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  1. until
    Fluttershy and company take on Luna and her powerful core of characters.
  2. Jeric

    E06: Street Chic

    You just lost your topic Mista Pupper!
  3. The results are in. The council had entered Tambelon to vote and have since been expelled by Grogar. The following will be sixth member of each team for the Final Four

    Ponyville receives @Princess Cadance


    Changelling Kingdom receives @Rarity


    Trottingham receives @Sunset Shimmer


    The Moon receives @Applejack




    The Final Four matches will begin tomorrow and will be 48 hours long. 


    The first matchup will be Trottingham vs The Moon! 


    1. PathfinderCS


      Changeling Kingdom has Rarity AND Nightmare Rarity.

      Oh boy~

  4. Introducing Making Christmas Merrier VI This topic will contain information found in every other topic for a single place to go to for MCM history, the charity, goals, prizes, donor links, and FAQ. If you are looking for a specific topic check on these links below. <Link Navigation Coming Soon> MCM Background and Charity Each year around the holiday season, the entire Poniverse community rallies around one of our marquee events dedicated to providing a better Christmas to various charities. This year we return to our roots and will be supporting The British Columbia Children's Hospital again. This is one of our favorite organizations to support and one we have a strong relationship with. The young patients at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver Canada. The money raised will go toward their Christmas fund and an effort to ensure that each child will have a better holiday. For a family dealing with some of the medical conditions common in a pediatric hospital setting, a showing of generosity from a stranger can and does make a profound difference. It inspires hope and love. Hope that there is more than just struggling and concern about tomorrow. That is at the heart of this campaign. We aim to show, all of us together, that there are individuals out there that care. For a great idea of what we can do as a community, check out the past MCM events. 2011 - The initial event. This started based on a simple status update from a member. Look where it took us. <3 2012 - We made $1810.00 and introduced some traditions that carry through to this very event. 2014 - Surpassed our goal of $3000.00! Also much much embarrassment was inflicted on the staff. 2015 - We surpassed $4000.00, and added the Ban a staffer element which has become a tradition. 2016 - This is the year that we spread our wings and supported Charity: Water and raised over $4200. This is also a very personal year for me, as I will discuss at a later time. We missed doing this last year, so I am hoping that we can nail it this year. The goal is more modest at $2000, but we can extend that the generosity of the Poniverse Brony Community exceeds our goal. About the Charity - BC Children's Hospital. These are the people your donation is helping to support. If you can spare seven minutes I would definitely give it a watch. Donations Just like our 2015 fundraiser we are continuing to use BCCH's direct site to donate to collect donations to go along with the MLPF's own system. Hosted directly on the event page of BC Children's Hospital, you can make your contribution via credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express only). BC Children's Hospital Donations Page IMPORTANT! To ensure that your donation can be credited to you individually for specific perks (hint hint), please disclose your member name in the field dedicated to announcing a pseudonym. Alternatively you can PM me to validate Example of where to enter your member name when making a donation: FAQ Q: What if I can't pay via credit or debit card, or my card isn't accepted by the hospital? Q: What if my card is declined or otherwise runs into problems? Q: I cannot or don't want to donate in Canadian Dollars. What do? Q: What is the goal of this event? Q: How much money are you looking to raise? Q: I donated, what else can I do? Q: Can I donate the old teddy bear I had as a child? Q: Will MLP Forums/Poniverse keep any of the money I donate? Stretch Goals While we would likely all agree that helping to bring a smile to an ailing child requires no reward or recognition, the MCM is also about celebrating the virtues of our community and saying thank you to all of those that participate. Bringing joy to others, celebrating the spirit of the season, and having fun in the process is an enduring element to this tradition. Last year we introduced stretch goals for certain fundraising objectives. Some were thank you's to the community, and others were designed to embarrass staff and give everyone but a victim a hearty laugh. I am pleased to announce that we have brought this back for this years fundraiser. Below are the goals, hidden and ready to be opened as we reach each level. As we reach each goal, it may trigger other threads or events. As we will be using two platforms to raise money this year, the sum of both will count toward these goals. Have fun guessing what is in each present or ornament ... the hints are there if you look closely enough. Stretch Scootaloo! You can do it! $50 Goal - Generosity Rank $100 Goal - Hearth's Warming Helper $250 Goal - Name Change Staffers and .... Staff Solo Song $500 Goal - Staff Group Song + Solo Song 2 $750 Goal - Pie Challenge - Solo Song 4 $1000 Goal - New Reaction/Emote - Solo Song 5 $1250 Goal - BAN A STAFFER! $1500 Goal - Duet Song $1750 Goal - ??? $2000 Goal - ??? $2250 Bonus Goal - Sigh :/ $2500 Bonus Goal - !!!!
  5. Here we are guys, Not everyone took up the invite but we have eight individuals and if need be I will break any ties. @Goat-kun @Fhaolan @BornAgainBrony @Ganondorf8 @Lord Valtasar @ChB @Oleks @KH7672 Please vote on who will move to the team that defeated them. Following the poll close, provided that there are no ties, I will update the teams and announce the final rosters to the forum. You can make the decisions however you see fit, but it has to be done at poll close. If you do not vote in time I will not extend the poll date.
  6. Jeric

    A free line before a quote.

