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  1. Christmas Froppy!

  2. I wish that there was some crazy cool story involved here, but no ... I just asked her if she had spare time to do a Q&A to help support the community and the MCM and she said yes.
  3. Something tells me that they would be too big on me. I think you towered over me when I saw you, but that could be memory playing tricks on me because you had this larger than life presence about you without having to say a single word. Oh boy, @Salty Sweetness remember all the times I helped you out with stuff when you go to make whatever it is. I have a feeling the people here aren't pulling punches. Then again, I don't think you are either.
  4. Jeric

    Snow Wars!

    She is so gunna kick your butt now.
  5. FiM it is Derpy and AJ Equestria Girls it is Sunset and Wallflower Blush Dude, if you are at BronyCon you so need to track me down man. There it isn't me having to help run a pony site. At cons I am just a fan who loves to meet and talk to other fans. It's cool. I'm just really protective of my kid naturally. It's why I won't let her apply for a staff position
  6. As @Salty Sweetness is making the cosplay I guarantee it will likely be EqG inspired. She is a bigger fan of Equestria Girls than FiM. Also it’s easier to sew and design from that than FiM apparently
  7. Jeric

    Snow Wars!

    Ow! Son of a nutcracker @Dark Horse @Lord Valtasar @PiratePony @DivineGlow1000 @Troblems @PathfinderCS @~C. Discord~ @Artemis @Batbrony
  8. Nope, not aimed at you. I actually found your suggestion funny
  9. Yes there are but she isn’t gonna share photos of herself on here. Still a minor and me being and Admin ... I’ve seen some things over the years to make me want to be a bit cautious. I don’t think you want to hear her reaction either. FWIW she went as EqG Pinkie because her natural hair is perfect for that. As about a dozen people her who attended with us can attest to. The post is pretty self explanatory. $2250 and I cosplay as a character the community chooses at the Con. The cosplay will be assembled from Jan to July with pictures of various elements as it is created, possibly a make-up test, etc. It will be posted on a blog here. $2500 I enter the cosplay contest there and record a music video in line with the character. The video will be released BEFORE the con, but not before the end of the MCM. She did forget to mention that after nominating would be done, she gets one veto and so do I to ensure that any cosplay isn’t absurdly challenging or expensive.
  10. I’m going to be nice and give you an out and assume that was a joke, otherwise you would have no defense against my daughter who is very much her mother’s daughter. And those on staff that have talked to her mom ... are probably hiding under the tables
  11. Some who get a lot of notifications may not want voice clips. I do think there are browser extensions that can do that for you.
  12. Remember that the purpose of this is charity and helping sick kids. Not everyone will have songs that they want since it is a “by popular selection” affair. Had always been. Thanks guys
  13. She has the MCM Helper Group Also I think she is trolling with Starlight since I made fun of that design when it aired.
  14. Cats out of the bag! :derp: