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  1. @WWolf moving to Media. And I absolutely have seen Lion King .... was my favorite animated film until being passed by some of the later Disney/Pixar films. Still a phenomenal movie and I watch it at least once a year.
  2. We had one but it was rotated out Animated ones probably wouldn’t survive the change to the circular style.
  3. Not to debate about debate, but fairness is dumb in this context. If I act like a jerk to everyone then I’m being fair, but I’m not exactly making that place conducive to a people wanting to pop in. Respect is interesting too. I’ve already mentioned a few I respect in in Debate, and yes there are those with some viewpoints and ideas I consider ... problematic. Saying I should respect those views or even the individual is something I can’t agree on, and I certainly don’t want to enforce some fake level of respect. I ultimately think what you are referring to here is ‘tone’ @Bas and that is a whole different topic. I tend to approach tone with a wide angled lens. A few contentious posts with a biting tone isn’t a bad thing. That is called passion and some of these topics lead to passionate arguments. If it isn’t descending to insults levied at the poster, they I tend to allow it unless it goes on so long with just two people that it no longer feels like a public discussion. This is one area that I think comes down to it being an individual thing. When someone is blunt and sharp with criticism, it’s easy to fall into the tap of assigning an inner voice to those words that adds to the perspective that they are an “enemy” and not an opponent in a debate. I’m really never going to moderate tone outside of a post reminding people that things are starting to get a bit angry and maybe take it down a notch. This sort of goes to personality and it’s dangerous to disallow some of that to come through on content. People leave sites that do that. There used to be a time we did moderate tone heavily there because it was hard to keep trolls and ban evaders out. Then we changed the post count to access Debate and it really is just a core group of users that participate in it. I think I can allow some leeway with tone nowadays.
  4. until
    RSVP Below if you are going! Join the MLPF @ BRONYCON DISCORD Here
  5. 06/23/19 Original Character Sheets are Up! You will find them in the navigation bar and menu, but here is a link to The fixed character sheets. I made some changes to the fields in this, so please let me know any feedback on fields that should be changed, added, or removed. Any bugs you find, etc. The list of species is not yet comprehensive so if you need one added let me know. I am going to implement a Sheet Change Request Form so that you guys and request specific changes as you need them. Also keen observers will notice that there is a Canon Character DB. I haven't separated permissions, but before you jump in and start adding your favorite characters, please me aware that unlike OC Sheets, that is going to be staff curtated, so any entries will be programmed to be transferred to the RP Character Librarian. If you can find it, go ahead and have some fun. Just don't get all "Dis mines don't touch" because I have plans for the Canon Character Sheets. A full breakdown will be posted shortly, I just wanted to get this out to you all today. 06/20/19 As you guys know I have flooded this section with vague news on RP. I realized that I need to have a general update thread to explain what is going on at the moment since some changes are directly impacting current roleplays. As I had mentioned previously the Character DB was basically rendered useless and garbage. All attempts to try and fix it either didn't work or made it so much worse. I had to make the call a bit ago to recreate the database. That is what is happening now. I locked the old one several days ago so no new characters can be added to it, and characters can not be edited. You can still view them though. When the database opens again there will be some fun changes to it, and it will be much for user friendly and readable. The general idea is to eventually provide you a standard character sheet that will allow you to customize your character's experiences in RP as you actually participate in new roleplays building a living history of your interactions in the world. There will be multiple databases as well, but we'll touch on that in a later post. Also, some extremely old roleplays will be moved into an archive forum to clean up the area. Basically anything that hasn't been touched this year is being put into the archive. YOU WILL STILL BE ABLE TO SEE THEM. If you want to revive it, just reach out to one of RP staffers (Or an Admin) and we can put it back into live RP. More to come later.
  6. Title: Title: The Cutie Map (Part 1) Air Date: April 4th, 2015 Synopsis: The Mane 6 arrive in a village to solve a friendship problem and find out that everyone in the village has given up their Cutie Marks. Title: The Cutie Map (Part 2) Air Date: April 4th, 2015 Synopsis: The Mane 6 have their Cutie Marks taken and must find a way to get them back from the pony who took them. THE MANE SIX'S CUTIE MARKS WERE KIDNAPPED BY NINJAS ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO RESCUE THEIR CUTIE MARKS?