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  1. We have always been protective of those who post in there, so now is a good time to remind everyone what it is for and what it isn’t for. This is going to be one of those times that staff are going to be accused of being draconian or promoting some sort of political movement nonsense. Let me get right out in front of that now. No matter how strongly you disagree with how we have run that section, no matter how wrong you feel we are, it isn’t changing. This isn’t a negotiable part of MLPF. In short, we are 100% comfortabe with how we approach Life Advice. Don’t life that? Ignore the section then. Now that that is out of the way There are three general reasons people would use Life Advice 1. Mental well being help. Basically someone is feeling lost afraid or needs someone to talk to and are comfortable doing so in public. It isn’t a place to say you will commit suicide, but it can be a place to say that you struggle with that. No, no one on staff is a Licensed Mental Health worker, and most times we can and do point you to resources to help. The community is likely not equipped to help you with serious mental health issues. What we can do is listen, be supportive, and be friendly. Remember those three words. 2. Venting. Usually people just want to get something off their chest and it is too personal to do so in a blog. Life Advice topics do not show up in search or on the index or on google. It is a protected forum for this very reason. It has been for many many years. Venting doesn’t mean that the person wants a reply. Just getting something out in public can be cathartic and a stress release. It is not and has never been an invitation to challenge the persons view point. Listen, be supportive, be friendly. It is NOT a debate section. If someone’s vent is related to personal opinions that you disagree with, you don’t have a pass to rebut them there. We have dozens of forums on MLPF where you can strongly disagree with a viewpoint. This isn’t one of them. Don’t like it? I really don’t know what to tell you. 3. General adulting and Advice. Say you are dealing with something that isn’t a mental health issue but you need advice. Major selection, telling a friend you are gay, how to adult, remove pests from your house, etc. Advice. Easy. You can post general “How do I adult” topics here too. And people can offer advice, and even counter suggestions. What you shouldn’t do when you reply to this area is engage a responder in a full on debate on why his advice is wrong. You are here to talk to the OP. Keep that in mind. Listen, be supportive, be friendly. It simply comes down to this — if you have nothing nice to say — stay out. Alternatively there is this amazing feature called Messages that allows you to engage someone directly instead of publicly. If you honestly feel that the person needs a direct and honest opinion, maybe try that route. After all you came there to help right? So a personal one-on-one with that approach is far better than a self-serving public reply that feeds into the general psychology of “I wanna be seen as smart and right”. If you are honestly trying to help, go offline. Final comment on this before I post and lock this topic (this isn’t up for debate) ... if you genuinely see advice someone is giving in there that is dangerous or harmful by all means report it. Like I said, we heavily monitor that forum, and I personally read every post. That said a well thought out report could make us see where a post is not that helpful. That’t about it. Be good to each other guys.
  2. Three votes separate winner and loser! It’s insanely close! 


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    2. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      let me help you all choose then

      that said, while i knew who i'll be voting from the start, no matter who loses i'll be sad to see them gone

    3. Flutterstep


      Marshmallow pone it is then! :grin:

      I’m still upset about Fluttershy though :(

    4. lyrabetes3939


      Glimmy, Trix 'n' Rares need your support! :mlp_grin:

  3. Just a five vote difference between Ponyville and Changeling Kingdom! Match ends in a few hours!



    1. Passion


      Why are you so adamant of bringing me bad news :<

  4. Jeric

    Mixed feelings

    I’m gonna to echo what Mister Chaos said above up there and also steal from something I said in private about this. I showed up in the fandom in mid 2014 and actually thought the show had one more season left. So in a way I know how you are feeling. But quite frankly, after getting to know people personally in 2014 here, I would have gone to a group con if this website was a battery lovers forum. All of us are so flipping different and a bunch of us on staff and off it are fairly close. Just about everyone here is worth spending a few days chilling with and a lot of you I sometimes regret that I’m in a different generation and locale because I suspect I’d have become fast friends with quite a few of you. Thats why you should come if obligation and funds aren’t the issue. You come for the people. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m up to kicking back with you and saying “let’s have fun!”
  5. Jeric

    Pardon the dust

    As you notice we are making some tweaks to organization lately. Some minor naming changes like Prior Gen is now Classic Gen. The section devoted to Pony is now My Little Pony. We also have a placeholder forum for Generation 5. Soon a pinned mega thread will be created for G5 Speculation. The G5 Forum will exist as a placeholder though until Friendship is Magic has ridden off into that sunset of nostalgia. Until then it will sit there patiently waiting Also Potato
  6. Jeric

    Did I miss something?

    OMG Albino Black Sheep videos Good times. Good times. I'm locking this now. But yeah it was me just being silly.
  7. Jeric

    Did I miss something?

    Do I look like the type of guy to embrace whimsical inside jokes?
  8. Jeric

    I think the voice acting is getting awkward.

    Tabitha St. Germain has the most vocal variation when acting as Rarity than any other character. Run samples of her lines through a wave analysis algorithm and compare to each other and then do the same for other characters, Rarity is not vocally formulaic.
  9. Jeric

    Idea: James Cameron as G5's showrunner

    Outside of Terminator 2 (which hasn’t aged well) and Aliens, Cameron is horrifically mediocre with production, writing and direction. Alita has a paper thin storyline and character development like Avatar and the romance in Titanic. Hard pass on this idea. Gendy tho ... maybe him.
  10. Jeric

    Chrysalis's priorities

    Common psychology. By placing a focus on Thorax she is admitting that her role and ability in ruling the hive was a failure. In her mind an outside influence had to be at fault, and that was Starlight Glimmer. Sure, she would still consider Thorax a traitor, but Starlight gets the brunt of her hatred because she took away the most important thing to her, her rule. Shining and Cadance defeated Chrysalis and her return and abduction was taking revenge. However, I don’t think she would be single minded against them anyway because she was defeated with love during the wedding, and Queeny understands that love is extremely powerful so it makes sense. Shining and Cadance didn’t hit her in her ego. That’s the unforgivable sin.
  11. Jeric

    General Casual Nudity

    I don't we need two topics on being nude, do we?
  12. GAME ON 




    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      huh, the image it leeched fits perfectly for it's cut form

  13. Added 2/19/19 - Email notification server outage - Verified
  14. Just a announcement that the email server that supports notifications is currently down and we will let you all know when it is back up and running.
  15. What happens next? I'm in the Team...