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  1. I'll use the spoiler tag below. Also her singing parts in Winter Wrap Up were actually pretty good.
  2. banned for not paying Charlie Sheen his royalties
  3. Jeric

    Rarity Fan Club

    Just finished the Rarity Micro comic. In general it was probably the best issue I've read yet (I've only read the first two arcs and a few Friends Forever issues). So far the comics have been a mixed bag. A few decent issues anchoring a weak overall story. As with the show, it's the Slice of Life issues I like the most so far. I'm still smiling at AJ Booping Rarity's nose.
  4. Ashley is on the right track. Are you getting email notifications only, or just through the window? Have you recently made any changes to your notification settings in the UCP? Usually the answer is in the notification preferences. What forum was the topic approved in? Have you made any recent status message replies to another users status update or posted in their profile? On rare cases when there is an outage and restore, some preferences get reset or changed, but I don't believe MLPF had any recent outages.
  5. Jeric

    Rarity Fan Club

    That is amazing news RPB! Celebrate!!! Sounds like with all the changes in your life you are King of the World. This pic fits. And sorry guys ... Rarity looks best on a bike.
  6. Jeric

    Rarity Fan Club

    That's a lot of Bailey's ... you ok?
  7. I remember seeing that in the theater and this happened. A little part of me is still laughing.
  8. Sorry ... by the Rule of Alucard ... I was obligated to post this. Bonus points if you get a Rune Sword done.
  9. 1. Sitting out in the front yard and catching the aroma of jasmine. 2. Getting a note from the wife 3. The smell of play doh (you really thought I wasn't going to have something whimsical?) 4. That satisfying moment when you lay down to sleep and realize it's been a good day 5. Popping Bubble wrap. 6. Making lists.
  10. Yeah, keeping with the Civil War I kept getting to Rarity and it was like drawing a complete blank. Unless it's Killer Crabs ... I got nothing. The closest was Clara Barton or Harriet Tubman. Since we have to be talking about actual leadership in battle they didn't fit. Jeanne d'Arc is the closest out of the Civil War I suppose (yes I'm being pretentious with using her actual name).
  11. You know ... I'm not into RP ... but a Civil War reenactment with MLP characters is starting to sound freaking amazing!
  12. Ouch. I turned 30 in 2007. You had to go and remind me ... I still haven't moved to Montana, run for local office, taken an Alaskan cruise, or gotten a tattoo.
  13. So does she wind up getting defeated by Spitfire in the last great battle of her career?
  14. I can't believe I quoted something this old ... but damn. Ok, I personally try and avoid Wal-Mart for boring reasons. Traffic, Parking, Cleanliness, and short Staffing. That is what matters to me more. I'm not picking and choosing where I shop based on social justice ideas. In Florida we have a grocery chain called Publix that may be more expensive ... but it saves time shopping there. I prefer the local meat and produce markets too. If it's electronics ... online. Hardware ... I hit a hardware store where I can get someone to answer some specific questions and give input since I don't want to cause more damage. It takes far too long to get in and out of Wal-Mart. Not worth the pennies.
  15. I got to hand it to them though, they made coordinated trolling an art form. -_-
  16. Yes, but the Bronies got out and got into the rest of the interwebs. My forums, Facebook, everywhere. It was like the British Invasion ... but with more hair/manes
  17. The internet = Equestria 4Chan is this place
  18. Note from President Celestia, "General Fluttershy, if you aren't going to use your army, might I borrow it for a while?" That was hilarious man.
  19. Jeric

    Rarity Fan Club

    Honestly, squishy like a great memory foam pillow. Super squishy and will revert back to form pretty quickly. Repeat as needed.
  20. I'm revisiting my choices. I had Applejack as #2, but truth be told AJ fits the Sgt. mold better than a military leader. So instead, I'll nominate Angel Bunny, but as an evil dictator bent on world domination. Twilight Sparkle - Alexander or Frederick Angel - Napoleon Pinkie Pie - Patton(?)
  21. Banned because Assassins Creed III was disappointing.
  22. Jeric

    Rarity Fan Club

    Believe it or not we haven't. Also, discussion of her ranges from speculating on musical tastes, coffee preference, and how squishy is she in marshmallow form. Wait ... maybe not that last one. At least not yet.
  23. Sorry for partial quoting you, I agreed with everything up until the quote. The users on MLPF do a pretty good job of self policing, which is impressive for an active board like this. I disagree with an adults only section. Vehemently. I suppose this is really the elephant on the room. Many if the under 18 members if this board have shown by action that they are as mature, or more so, than the older users. I'm not going to stroke some egos by name dropping but I'm certainly not going to say that just because I've walked the Earth longer I'm any more mature than a 17 year old. It's an arbitrary line that doesn't account for cultural differences either.
  24. Jeric

    Rarity Fan Club

    This cracks me up. Trenderhoof ... you had yer chance. Tsk tsk
  25. I sometimes wonder how in the hell I survived my youth. Dumbest thing I did? Tried to re-enact Marty McFly hitching a ride while skateboarding in Back to Future. Also, hung off a cliff on a dare and that is probably tied, but unlike my skateboarding maneuver it didn't fail. O-o *smh at myself