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  1. Quite some time ago we realized that our antiquated RP system needed reimagining. In an effort to do this a few old staffers and new staffers are working on trying to get some new things done. One of the new RP staffers is @TBD and this one is a keeper. He’s been sitting in the wings for a while waiting to be announced, but as I start putting everything I have in the gas tank toward RP World and Equestria Empire I need to start putting the new guy up front and center as the newest Roleplay Staffer. His first task will be to start adding in Canon Characters into the database and working on some great launch Roleplays. And yes, post Baby Yoda memes to welcome him. Not because he asked, but because it’s Baby Yoda!!!!!
  2. I finally reviewed the applications and will be contacted some for a quick interview Sorry for the delay.
  3. That’s up to you. Only one non staffer voted for them so updating votes should be easy
  4. Note that True True Friend was done in 2015 and Winter Wrap Up was done in 2014. If anyone wants to listen to this they are posted on Pony.FM
  5. I certainly hope not. But I’m sure @Troblems has a copy somewhere
  6. @Snow If you and your farm are safe, you are up friend!
  7. Heh. Recording this for posterity because you used the wrong pronoun. Remember what happens to magical gates when they are open?
  8. Got something else planned for popularized fandom characters like Nyx unrelated to MCM
  9. Admins always know the correct answer don’t we?
  10. I dun be pi’d

  11. Welp, I done did the thing. Whip cream style .... with cool WHhhhip! The post pie comment is fully improvised so my apologies for bad impressions! @Troblems .... you’re it!
  12. Randi has been busy on the moon after his banishment 

    1. Flutterstep


      Lovely looming lyrics leftover lumpish luna land. :LunaMCM:

    2. Sparklefan1234



    3. Snow


      Brilliant xD @Randimaxis Glad to have you back, (when you can see this)

  13. that should make listening to this better. Poor Randi. Certainly hope when he comes back he comes back alone
  14. Hm. We picked up a signal from the Moon. Sounds like Randi may be homesick Randi’s Prison
  15. @Cash In that was great! okay so it’s my turn and I’ll get this filmed tomorrow and uploaded.
  16. Yep I'll leave this open for another day but so far we have Official Characters Fleetfoot Soarin Tempest Vinyl Octavia Smoulder Yona Tirek Grogar Cheeselegs Cozy Glow Limestone Pie Gummi Thorax Ocellus Silversteam Sandbar Gallus Zecora Sugar Belle Angel Wings Braeburn Rara Daring Do Owlzeatotter (because I am not going to learn how to spell that so nyaaa) Prince Blueblood And the next person to suggest a Celestia emote .... I'll change the one we have to a banana! I swear I'll do it! I am evil ... don't tempt me.
  17. One of our stretch goals is to create a emote that you pick. This year it has to be a character we don’t have yet. Your nominations will become a poll. so what character not represented should we add?
  18. Poor Randi will be as forgotten as the muppet that sings Mahna Mahna!
  19. Looks like @Randimaxis is the victim this year. I shall call upon his favorite character to do the thing, but it also looks like we got some more donations in soooo .... I need to figure out how much longer he stays banned.
  20. Okay guys and gals, maybe get a room and work off that tension? I am not going to play babysitter on this topic. If someone says they value heterosexual fandom pairings more, fine. Not heterosexual fandom more fine. In the real world, fine. Getting pissed off at that and tattling is childish. I’m not going to play the trigger and snowflake game with any side of this. If you can’t tell the difference between saying you like gay shipping more, or it’s more valued and I hate gays/straights then this is a you problem. Also if I get one more crybaby report I’m sending you my optometrist bill for the muscle strain from my eyes rolling too much.