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    Don’t forget to join the MLPF BronyCon Discord. Crazy that we are closing in on this quickly! Join the MLPF @ BRONYCON DISCORD Here
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    RSVP Below if you are going! Join the MLPF @ BRONYCON DISCORD Here
  3. I suppose that this is the best place to toss this up. Actually may hunt down if there is another topic on this and merge it. Post here if you are attending. I’ll be setting up a personal (not Poniverse official) Discord Server for just attendees so we can interact during the con so also let me know if you want an invite and what your Discord ID is. And yes, I have my badge and booked several rooms as my party is 10 individuals at present. @PathfinderCS @Batbrony @~C. Discord~ @Creamy Arty and Nebula Wolf are in my party. Yep I just outed them! It’s how I roll!!!