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Posts posted by Jeric

  1. 2 hours ago, Bas said:

    It comes of no surprise that Tambelon should fall easily, again.


    @Jeric Can we have the team names in syllables after the players duo? Took me a short while to confirm who belongs to which team.

    It’s good vs evil basically. Moon vs Tambelon. At this point I can be lax about that sort of stuff cause it’s just fun RP hijinks with a slight interactive flair. 

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  2. 12 hours ago, Nightmare Muffin said:

    but very VERY rarely will I find just plain black, cotton underwear- WHY?!

    I don’t know where you are shopping but it’s certainly not uncommon to find black in just about every single cut imaginable. From granny to thong. Black is definitely very very available. 

  3. 12 hours ago, Kzr haekS said:

    Perhaps it's not the best idea to talk about women's underwear on a site intended for people ages 13 and up? Might come off... The wrong way? This may be a discussion better suited for a more mature forum? Just a thought.

    Eh, famous question “boxers or briefs” is allowable. Color questions of female undergarments are allowable. It’s not like the OP is asking specifically about lingerie. 

    If we aren’t mature enough to talk about color and cut of a non NSFW sales item, then this site has bigger problems than women’s panties. 

    12 hours ago, Nightmare Muffin said:

    don't we all have to wear underwear? It's not a sexual topic.....

    Yes, we all should for health reasons. First off sweat absobstion cuts down on UTI’s. Secondly you reduce friction. These two go hand in hand unless you want to introduce bacteria into compromised skin. 



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  4. 5 minutes ago, BornAgainBrony said:

    I think its a glitch. Or a delay like with the first round. Timer was probably set wrong.


    11 minutes ago, Jedishy said:

    Same here. I am a bit lost myself. Messaged other staff about this. 


    14 minutes ago, Will Guide said:

    Did I missed a round? Because I can't seem to vote on this Round 2.... :huh:

    Whatever's going on, I hope our hero's have the advantage

    It’s a bug. It’s fixed now. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Madam Rarity said:

    no, I meant the Users has logged in past 24 hours block has list of every users has online today.

    This doesn't appear to be a stock block, though it may have existed as suck prior to one of the updates to the software package. The member list block does not have a date range parameter. 

  6. On 3/21/2019 at 8:23 PM, Sparklefan1234 said:

    Why is the "WHO'S ONLINE" section of the forum so wonky?


    It used to show the most recent signed-in users on the top & would go down to show the users who had signed-out.


    Now, users times spent on the forum are all over the place making it confusing for me to tell when my friends are active. 


    Thank You for taking the time to answer my question. 

    The Who's Online is a hardcoded block that can't be customized. It is supposed to show you on the list first and there is some randomness thrown in. It will also display users who have been recently only but are not. I have since removed this block and added a members block that will show all non staff members based on last activity and in alpha ascending order. I have also done this with staff in a separate block. As always anyone who is anonymous usually stops their last activity clock which means that they shouldn't show up on that list. 

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  7. 6 hours ago, BornAgainBrony said:

    This is sort of a piggyback on the other thread about opting out of having a badge line in a signature. Is there a way to choose which badges we want to display? AFAIK it currently just shows the most recent ones, but I'm sure we all have special ones that we care about the most and would want to keep in the center of the "trophy case."

    Not per user no. There is a way for me to set it to show or omit specific categories which I use to manually validate data on some of our contests. The same option also exists in the hover option. So I can set it to show Event badges in one and World Cup Team badges in the signature. Or set they to show ALL badges. As of now it’s a good way for me to run through a thread and quickly check on a specific badge group if posting in a thread is supposed to be linked to one, which honestly is why it even exists. 

    Makes my job easier. ;)


  8. 19 hours ago, BronyNumber2 said:

    I will play. Will the boxes be filled automatically or do we have to declare that the event happened and show our card?

    Since this Bingo will not be your typical “letter and number” call out, we definitely need to treat it a little differently. After each episode any predictions than planned out will be announced yes. I’ll have copies of everyone’s card to mark them personally but you do want to keep track yourself. 


    14 hours ago, Bakugou Is My Man <3 said:

    Count me in.

    However, how do we mark our spaces? Do we just have to mentally mark them? I apologize if this was answered in the original post but I didn’t see it ^^;

    Yeah you would have to do your own edit, though time permitted I’ll mark the cards. You can also print them out and manually mark them for fun. :)

    14 hours ago, DonMaguz said:

    I'm in, sounds fun.

    Will the cards be displayed publicly? I think part of the fun would be on seeing which users have better chances...

    Interesting idea. I may post the top five at any given time. But this sounds like a cool concept. 


    8 hours ago, okapillon said:

    . .. ..sounds fun.  may i join?


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  9. Personally, I like when we can tie characters into other elements related to their personality. I was aware EqD and Starlight Glimmer had their Equinox event but I didn’t talk to Valt about planning anything because it seemed just kinda tacked on. A good idea for an event should fit with the character instead of just have a character day because they are missing a day. Heck, right now Autumn Blaze is spearheading a Season 9 Bingo event, and that’s what I think use of characters are sometimes best as. Though we also have plans for her coming down the line. ;)


  10. 1 hour ago, Celli said:

    Ah yes the whole "gay people are bad" religious shtick. Thanks for giving me reason to ignore your posts.


    As for the topic at hand, I don't care as long as it's done well and not forced.

    Agreed. Admin or not I don’t have time for people who piss on an entire group because of that. I’ve since walked away from organized Christianity specifically because of the amount of douchebagery I saw. I don’t know what’s worse though, being out front about it, or passive aggressively leaving reactions on a post on here, Facebook, etc. 

    I still kinda believe, but I’m looking for a Church that doesn’t believe in breeding stupid people who can’t read their own bloody religious texts. Same types that let strangers on cable news tell them how to feel and bend over and say Thank You Sam! 



    Anyway, yeah I think all reasonable people who like good story telling don’t want any character elements forced. It’s preachy, and doesn’t allow for that “oh!” moment. 

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  11. I’m rather vocal on this topic.

    Trypical set-up and caveat. If you’ve paid attention to my posts in debates and LGBT threads, I’m obviously one who doesn’t shy away from advocating rainbow rights. Keen observation also shows that my entire family, including myself or gay or transgender or both. But at the same time, I’m not very vocal about my own identity. It doesn’t define me. I understand that it is absolutely critical for others, but seeing as that we all tend to view these topics through our personal lens. So while I understand the desire for inclusion, I don’t start from a need to see my life validated on screen. I have other ways of validation that are more personally enriching. 

    Now, that the setup is over. I agree with @~C. Discord~. As a fan of writing, characterization, story, and leaving an opening for audience to take some personal emotional ownership or connection to a fictional creation ... I’m not particularly going to advocate the use of gay for the sake of gay. Nor am I going to advocate for them suggesting that it’s not something that happens. Both are completely unneeded in this show. In other shows and films and literature, someone’s gender, orientation, race should be an element of characterization and NOT to the sale of filling a slot. Most writers do this organically naturally, but when they create a character that is inherently gay as their primary characterization it is rarely a genuine feeling character. I want character not tokens. I want vessels for exploring art of narration not a pulpit. I don’t want to always see myself on the page or on screen. I’m not that interesting and I want interesting characters. 

    Neutral is a perfect approach for Friendship is Magic. And yes in my mind a  character or two happen to find the same sex attractive, but that’s all me. Your mileage will vary. 

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