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  1. It is coming along nicely. Should be done in time. I did have to cut down some videos and audio files in editing to keep this a manageable size. I highlighted a few individuals that had great stories of how the show and fandom impacted them, but if anyone is upset because a specific line they said was cut out, I'll do an edited version at some time in the future.
  2. I already tossed one person out until after the finale. That rule is still applicable. You want to discuss the finale then please do so in the proper forum.
  3. Title: The End of the End Air Date: October 12th, 2019 Written By: Nicole Dubuc Synopsis: A villainous alliance unleashes their unified might on Equestria and it's up to the Mane Six to save the kingdom." It's almost time to close the book Twilight Here we are folks. The finale three are upon us. I have been so busy I have yet to truly reflect over this journey, and I will save that for the actual finale. Since they are airing both this two-parter and the epilogue together, we almost broke from tradition and put they all in one topic. We ultimately decided against that. Instead this topic will be first and open. The episode thread for the finale will be created soon and will be a seperate one. For now, enjoy book horse completely ignorant of what the next nine or so years will take her. She's a good pony, her. For those that have avoided the spoilers, all 2 of you, I would stay clear of this topic until you see it.
  4. This belongs in the spoiler forum. I thought you left Deterministic answer -- doesn't really matter either way. And yeah of course. I mean, this if anyone got any intangible value from this show it was me.
  5. Hey! Welcome back. Excuse the mess, a few of the staff are slobs. Just step over that dust pile and someone will sweep it up eventually
  6. Well welcome back River Daze. It’s always nice to see an old fan pass through saying howdy.
  7. My first inclination was it was another resistance comment, but ggg-2 tends to come across that way in general since he is one of the resident contrarians of our site. I mean he’s dead wrong scientifically. Anyway back on topic. I do think they have genders, but if any of the species could be genderless it would be them. It’s also a new society in general so you have them adopting and adapting, which is why this is such a fascinating question even if I don’t agree because it is perhaps a plausible theory. The question did make me stop and go, “yanno, maybe” in the middle of actually arguing against a genderless biosystem. You go to an Admin. But If you want yo delete it imma repurpose this because the conversation and topic is absolutely worth having a discussion about, and yes either theory of buggo gender can be scrutinized. It’s not often we have a passionate discussion about the show that focuses on lore so I’d be more keen to here other people’s thoughts. It’s a good topic!
  8. Oh! A fellow bug lover huh! 





    1. ~C. Discord~

      ~C. Discord~

      Yes, but mine are cuter than yours!


  9. So huh. There is an insect that is biologically asexual. So add a lack of genderless social construct and whatever mechanism in the brain that triggers the traditional connection, but then toss in ability to strongly mimic gender .... it’s certainly plausible.
  10. That’s also not exactly a gender on several fronts. Playing a different gender absolutely which makes Changelings a very interesting species, and probably hyper empathic in some way to be able to mimic personality so well. It’s called a conversation relax No. There are several asexual animal species. Some are obviously extinct because sexual reproduction is actually a phenomenal way to ensure the best genome survives. That said ... stick bug bro. Stick bug.
  11. All Bees have sexual differentiation. Unfertilized are male. Anyway haplodiploid-sex-determination and Fibonacci isn’t the same as gender.
  12. There is design ambiguity with unnamed Changelings, but if you account for bug biology and the fact that all the named characters have gender and sex, it’s a slight stretch to suggest that they are genderless. They are also adopting familial patterns seen in other Equestrian cultures so I guess it is still somewhat up to the audience to interpret.
  13. You are the reason I do what I do here. 


  14. Thanks and keep them coming And yes I can use animated gifs as long as they are decent size and quality

    I need some screen shots from the show over ALL nine seasons. I would prefer to include your favorites. I absolutely will have one representing each other episode and some fan projects 

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      I personally would have added a small warning beforehand because the spoiler tag can mean many things and people might not read the follow-up comments before clicking on it. I didn't.

      No offense! :)

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      Sorry, fixed it again. 

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  16. Okay all final request. There is a moment in this video where I will include screen shots of the show over the last nine seasons This is your moment yo toss up your favorites.
  17. Hopefully Invision Powerboard will make this an option one day in a future release. For now the current notification behavior is the only function of notifications that they have built into the forum software.
  18. @Troblems .... this actually made me chuckle.
  19. Yeah, you all can't see each others letters. I want the final product to be a surprise and a reason for all of you to watch it.
  20. You ma’am have bad taste in drink. Bourbon is gross! :orly:

    1. JingLBabe


      Hush you!! It's great in mixed drinks!!

      The ShadO Special

      • Mixed berry tea
      • Two ounces of Wild Turkey 101
      • Little lemon
      • Two GIANT spoons of honey
      • Plop in some frozen mized berries if you got 'em
    2. Jeric


      That all sounds great....


      In Scotch! 



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      GAAAASP!! Heresy!! *chases*

      LOL, actually I've never tried scotch. It MIGHT be good!

      I'll pick it up next time I need a new bottle.

  21. This one. @Dark Qiviut go ahead and go through our DM’s from a few years back about this episode. The end of this episode .... beautiful.
  22. October 3, 2011 .... less than a year after launch of the show ... a young man named Kurtiss and Feld0 launches this site. It’s easy to take things for granted, but if not for these wild eyed enthusiasts seeing a need for a forum based community in those early days of the fandom, a few lives would be different. Maybe not for most users, but for a few. With the show wrapping up this month, I think now is a good time to take a step back and consider how far you’ve come as individuals. Have you met any friends here? Had a fun time or two? Won a couple of tense debates? What were some of your favorite moments on here? Most of you know my own story by now, so I won’t make this about me. I do want you to also raise a glass to a user that is no longer here that you want to remember. This site was built on the words and personalities of many people who have left over the years. Some fell away from the site, some were hit my the life bus, some passed on. Take a second or two to remember those individuals today, those are whose voices still echo in these halls even today. Raise a cider to them and smile that there were once a part of this ridiculous yet fantastic group of nutcases