Four

    Ponyville receives @Princess Cadance


    Changelling Kingdom receives @Rarity


    Trottingham receives @Sunset Shimmer


    The Moon receives @Applejack




    The Final Four matches will begin tomorrow and will be 48 hours long. 


    The first matchup will be Trottingham vs The Moon! 


    1. PathfinderCS


      Changeling Kingdom has Rarity AND Nightmare Rarity.

      Oh boy~

  25. Introducing Making Christmas Merrier VI This topic will contain information found in every other topic for a single place to go to for MCM history, the charity, goals, prizes, donor links, and FAQ. If you are looking for a specific topic check on these links below. <Link Navigation Coming Soon> MCM Background and Charity Each year around the holiday season, the entire Poniverse community rallies around one of our marquee events dedicated to providing a better Christmas to various charities. This year we return to our roots and will be supporting The British Columbia Children's Hospital again. This is one of our favorite organizations to support and one we have a strong relationship with. The young patients at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver Canada. The money raised will go toward their Christmas fund and an effort to ensure that each child will have a better holiday. For a family dealing with some of the medical conditions common in a pediatric hospital setting, a showing of generosity from a stranger can and does make a profound difference. It inspires hope and love. Hope that there is more than just struggling and concern about tomorrow. That is at the heart of this campaign. We aim to show, all of us together, that there are individuals out there that care. For a great idea of what we can do as a community, check out the past MCM events. 2011 - The initial event. This started based on a simple status update from a member. Look where it took us. <3 2012 - We made $1810.00 and introduced some traditions that carry through to this very event. 2014 - Surpassed our goal of $3000.00! Also much much embarrassment was inflicted on the staff. 2015 - We surpassed $4000.00, and added the Ban a staffer element which has become a tradition. 2016 - This is the year that we spread our wings and supported Charity: Water and raised over $4200. This is also a very personal year for me, as I will discuss at a later time. We missed doing this last year, so I am hoping that we can nail it this year. The goal is more modest at $2000, but we can extend that the generosity of the Poniverse Brony Community exceeds our goal. About the Charity - BC Children's Hospital. These are the people your donation is helping to support. If you can spare seven minutes I would definitely give it a watch. Donations Just like our 2015 fundraiser we are continuing to use BCCH's direct site to donate to collect donations to go along with the MLPF's own system. Hosted directly on the event page of BC Children's Hospital, you can make your contribution via credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express only). BC Children's Hospital Donations Page IMPORTANT! To ensure that your donation can be credited to you individually for specific perks (hint hint), please disclose your member name in the field dedicated to announcing a pseudonym. Alternatively you can PM me to validate Example of where to enter your member name when making a donation: FAQ Q: What if I can't pay via credit or debit card, or my card isn't accepted by the hospital? Q: What if my card is declined or otherwise runs into problems? Q: I cannot or don't want to donate in Canadian Dollars. What do? Q: What is the goal of this event? Q: How much money are you looking to raise? Q: I donated, what else can I do? Q: Can I donate the old teddy bear I had as a child? Q: Will MLP Forums/Poniverse keep any of the money I donate? Stretch Goals While we would likely all agree that helping to bring a smile to an ailing child requires no reward or recognition, the MCM is also about celebrating the virtues of our community and saying thank you to all of those that participate. Bringing joy to others, celebrating the spirit of the season, and having fun in the process is an enduring element to this tradition. Last year we introduced stretch goals for certain fundraising objectives. Some were thank you's to the community, and others were designed to embarrass staff and give everyone but a victim a hearty laugh. I am pleased to announce that we have brought this back for this years fundraiser. Below are the goals, hidden and ready to be opened as we reach each level. As we reach each goal, it may trigger other threads or events. As we will be using two platforms to raise money this year, the sum of both will count toward these goals. Have fun guessing what is in each present or ornament ... the hints are there if you look closely enough. Stretch Scootaloo! You can do it! $50 Goal - Generosity Rank $100 Goal - Hearth's Warming Helper $250 Goal - Name Change Staffers and .... Staff Solo Song $500 Goal - Staff Group Song + Solo Song 2 $750 Goal - Pie Challenge - Solo Song 4 $1000 Goal - New Reaction/Emote - Solo Song 5 $1250 Goal - BAN A STAFFER! $1500 Goal - Duet Song $1750 Goal - ??? $2000 Goal - ??? $2250 Bonus Goal - Sigh :/ $2500 Bonus Goal - !!!!