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  1. Jeric

    Zecora's speech pattern

    Maybe it's like Darmok episode in Star Trek TNG where an entire species communicated in metaphors. Maybe the Zebras make communication in general an art, instead of specific forms of it.
  2. If it helps, just think of it as a political stunt from Cadence. Giving the ponies a distraction in the form of a hero helps wag the dog while she embezzles, robbing the Crystal Empire of all of its wealth and natural resources
  3. Jeric

    "It's Just A Kids Show"

    Can I start telling people IRL that they can't do things because it would be OOC for them?
  4. Jeric

    An epiphany

    I'd so buy that! Has anyone created fan based cards of FIM before?
  5. [Nighmare Moon]: "You're kidding, right?" Yep. I cost my parents a fortune back in the 80's. Hasbro was dominant in my bedroom. I'm going to count my sister's stuff on this list too since we were close in age. Transformers GI JOE M.A.S.K (anyone besides me old enough to remember this toy line) Pound Puppies My Little Pony Inhumanoids Jem Lite Brite Battle Beasts (serious Kudos if you remember these rock/paper/scissors style figures) Those items were all over my house along with Kenner's Star Wars line ... and Mattel's Master of the Universe. I will say that I thought that Hasbro made Teddy Ruxpin, but I was wrong there.
  6. Imagine Chrysalis figuring out a way to feed off of Discord. Shining Armor's Love overpowered her and even Celestia was defeated. Imagine Chrysalis with the power of a draconequus. Considering Discord may fail at whatever he does to track/stop the villain in Part 1, it fits that part. Still looking for this Hasbro vampire pony tease thing. There are a lot of cool OC's referencing Tartarus and vampires, but nothing that looks official. Is it possible that they were teasing Flutterbat?
  7. I saw something about Tartarus on Horse News. Looked like a slightly altered/expanded episode synopsis. I can't find a source for a vampire pony villain though.
  8. Jeric

    Glass toilet

    I like the toilet, but I'm loving the randomness of this topic even more. I decided to google 'strange toilets'. Wow. Just wow. I don't know what that says about us as a people that we have so many people dedicated to creative commodes.
  9. Jeric

    Talentless Bronies?

    If you produce quality, are prolific in your medium of choice, have a personality, can market said personality, and engage with the fandom -- then you increase the chance of being recognized. I've read a few really well composed stories on fim fiction, and found myself disheartened to realize that there were only a few short fiction pieces with a large gap in between. If that person gets lost in the crowd, that is why. The animation and music are not my thing, and I assume that production time is much longer so meeting a fast production schedule would be harder.
  10. Jeric

    Problems we as a community have noticed with the show.

    MMC did drive me up the wall at first when Twilight just read that spell. A simple tweak to the story by having her first attempt to finish cause the same chaos would have been better. However, I don't mind the slow learning curve some characters have. A.A. Milne didn't evolve his characters much, and it didn't diminish Pooh and company.
  11. Jeric

    Problems we as a community have noticed with the show.

    Simple stories are not an issue for me at all. This is really the illusion of 'authorial intent' vs. the viewer taking ownership of what they don't see. You know how we all have our own head cannons that complete the motivations, backstories, personalities, etc of elements and ponies that are not shown? That is how great stories are made. The reader/viewer/player world builds as they experience. If you have a fandom around the product, then you have the potential of individual experiences becoming part of a group tapestry. That tapestry is what makes being a Brony fun for me. Another example would be the Star Wars Saga. Star Wars IV-VI is a very simple tale with a lot of gaps. Fans created head cannons and group tapestries to explain things that were left ambiguous and not addressed. Star Wars I-III had more complex narrative and over developed world that tried to explain too much. I have a problem with the stupid HUB logo all over the animation. That is what needs to change. I could talk about this topic forever, but I have a brisket waiting for me.
  12. Jeric

    How is Transformers commercialised?

    1986 is the best example. Hasbro say sales for various character figures fall, so they had a movie and a series created where they would introduce a new line of TF characters. The movie killed dozens of the characters that has slow sales so they wouldn't be used in the future and the new episodes would feature characters currently on the shelves. So, Optimus Prime/Ratchet/Prowl/Iron Hide/ etc dies so they could sell Rodimus Prime/Kup/Ultra Magnus. Like MLP though, the studio made what is an a highly enjoyable film. It may have been commercially motivated ... but they made it work
  13. Jeric

    Do your parents know you're a brony?

    Don't feel bad, I tried to watch the 1st few episodes after 4chan macro images found their way to my facebook, press stories, etc. The 1st few episodes didn't hook me at all. They I actually credit my two kids for finally getting me to like the show finally but hand selecting a few specific episodes and fan content.
  14. Jeric

    Gaming What Is The WORST Gaming Company?

    Until Square Enix remakes Final Fantasy VII ... they win the title of the worst company. They are allergic to money I guess.
  15. Jeric

    Gaming Guilty Pleasure Games

    I remember picking up my daughter's Cooking Mama on DS years ago and had a hard time walking away from it. Now its Simpsons Tapped Out.
  16. Agreed. This isn't the Star Wars prequels where most of the older fans could have vastly improved the source material. The show is in capable hands. HOWEVER, if the fans had a greater say in the merchandise ... that would be perfect. I want an Elements of Harmony formation statue with the Mane Six defeating Discord. I seriously doubt anything like that will be put out by Hasbro.
  17. STYROFOAM. I don't know why, but the sound of Styrofoam squeaking together has the same effect on me as nails on a chalkboard.
  18. Jeric

    Vinyl Scratch Expectations

    My guess is that she will have a plot centric role. I see them using her as a catalyst in the rising action. Possible helping with the actual resolution. This can be done without voicing the character. So, key role but no voice. Probably the best way to handle using her that has the least likelihood of causing fan rage.
  19. Jeric

    Gaming Most tragic video game character?

    Joel (The Last Of Us) Sue (Pac-Man) she just wanted to ask him out on a date, and he kills her. Tragic.
  20. Personal Favorites ... my list of what I think are the best films made is a little different. No particular order 1. Shawshank Redemption 2. Empire Strikes Back 3. Goodfellas 4. Princess Bride 5. Dr. Strangelove Hard to stop at just five.
  21. Jeric

    What sports team do you support?

    NFL - Philadelphia Eagles MLB - Philadelphia Phillies (ha need to have an OC created for that one.) NHL - Philadelphia Flyers EPL - Manchester United NCAA Basketball - Villanova I grew up in and around Philly, so I was conditioned.
  22. Jeric

    Is Spike a pansy?

    The guy is oblivious and conciliatory to a fault most of the time, but it's as much a part of him as Twilight and her love for reading. You want a sidekick who is a pansy? or
  23. Jeric

    What's the scariest animal?

    Look a moose. Seriously, these things are HUGE
  24. Jeric

    Why hate Mary Sues?

    If created ironically or for some form of symbolism, a MS or GS would work, especially if you take the Pleasantville approach and evolve the Mary Sue.