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  1. To be more accurate it isn’t a glitch itself. We reduced the timeframe that search goes back and everything feeds off of search. After the upgrade we had extremely slow response times so we had to do that. Eventually we will use our own search server. For now it’s a pain but one that we can handle.
  2. So .... I’m here. Both of my kids are officially 18. I usually have a lot to say ... but now I’m just sitting here realizing that the next phase of parenthood is the wise helper. 

    Happy birthday @Salty Sweetness

    You’re in charge now!

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    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      Congratulations. I'm sure you must be a proud father :fluttershy:.

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      Congratulations sir! Happy Easter and having adult children. Time to retire to Flori...oh.

    4. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend


  3. It was an actor appreciation episode. They called in the main voice actors that have been with the show from go and asked them what they always wanted their characters to do. They all gave their ideas and then the writers crafted a story to tie all the ideas together. 100 was for us. 200 was for them. They actually got story writing credit too Two reasons. One was hubris. It was a case of “even you can’t beat this system”. The second is that eventually she needs to know anyway if she is going to be large and in charge.
  4. As someone who peddles in the black arts of pedagogy, the best time to learn the ins and outs of administrative responsibilities isn’t while you are in session. Besides, Sheridan having that much involvement in the episode wouldn’t have made sense based on the framework they were going for. This was about saying thank you to the voice actors who had been there from the beginning.
  5. Forum Smile Song Project When at first you don't succeed try try again. Long ago this was a stretch goal for another MCM, but it was not meant to be. It's time we make this a thing! What is the MLPF Smile Song Project? Simply put, we are soliciting your soul voice for inclusion in a Forum rendition of the song. Every member is invited to record as little or as much of the song as they want, and send a copy of them singing to me. When completed I will edit, master, and cut the clips together to form us all singing the song as one community. Whether it is one line, or the whole song ... sing for me. Wait, wasn't this done before? Eyup. It is part of the fandom legacy. This is definitely inspired by that project. That said, we are a community of friends and acquaintances, and many of us were not fans of the show when that project was announced and completed. I can't sing! Neither can I. That said don't worry to much about it. If you are interested in volunteering your voice to this fun little community project of ours, but have fears about your own singing, there are options still. The song ends in a crowd chorus. You could easily sing that piece. Also, Pinkie does have some spoken dialog as well. See below. Speaking part is bolded See, even if you feel that you can't sing there is still room for you. Ok, so how do I get you the sound files? Simple, you can upload to Soundcloud and PM be the link or you can email me at Please for the love of automation and my sanity, please please put your profile link in the body of the PM or email and Smile Project in the subject line. What format do you need? While I prefer lossless, I can convert if needed so send me whatever your recording device allows. What equipment do I need? You and all your questions! You don't need a fancy schmany mic or Audio-Technica to do this. If you have a gaming headset, a cell phone, or a mic on your laptop ... it will do ok. How long do I have? I'm closing this on July 1. I'll be cleaning up the audio files as I go. Release of this will be in August. So is this going to sound like a mess? Probably, but remember ... Will you use everyone you receive? If you sing a part of the song, absolutely.
  6. Jeric

    Star Wars Day

  7. Title: Crusaders of the Lost Mark Air Date: 10 October, 2015 Written by: Amy Keating Rogers Synopsis: When Pip Squeak decides to run for class president, the Cutie Mark Crusaders rally around their friend, but find themselves helping their long-time nemesis, Diamond Tiara, in an unexpected way. "Diamond Tiaras. Why did it have to be Diamond Tiaras?"