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  1. I can just imagine you silently reading my status updates or comments sometimes. And just letting out that Exhausted Parent sigh of "I could reprimand him for this, but it's not going to stop anything. He's still going to be a major dork."

     Are you, like, the Grand Projenitor Poobah or something of these here forums? Should I, like, treat the forum moderators with more respect than the usual forum goer? 

     Because that ain' gon happen. That would require me putting further thought into anything I do, and let me tell you, no one wants that. Ain't the kinda Man I am!

    If I count as a "man" and not "vague entity of annoyence." 

    Y'all know I don't mean no harm, eh? I feel I done ticked yah a few times before somehow. I forget over what. I shoot my mouth off sometimes. But I can't watch what I say, because when I do, I overdo and I can't be meself. If you get me.

    1. Just Blivy⚡️

      Just Blivy⚡️

      I think often times he's just really busy with life stuff. :P