    @Rikifive something like that would be nice. I’ll legitimately take a look at that one of these days. For now it’s just a normal operating characteristic of the software. Curiously I swear the lead developers of IPB mentioned that they considered removing the quote button at one point. Modern applications actually have limited or walked away completely from quote blocks over the years, so I wouldn’t be shocked if IPB 5 or later drops it entirely.
  7. Closing as question was given the correct answer. Thanks for the question
  8. If you are negative and want to needlessly tweak the users anxiety levels for nothing more than dropping a clever turn of phrase, I suppose. I think the healthier way of looking at it is, “Don’t worry about something until there is cause to worry.” You have a lot of extremely knowledgeable individuals guiding this ship, several of staff have a business background and have received training in corporate accounting. There is simply no need to worry people when there isn’t anything to fret about. I you have no faith in the capacity of staff, then there really isn’t anything Merc can say to alleviate that. As it stands, the absence of a fundraising drive to help MLPF means we don’t need it. That should be perfectly assuring to everyone that is concerned. We’re fine. That said, if anyone has any ideas on ways to make the Subscription system more enticing and worthwhile drop Merc or an Admin a suggestion. Thanks for the question. Moving to Site Questions and closing as answered.
  9. Jeric

    BronyCon 2019 Forum
  10. Jeric

    BronyCon 2019 Forum

    This is a bit different. No, BronyCon is not a partner of MLPF so it isn't in the con section. That said, it is the last year of the largest Brony fan convention so to say it isn't a big deal would be a lie. It is. This forum serves two purposes. A planning hub for people looking for info, news, and help regarding attending. People looking for rooms or advising that they have space available have their own sub-forum too. Meet ups can be coordinated as needed. The second reason for this place existing is that we are planning some interesting Event Team based surprises for the attendees, as well as those who can't attend. There will actually be some interactivity between some interested attendees and the guys stuck at work and home that might uniquely connect all of us together. So we figured that we would create a temporary forum to house all BronyCon discussion and Events related to this final shindig. Enjoy
  11. @Bas changed the title since some might not know what PV stands for. I’ll let the board pones address your question.
  12. Title: The Gift Of Maud Pie Air Date: April 2, 2016 Written by: Mike and Will Fox Synopsis: Rarity and Pinkie Pie are in Manehattan looking for an ideal location for Rarity's new store and searching for the perfect gift for Pinkie Pie's sister. ​ Looks like we will be treated to a rare outing with these two characters. Also, more Maud possibly?
  13. It really depends. I don’t care how well told the story was or if it was hilarious, Perfect Pear was an episode that could have gone in a different direction and I would have loathed it. To me it’s not about closed or open minded. It’s about wanting what we enjoy individually. I don’t like mayonnaise. I’ve never been told I’m closed minded about condiments. That’s just silly. Why is this any different? Basically, sometimes a rock looks good in different lighting and angles. Sometimes it’s just a rock and doesn’t need to be examined any more than a cursory look. Bad theories are bad. Creativity is not great if the end result is garbage.
  14. *cough* You could send that info to me I’m all for adding new emotes whenever
  15. ^ Old OP We are now down to 9 candidates. Luna is in the lead so I have set this to close. I have eliminated any character with 7 votes or less and have this set to allow you to vote again. If you chose a character who is not on the list, please consider recasting a new vote. I will be placing this poll on the main page so I expect some additional votes from those who did not see this topic yet.
  16. Jeric

    New Council

    I’ve sent a few invites to several individuals in each team remaining, once we have two individuals from the each team we will vote on who survives from the defeated teams to create a completed six character team. Goat will hopefully be there to break any tie that happens.
  17. Jeric

    Age3rcm Animations

    Moved at the request of OP to Video
  18. Jeric

    MLPF / Poniverse Panel?

    Don’t give people ideas! O.o
  19. Jeric

    MLPF / Poniverse Panel?

    Just double checked and I didn’t misremember. There won’t be an official Poniverse or MLPF panel at BronyCon. I’m actually thankful for that having been a part of planning two of of our panels in the past.
  20. Jeric

    MLPF / Poniverse Panel?

