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Product Reviews posted by Jeric

  1. @Ariida-chi is one of the four artists on this site that I have had the experience commissioning. Her personality is charming, and she is communicative and easy to work with. Her art style is simply otherworldly good. A few years back, after the death of my wife, I commissioned her to do a fullbody pony portrait of our ponysona's at the moment I fell in love with my wife. This is the image with the two OC's and the mare playing the clarinet. I can't say enough about her style and professionalism. As she says, her schedule can make the art take a bit, but trust me when I say that it is certainly worth it and she will always keep you updated throughout the process. I suggestion you check her out. Thank you again Ariida for the wonderful piece of our memory ponified. 

  2. I had commissioned @Lord Valtasar for six personal pieces. These were not Pony related. My daughter was graduating high school and I wanted to depict several “memories” of her journey from a baby in digital art. I also requested a very specific art style and provided references. This was a highly emotionally personal commission, not just because my baby was graduating, but because my wife and her mother passed away a few years ago. Several of the pieces were to feature my wife with my daughter, and I was apprehensive about how it would look.


    Any natural fears were put aside immediately. The artist absolutely nailed each mental image I had in my head, but also worked closely with me to make small tweaks in color and face shape as they were completed. I’ve commissioned plenty of fan art in my life, but this communication was hands down the best I have had. As far as the overall satisfaction of the art and style, as Lord Valt finished each one .... my mind and heart exploded. Each was as close as possible to the memory, and the coloring and line work were fantastic. 


    Highly recommend artist and will commission again.