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  1. @Newman1651 posts about the the show ending and fandom reaction and the decline of the fandom go here.
  2. until
    RSVP Below if you are going! Join the MLPF @ BRONYCON DISCORD Here
  3. Bless you. That is a great film
  4. Forum Smile Song Project When at first you don't succeed try try again. Long ago this was a stretch goal for another MCM, but it was not meant to be. It's time we make this a thing! What is the MLPF Smile Song Project? Simply put, we are soliciting your soul voice for inclusion in a Forum rendition of the song. Every member is invited to record as little or as much of the song as they want, and send a copy of them singing to me. When completed I will edit, master, and cut the clips together to form us all singing the song as one community. Whether it is one line, or the whole song ... sing for me. Wait, wasn't this done before? Eyup. It is part of the fandom legacy. This is definitely inspired by that project. That said, we are a community of friends and acquaintances, and many of us were not fans of the show when that project was announced and completed. I can't sing! Neither can I. That said don't worry to much about it. If you are interested in volunteering your voice to this fun little community project of ours, but have fears about your own singing, there are options still. The song ends in a crowd chorus. You could easily sing that piece. Also, Pinkie does have some spoken dialog as well. See below. Speaking part is bolded See, even if you feel that you can't sing there is still room for you. Ok, so how do I get you the sound files? Simple, you can upload to Soundcloud and PM be the link or you can email me at Please for the love of automation and my sanity, please please put your profile link in the body of the PM or email and Smile Project in the subject line. What format do you need? While I prefer lossless, I can convert if needed so send me whatever your recording device allows. What equipment do I need? You and all your questions! You don't need a fancy schmany mic or Audio-Technica to do this. If you have a gaming headset, a cell phone, or a mic on your laptop ... it will do ok. How long do I have? I'm closing this on July 1. I'll be cleaning up the audio files as I go. Release of this will be in August. So is this going to sound like a mess? Probably, but remember ... Will you use everyone you receive? If you sing a part of the song, absolutely.
  5. I suppose that this is the best place to toss this up. Actually may hunt down if there is another topic on this and merge it. Post here if you are attending. I’ll be setting up a personal (not Poniverse official) Discord Server for just attendees so we can interact during the con so also let me know if you want an invite and what your Discord ID is. And yes, I have my badge and booked several rooms as my party is 10 individuals at present. @PathfinderCS @Batbrony @~C. Discord~ @Creamy Arty and Nebula Wolf are in my party. Yep I just outed them! It’s how I roll!!!
  6. Going for some 80's nostalgia cheese. Goonies and The Last Starfighter
  7. You show Dark Crystal and Hunchback and I am so in!
  8. I am now in a good mood. Just like that.
  9. Voted Wild Wild West ... Cause chick in a bucket. Serious though, any film that is that bad but has that many great actors will make for some hilarious commentary in the chat. I'll definatelt pop in for this one.
  10. Holy crap ... I'm not going to explain why but that is freaking hilarious.
  11. Nominating Secret of N.I.M.H. Let's Bluth up this joint
  12. Ghostbusters! Seriously, this is in that special circle of films that brings me way back.
  13. The Link is
  14. The Holy Trilogy on .TV .... are you kidding me? I'll bring the Ewok meat and we can have a BBQ. What version if I may be so bold?
  15. Die Hard gets mah vote. Hopefully this time I won't get too distracted.
  16. All we need now are :alvin: :simon: and :theodore: emotes for the chat?
  17. By all that is good and holy ... why for you hate your fellow man this way?
  18. I nominate a Tommy Boy and Joe Dirt Double feature