    There is currently no panel for BronyCon. I’ll double check but last I heard this wasn’t planned for this year.
  21. There is a strong interest on staff in evaluating RP on MLPF. Looking at what works, tossing what doesn't, fixing some broken things, and introducing some new ideas that might make RP more exciting for some. For simplicity's sake, EvE is the RP section that allows freedom to explore Pony and non-Pony RP without having to strictly adhere to canon requirements. EqE is the canon Pony RP Section. Basically anything in there should not contradict the show. I wanted to go over that because some ideas will be for EqE and some won't work in the canon environment. Before I go further, obviously the Character Databases are a priority. Getting the templates to display HTML correctly is going to be a major focus for me over the next month. Luckily I have time and patience. Now, I'm going to list some ideas we've already mentioned that would impact the canon area. I'm curious as to how they would be received. EqE Ideas Some ideas that have been tossed around include reevaluating EqE to make it more accessible and adding some perks for jumping in. This includes streamlining the application process through some automation and improved response time, making some of the requirements a bit more friendly toward the lesser experienced individual, creating a page that includes all the rules in an intuitive model. Basically, to quote another staffer, we have realized that it takes an awful amount of effort to simply say, "Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie!" Some cool ideas that seem to ha e almost unanimous approval are investing in a IPB extension that will allow members to be able to switch to their Cast characters on the fly so that they would be posting as Applejack with an Applejack profile. Also allowing this characters to be able to interact with the community during various events and in statuses. The removal of character bans is happening. Basically, villains and Equestria Girls characters would be open to the community to grab. While this would make EqE slightly more canon flexible with the introduction of characters like King Sombra and Tirek, we see this as a important step to opening EqE. Event based RP's with a focus on adventure and epicness. Currently EqE is mostly an SoL affair. We want to work with the community to create massive exciting event epics within RP that would be memorable experiences. We even have the Clubs feature that we may leverage for such occasions. EvE Ideas A guided beginners system that would slowly introduce inexperienced people to RP that would leverage the Mentor program and help people craft phenomenal characters and learn how to create a fun interactive narrative. A greater focus on organizing non-Pony RP. Yeah we are a Pony site, but creating an area for other properties to thrive is not something that is off-the-table. Back to you So I'm curious if you, the community, have any ideas. Regardless of whether you RP or not we are listening. This is your time to have your voice heard. What would you change.
  22. I’ll consider it, though as a Pony site I wonder how many would even use these fields. Does the fic have any elements of MLP in it? For now, as an alternative, you could always tailor your About Me to direct people to your SFW fics.
  23. Jeric

    answered Updating my profile.

    Closing as question was given the correct answer. Thanks for the question
  24. Title: The Crystalling Parts 1 & 2 Air Date: March 26, 2016 Written by: Josh Haber Part 1 Synopsis: The Mane Six attend the Crystalling of Cadence and Shining Armor's new baby at the Crystal Empire; Twilight gets the chance to present Starlight with her first friendship lesson. Part 2 Synopsis: The Mane Six scramble to save the Crystal Empire from an eternal winter; Starlight struggles after the failed reunion with her old friend. Are you ready? Am I ready? IS TWILIGHT READY?
  25. Recapping and these will happen in no particular order, but the harder to implement options are last. This is also not comprehensive. A LOT of good ideas are being discussed 1) Reduction in requirements to begin and maintain a character in EqE 2) Overhaul of the character dabatases which will include some table top elements such as character statistics. Any advanced elements will be optional for those that do not want to use them since they will be tied to the more advanced technical implementations. 3) Seperation of Pony and non-Pony RP’s 4) A full Lore, location, and beastiary section 5) removal of character limitations in EqE 6) Event driven RP’s (focused on adventure) 7) Post as a character 8) Dice mechanisms 9) Guided tour of RP 10) Automation notifying individuals who are due to post. 11) Automation archiving abandoned RP’s 12) Rule book. 13. OOC drives me crazy and there has to be a better way of implementing this on a forum. These will start being communicated in the next few weeks and go live shortly afterward. RP will be a year long overhaul and several of the over changes will have their own phases of development. The character DB, Lore DB, and Rules in particular will be dynamic so we don’t overload the community. To @Troblems concern, images will continue and any gamification elements using the trophy/awards system will be tied to the RP story elements, particularly the Event driven RP’s. Imagine a fetch quest or something like that where you obtain an item to use at a later part of the RP. Your point about trophies being superficial is well taken. If we implement anything that is not well received, we can easily roll it back or tweak it. This whole thing is about making RP more enjoyable.