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  1. Companies are actually putting health of employees above profits. It has also show some companies that remote work can be beneficial to cost saving strategies. People are becoming more aware of personal hygiene. People are finding unique ways to manage situations. The TP and quarantine memes are hilarious.
  2. I can just imagine you silently reading my status updates or comments sometimes. And just letting out that Exhausted Parent sigh of "I could reprimand him for this, but it's not going to stop anything. He's still going to be a major dork."

     Are you, like, the Grand Projenitor Poobah or something of these here forums? Should I, like, treat the forum moderators with more respect than the usual forum goer? 

     Because that ain' gon happen. That would require me putting further thought into anything I do, and let me tell you, no one wants that. Ain't the kinda Man I am!

    If I count as a "man" and not "vague entity of annoyence." 

    Y'all know I don't mean no harm, eh? I feel I done ticked yah a few times before somehow. I forget over what. I shoot my mouth off sometimes. But I can't watch what I say, because when I do, I overdo and I can't be meself. If you get me.

  3. So far unless the world falls apart, this will be set for Everfree NW in August.
  4. Nah. This type of rapid bulk buying doesn’t make them money, it costs them investors, and a horrible SEC filing in the quarter after things return to normal. There is a reason companies place an emphasis on production forecasts and accountancy.
  5. I had a wife die because she caught a cold and an infection after transplant. Those with medical conditions and the elderly are the population that are at risk. Unless you are > 60 live your life. Period. The current death rate is quite low for for < 40. Sucks to get it, but you’ll live. Also I do hope the serum method works, because then there will be at least some protection coming earlier than the fall. Just cover your mouth when you laugh!
  6. Only based on existing strains that we anticipate will be the strain that hits in the upcoming flue season. They make a statistical guess and can be wrong. The years that they are wrong flu deaths are high.
  7. COVID-19 keeps letting his dog shit on my lawn. People are too damn afraid to tell him off, but I’m not.
  8. Same. I buy household goods and toiletries in bulk from BJ’s so I’ve not been impacted.
  9. Effective immediately MLPF has taken the following steps to prevent the spread of Novel Corona Virus. Fan Clubs will be cancelled until further notice North American users are prohibited from contact with EU and Asian users We have increased the supplies of toilet paper in the bathrooms, but we are running low so we are opening a donation pool to allow for the purchase of new supplies on eBay. The current cost of TP is expected to surpass gold so we are setting the pool to $4,000,572.89 You are expected to wash your hooves before quoting and mentioning any other user. Failure to do so will result in you receiving a million points and being banned from the internet MLPF will be completely online after Spring Break. We haven’t worked out the details Brohooves are now considered an act of attempted infection and will be dealt with accordingly All staff members are being taught a bubble protection spell. Sorry Earth Pony and Pegasus staffers. You were born the wrong species All kidding aside, please be safe out there and take precautions. Remember to post pony!
  10. I thought I added this over a year ago. Welp. This is something I can easily remedy. I’ll add a preferred pronoun field and set it to optional.
  11. They have a recent positive track record with Pony. A show reinvented for a then modern audience. I mean it’s been 12 years since Faust started that, but that is the general broad approach she made. It’s possible that we’ll get something along the lines of My Little Pony Friends, which by some measures was acceptable to mediocre. I’m just saying that people place way too much emphasis on promotional and marketing pitches than should be given. Way too much. You have to try and ignore that stuff to try and prevent forming an emotional reaction, not for general cynicism avoidance ... but because it also opens you up to the psychological hold when something appeals to you sight unseen. Marketing mind control wizards are of the devil. She looks PG-13 rated. Might be for the adult fan base
  12. Keeping locked permanently. There will be no changes to Debate putting an emphasis on source credibility. That is and will always be on the onus of the reader and the people that engage in debate. I will not push the staff to fact check posts in there. While I can see situations where blatant falsehoods can be posted in a trolly manner, it will be dealt that way and not as a matter of policing truth. Figure that out on your own. People can also choose how they wish to respond or ignore posts. While I agree that ignoring valid claims and argument is bad form, there will not be any rule or moderation regarding it. People have a wide range of skills in debate too.
  13. If you are in the US, contact your Senator and Congressman as well as the agency in charge of facilitating COPPA. Change petitions due nothing. Locking.
  14. That’s just marketing speak tailored to parents of young kids. That flyer isn’t intended to speak to content quality. Almost all animated programming (good and bad) is built with modern relatability in mind. Also Gravity Falls, Loud House, Star, etc
  15. 48EBD538-A414-4E35-B713-4F4D63FBA28A.jpeg

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      Is that a wedding or engagement ring?

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      Congrats to you, Jeric. May it bring you many years of joy and success. :D

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      I was wondering when this was going to happen exactly, and now I am late a few days. :twismile:

      Anyway, I wish both of you all the luck and happiness in the world! You deserve it!


      Edit: I hope you had a great wedding, have a beautiful marriage as well as honeymoon!