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  1. <3



    Always have ... always will. 

  2. Now back to bed. Sleep. Must sleep. Odinsleep. 


  3. Hey @Trixie why in Celestia's name is it so hard to find a hoodie like yours? Like half of your attire is a pain to find fabric that matches color. Where in Tartarus do you get your stuff from?

  4. Pop in if you want to stop by and say Happy New Year, are running from fireworks, or want to know who won things from the MCM. I will be drawing these all night. 

    1. Bas


      Are winners announced anywhere else?

      What were the prices again? I can only remember something from the MLPF WC, TBH.

  5. Another audio goal finished. I would check this one out. Great jerb Randi!

  6. We are now down to 9 candidates. Luna is in the lead so I have set this to close on New Years Eve. I have eliminated any character with 7 votes or less and have this set to allow you to vote again. If you chose a character who is not on the list, please consider recasting a new vote. I will be placing this poll on the main page so I expect some additional votes from those who did not see this topic yet. 



  7. @TwilySparky puts out the first song of the MCM for this 2018 season. :D


  8. another cut of those with 3 votes is done. If yours was cut may want to vote again


    emotes with 0-2 votes are removed. We’ll keep whittling it down. You can vote again if your fave was removed. 

    1. Jeric


      Or vote again just for cupcakes and giggles

  10. time to vote! Multiple choice


  11. vote for the creamiest emote guys! Multiple choice

  12. Congrats @Batbrony and Merry Christmas. You two will be great together. :-D

  13. Grogar! 


    1. Dark Horse
    2. Fhaolan


      With mistletoe! :)

    3. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      maybe it's a chance to reform him, take one for the team


    Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 


  15. @Arc Flash took a double pie to the face for charity. 

  16. im almost scared to keep tabs on this. Okay ... let’s do this! 



  17. assa.png



    1. AJ2489


      Woohooo Well done guys!!!

    2. Flutterstep


      This calls for a celebration! kDms9NM.png

    3. DivineBlood1000


      @Jeric I donated that last 100 dollars! This charity deserves every dollar and more! Hope everypony has a very Merry Chrysmas/Hearth’s Warming!

  18. Okay guys. Do you worst 


    1. A.V.
    2. AJ2489


      you will regret saying that XD

  19. Jeric

    Happy birthday DF. Hope your birthday and the holidays suits you well. 




    1. Waka


      A belated thank you! Hope the same's been true on your end. How've things been? 

    2. Jeric


      Pretty good in general. 

      Just sitting her putting together projects for my classes that start in 10 days and also randomly trying to learn how to read sheet music. 


    3. Waka


      For no purpose in particular? I'm glad you're challenging yourself lol


    A Christmas Story is on now! Be careful though. You'll shoot your eye out

  21. Lord Valtasar is in the lead to be booted. 


    Screenshot (3).png


    Can he hold on to it?