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Status Updates posted by Jeric

  1. Remember all, 

    If anyone wants to create an Official Episode Topic for the last season you can claim it here. Limit for now is 1-2 per person. Thanks



  2. Hey listen!

    Rarity episode on Saturday! Haz song! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh


    1. Odyssey


      Oh huh, what! Y-you! H-how dare you say spoilers right to my face?! You are a mad man Jeric!


      (jk, i'm seriously looking forward to more fashion pony :D)

  3. Hello stranger


    There's a Rarity episode coming. :darling:

  4. Psst

    There's a Rarity episode coming. :darling:

    1. PathfinderCS


      So I noticed. :LunaMCM:

  5. Ahhh, much better. I missed my old avatar. :D


    1. Bas


      Surely more fitting for a Dadministrator.

  6. Site = Edge Lords of the galaxy. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jeric


      Noop. I'm just a grumpy old man

    3. Cwanky


      How’s that blue milk taste?

    4. Bas



      Noop. I'm just a grumpy old man


      Also:  that's just what Palpatine said.


    I am invoking my personal spoiler clause pending the release of Avengers Endgame. 

    Rule: Once an anticipated film’s review embargo is lifted, Jeric shall henceforth not exist on social media or forums until such time is has consumed the media in question.

    In the event that any element of the film is spoiled, Jeric will engage in much grumping until he finished the Weather Dominator and turns the offenders home into a cold wasteland, and unleashes giant sandspur chucking mudwerps ... as it is written in the ancient texts. 


    1. Snow


      The plot twist was phenomenal, all that hype had us convinced that it would be Antman that would defeat Thanos but in a cruel twist of fate, after foolishly snapping Velma and Scooby Snacks out of existence, Shaggy, went so astronomically far as to use 20% of his power.
      Related image
      Goodness me the raw fury unleashed in that fight scene if you could call it any thing more than an absolute flogging, it was spectacular.

    2. Hierok


      @Snow I knew Scooby would save the day. I had made my bet him or the one above all. Luckely they choose the strongest. 

  8. So .... I’m here. Both of my kids are officially 18. I usually have a lot to say ... but now I’m just sitting here realizing that the next phase of parenthood is the wise helper. 

    Happy birthday @Salty Sweetness

    You’re in charge now!

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    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      Congratulations. I'm sure you must be a proud father :fluttershy:.

    3. PiratePony


      Congratulations sir! Happy Easter and having adult children. Time to retire to Flori...oh.

    4. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend


  9. Welcome back :)


    1. Shiki


      Thanks for the opportunity! It's gotten me back into ponies as a whole.

  10. If you edit your blank status update you can then post it so it is visible

    1. Frostgage


      I never learn anything this useful in school

  11. We never interacted much, but your impact on others was positive and still felt today. We live long though the kindnesses and friendship we show our fellow man. You, will live forever based on what you have shared with those who knew you well. Be at rest. 

  12. Congrats to @Ganondorf8 for winning the console of his choice and games. 




    About to draw the winner

    1. Bas


      Should I see any video already? Cause I don't.

  14. About time to draw the winner of the World Cup console

  15. Please read this if you are wanting to make an official MLPF Episode Discussion Thread. 


    These have to be created in order. If you jump in and create EP 6 before EP 4 then I can’t evet use the EP 6 thread. As of now no one has told me that they have created an Episode Thread. So I have to assume that next weeks episode is still fair game. 

    1. Twiggy


      Damn. Just as I was about to make the official thread for the first episode of gen 5 too.

    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      And Jeric saves the day, once again.

  16. Get your hype going folks. Episode Thread is live and ready for discussion with a new format. There will be spoilers in here on Saturday so be catreful. 




  17. RIP Jedishy. 




    1. Sithshy


      This vexes me

      Image result for Not just the men

    2. Sparklefan1234



      Just curious...




  18. Here we are! The final push to Grogar. Will the World Cup winners save all that they know even if they must sacrifice those they love?




  19. Round 2 is up. Celestia and NMM vs NMR and Daybreaker in a 2v2 poll



  20. Ooooh, new game for the community who is interesting in watching Season 9 together. 





    Happy birthday Kitten. So much is happening. You would be so proud of the kids. Madison has a new job, and busting his ass off in college. Faith graduates high school soon. Casey and Madison have been together for a while and they are adorable together (if adorable can be ascribed to two young adults). That thing we talked about that you wanted me to seriously consider, well ... I'm doing it. Yeah. Better late than never. I know you aren't here physically with us, but we still draw strength from you in our day to day lives. I miss you hun. 

    You would have been 42 today, and probably whining about that all day until presented with some carrot cake. :P

    Love you Jess. Always have. Always will.

  22. Congrats to Ponyville on their win ^_^




    One step away from Grogar

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    2. Alexshy


      May he enjoy a good buck in his nefarious goat plot, whoever the victor is (or the combined effort). :orly:

    3. kazamacat
    4. Frostgage


      I for one welcome our new goat overlord