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  1. Unfortunately not with our setup.
  2. I see you! 



  3. I know that @PathfinderCS acts young, but jeeze man .... that's mean.
  4. Our system can support every major currency, tax, VAT, integrated shipping platforms, and payment systems. International isn’t an issue. When we launch it there will be a way to sign up and apply for a shop that will walk the sellers through the specifics.
  5. I have to get back to these. Post ideas for episode specific emotes or reactions for this episode. There were A LOT! Post pony!
  6. I want to see best Feedback Post, best cutie mark, best meme, and best dad joke
  7. That’s a question you need to answer for yourself. As a buyer you would expect to pay for international shipping. As a seller you would make a decision on whether you want to sell internationally and who pays for it. One of the biggest annoyances for those in Australia is the cost of shipping. MLPF is not here to change the paradigm of the real world when it comes to purchase transactions of physical goods. Obviously the individual would need to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing or selling something that wold carry a higher than normal shipping expense. I can tell you that we have fielded a few requests over the years so a few people thought it was desirable. Having the option available can’t hurt. And maybe .... we can have a few sellers who would use this as a targeted storefront for pre-made goods. Also commission prints.
  8. I’m actually going to be working with the artists on this personally, one on one. It’s part of the service we offer our artists is to help them make the shop easier to navigate and understand
  9. Happy Birthday Man

  10. There is one caveat. There is an upcoming rank that celebrates a species that has a specific character representing them. The character is not a regular one tho.
  11. Not based on post count, no. We try to stay away from specific characters because then EVERYONE would want a character to be represented. There is something coming down the line that might allow for characters representation to be on a badge, but that’s not finalized.
  12. Oh Pinkie is certainly not without fault. If there was a failure in storytelling and properly addressing the moral, it was there. The fact that this was a trivia framework where you were assigned a partner makes me suspect that this situation may have happened before.
  13. Many of you may not be aware, but we have long had a system in use to allow Forum Artists to take Commissions from users on MLPF. What you may not know is the importance to the Commissions system in keeping MLPF running. Without subscribers, donors, the artists, and the patrons of our artists, MLPF would not be able to keep its lights on. We personally thank each and every one of you. We also want to offer an apology. While we have tried to create a fair system for all of the above, there have long been opportunities for improvement with respect to how staff can better recognize and support the users who financially support us. This is why we are currently evaluating many options to thank those who help keep us afloat. We have dropped the ball in creating an easy and effective storefront for commissions. That will be the first focus and here are some things that we are in the process of working on (like this second). Commissions The store front is being redesigned visually as well as reorganized. It will also be a LOT easier to access. The link to the Store is hard to find here. Yeah, we have a forum that acts as a way for the commissions artist to update routinely, but the shops themselves leave a lot to be desired. This is completely on us. I am going to each artist and will be working with them one-on-one to create a pleasing and personalized shop. It looks bland, uninformative, and just plain ugly. We owe the artists better than that. If you all want to follow along with the progress, the store front can be seen here. I am also going to be launching a separate area where someone who doesn't want to engage a bunch of artists independently can post a request allowing an available artists to approach them for a commission. Some artists have the ability to have prints made up. We want the store fronts to be able to accommodate that as well. This is on the horizon. Finally, we are going to actively promote your shops on our social media platform and on here. Dead Shops URGENT the store has a bunch of old shops of artists that have not be active. I’ve reached out to many artists, but will be removing ones that have cobwebs or the users haven’t been here in a long while. If you find your store gone send me a PM and I’ll drop what I’m doing and fix it. Marketplace So I suspect that this may interest a few of you. We are looking at having an area where users can sell their pony merch to other users. Some may want to do this ongoing, and some may be trying to sell things to raise some quick cash. We know how to open a system like this, but we need to know if there is any interest in this idea. I would personally like for our store front to mirror a convention's Vendor Hall, which includes people who sell toys, CCG, models, games, etc. Like the commission shop there would be a processing percentage of 15%, however we would effectively work closer with the sellers to help them create a decent shop, as well as some assistance in marketing their shop. We do want to know who would be interested in buying or selling on a system like this ... either now or in the future. There is a poll for you to vote on .... just a simple "I like this idea" "Won't use something like this" Subs and Donors You are next. Trust me .... we haven't forgotten you all ... but that will come later this month. Staffing The Administrators are currently the individuals who have traditionally staffed something like this, however, we will be looking at bringing on someone who can volunteer as Artist/Vendor Relations. I will be looking at internal staffers first, but if anyone is interested in this sort of position feel free to PM me and Path @Jeric @PathfinderCS