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  1. Here is one. There are more in the Spoiler forum Also read the attached Tweets from the show's supervising director. He confirms that the Mane Six VA's helped write their character's story beats.
  2. The Mane Six and Spike are definitely in the episode. Still shots have already confirmed it.
  3. Make sure to check with me to see if a specific episode is taken. Presently Episode 5 and Episode 25/26 are taken and as always I reserve any Rarity episodes
  4. Ep 5 is unfortunately already claimed so I’ll lock this.
  5. I got two entries submitted (one anonymous) so I will use one on Friday and the other Sat
  6. This is more of a general question and doesn't belong in Feedback. When we see a new thread in Feedback we normally jump in and I keep seeing this topic bumped over and over again so it's messing with muh workflow yo! Honestly there isn't really much meat to this thread so I'm kicking it back to the Lounge.
  7. We gathered, but be that is it may the disagreement of some in the community does not always mitigate a good decision. The answer and decision remains. Sorry, but it is what it is. Whether you agree or disagree with the justification is honestly irrelevant. The leadership sets the direction of the site and how it wants to control content. It is control. Some may think that is a bad word, but we don't. Also, how it impacts you personally is rather overblown. This announcement is started to become overblown with hyperbole and quite frankly, that was always a failing in the past. The decision is made. I'll create an FAQ on the new Subscriber changes and Veteran changes separately. I'll revisit this at a future point after I have empirical data and not hypotheticals. It is mostly to catch bots. Humans are always able to bypass these things. Handling Blank Flanks is probably the one thing that routinely change as we look for a balance that helps encourage new user adoption but prevents some asshat bot from making the place messy.
  8. It is one month to edit, unless there is a good reason to have an exception granted. I want to be very specific there.
  9. Yep that's a fair way of putting it, though it's more accurate to say that we have a right to moderate and curate the content. Pretty standard TOS. I have no issues with that at all from a community management or moral perspective at all. We do believe in censorship here after all. It isn't necessary. IP.B has the ability to allow users to delete and lock their own content. We do not allow users to do this because we don't want arbitrary changes to the posts and discussions on this site. It is both edifying and fun to read the old discussions on MLPF. Quite a few users do this. And yes that enjoyment outweighs the idea of control. This was not done without knowing that some individuals would be upset, but in the end, I have never had issues telling people the decision is done and final. Part of my job is to give people bad news and I can do that nicely, or simply tell them to pound sand. There are going to be people who dislike that, but in the end, keeping that archive is what we prefer. It doesn't help that most people that vandalize content have a tendency to act like they are throwing a temper tantrum. Everyone has to make a decision on the continued use of services of any platform. People bitch. We make a call and move forward. Some things are up for future modification (like this is better than checking logs. The policy isn't new here just how we implement it). Leadership in the absence of a democracy with full knowledge of the possible outcomes is always going to be unpopular with some, but I don't manage to the exceptions. In a year or so who knows? We may change this back if the need arises or it turns out to be more harmful than helpful.
  10. Also adding to this is the fact that 'guesting' accounts is limited to extreme cases or national law compliance. If it is a case of, "I just don't like this site, the people, or am not a Brony" the firm answer is "That's not our problem. Sorry." In extremely rare cases we have the ability to protect a user if needed. Other than that, it is what it is.
  11. We reject requests to edit out debate posts when that very reason has already been given to us. Quotes are a thing. In fact this came up recently and it was still upheld unanimously. I want to circle back to the new user issue. Last year we added new restrictions and new user adoption did not decline, just questions regarding how to do x,y,z increased. Our staff to active user ratio is also the highest it has every been so there should not be any issues with approving a users first post. No, the content remains the name just says "Guest"
  12. We can anonymize attribution if needed preserving the content as a "Guest" so it can't be traced to a particular individual. We do this for GDPR compliance, and in rare verified cases where content here could do harm. What we will be preventing are examples like this
  13. Regarding locking down old content, yes. Exceptions to all of our standards can and are made routinely, In fact the standard with account deletion requests is to tell individuals to that we don't delete content wholesale, but they can reach out to discuss specific elements and we will have a judgement call then on a case-by-case basis. We curate old content here. Saves me time anyway since we go behind people to restore posts they vandalize anyway. This isn't a new thing, we are just automating it and being mote transparent.
  14. The report button is used for many reasons. For reporting rule breaking content, for making content specific suggestions, for users requesting a specific content item they made be edited or hidden, etc. It has traditionally had more than the primary use for years. I can also extrapolate the work effort by looking at historical forum usage of users doing a specific thing. It is trivial on both ends. We also do not have so many users that it would be an untenable thing. In fact ... its
  15. Your profile is based on the streams which use search. Search is currently set to only 1 day due to performance issues Unrelated but important side-effect of the update. Also, post count and reputation recalculations will likely occur which will change both numbers (increase post count due and decrease reputation). This is not a bug. We have made some changes to areas that did not previously count toward your posts and they do now. When the site reindexes this changes the value buy counting the old posts that previously did not count. The same happens to reputation as it will delete rep given to anyone who is currently banned.
  16. I obviously thought of all of these issues, and as blunt as this may seem, the inability to edit posts in perpetuity is not a huge loss when compared to vandalization of content. So, you have one month to edit it. After that grab a staffer. We'll happily edit any changes you need. It should be mentioned that I can see how often people modify OP's so this is a hypothetical that happens only a few times, and that minor inconvenience is greatly better than losing historical content because someone rage quits or "leaves". It is also the OP that I want to protect the most to be frank. Sorry. The other option is to archive inactive topics like we do in some areas already, but do it Globally. It makes the topic read-only and at that point most staff can't even help you make changes. This is a better solution.
  17. I was gonna just use the show BG music, but I would love it if someone could make an instrumental. Makes it more community based.
  18. Welcome back :)


    1. Shiki


      Thanks for the opportunity! It's gotten me back into ponies as a whole.

  19. Request threads auto archive anyway if there isn’t any activity to prevent bumping. If there is a specific need to edit an OP simply report the topic and staff will make the edits needed.
  20. Time limit to edit is now a month. Subscribers now have unlimited display name changes More is coming for subs
  21. Blank Flank permissions have been altered to allow them to access profile pics, profile edit, and status updates. To prevent spammers and trolls for immediately slamming the site, they will be temporarily set to have their initial posts requiring approval. The moment the first post is approved by a staffer then the account is tagged as safe and the queue ends. Due to the historical issues with individuals coming back and ‘erasing’ content they have on MLPF, posts now have a time limit on the editing. The time limit is set to one month. I want to allow users to be able to edit ongoing discussions, but want to protect our historical conversations from being erased en masse as people leave the fandom and want to erase everything they posted here. We are currently evaluating additional perks for Subscribers. To start off the file size allowed for avatars has been increased from 150kB to 300kB. More is planned. They also have unlimited display name changes added to their perks. I am also going to be instituting a way of recognizing tenure on MLPF for users who have been a strong part of this community for a while. Rank badges are all well and good, but we need to find other ways to acknowledge our appreciation. Look for more information later.
  22. Actually this is not an accident.
  23. Closing as question was given the correct answer. Thanks for the question
  24. Fixed also updated the Unicorn back it its standard rank image. We had an event that still had some lingering changes left to restore.