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  1. This! As some know, I’ve successfully navigated raising two children to adulthood. Growing up myself and when I was a young adult, I was not a fan of other people’s children. When I had my own kids I adored them, while still maintaining a general annoyance with other children in general. I used to joke, “I love my kids — MY kids. Other kids? Not so much.” There is a lot of truth in that, and it’s hard not to judge the parenting approaches that other people used when you see uncorrected behavior and poor attention. Ironically I’m actually really really great with kids in general, even though they usually annoy me.
  2. LyraBon is in the lead 

    1. Deerie


      Doe votes, FlutterCord !

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Good. Everything is going according to S.M.I.L.E's plan.  :secret:

  3. Closing the poll and will post a new one with the top 4.
  4. As the question was asked and answered by either a staffer or user who was correct, we will be closing this question out. Thank you as always.
  5. The site is huge, and large or over broad search queries may lead to time outs (like searching for "pony". Narrow searches or try again shortly afterward. Or use Google Site Search. Trust me, it is better
  6. Starting off with a tie 



  7. Okay, this is it guys. The round when you all decide if Cindy and I become FlutterCord or LyraBon for a Convention and Photo Shoot type deal. vs A few rules from here on in. The designs of the costume will be influenced as much as possible by the characters from FiM. So no Equestria Girls specific costumes. Outfits the characters wore "on screen" are on the table, and you may nominate ones here as the next element will be you picking the theme. For instance, Lyra and Bon Bon could be in "agent" attire, Canterlot Wedding gowns, or just simple street clothing to mimic their pony counterparts. Ears, horns, wings, and tails will be replicated regardless. Next round will be choosing theme and who I will be out of the duo.
  8. There are probably more reasons that notifications would not match up that I could reasonably go into and discuss. Some have to do with how you are browsing and using tabs, some could be skipped due to our backend (I occasionally see traffic on notifications in the ACP backed up). Suffice to say that unless you are missing an amount to the point it is harming the general user experience for the community, it probably isn’t something that we would be able to dig further into at the moment.
  9. Blackberry OS is an odd animal when it comes to compatibility with many things. It’s been falling apart at the seams for a while now and has reach End of Life. That means many applications (including browsers) have been starting to break since support no longer exists. Even in the crack/hack community it’s something that they have admitted is finally .... dead. An exhaustive list is probably not something that we can verify outside of suggesting that any OS that is still being supported with updated mainstream browser software should work. Amusingly, this post made me curious so I did launch a cracked version of IMB’s OS2 Warp with an ancient IE and it almost worked for 2 seconds.
  10. Hurry up and cast your votes. I will close this tomorrow 



  11. Interesting round thus far. It’s been open a few days so I’ll close this and create a new thread which will include a sneak at the specific themes for each group. Welp, there is a 25% chance I don’t have to wear a skirt in public (again) so yay. So it will either be LyraBon or FlutterCord vs
  12. Traveling backwards would be possible only through anchoring a theoretical wormhole to a present point. When five years relativistic time passes you could jump back to said origin point. Unless this phenomenon exists in cosmology, absent its creation, time travel to historical moments would not be possible. I do love that @Yellow Diamond mentioned linear time as the main way we seem to comprehend it. That isn’t how time really works, as evidenced by all the tech you use that connects to satellites, yet we can only experience time at our relative perception. Your mass and the mass of objects around you ultimately determine your time traversal relative to others, and our brains may only be able to perceive time a set way. The common house fly and other animals perceive time slowed down relative to us which accounts for their continued existence in nature. We move slow so they can dodge easy. Time is weird
  13. Final Four are up. Several friends and a few romantic connections. Nice spread 


  14. Two more rounds and we’ll know what duo are wins. Then we pick the specific costume theme and who will be who (for some added amusement I guess). The top four are on the board.
  15. I added some old school retired Admins for fun.
  16. time to place first round votes for the parody target

  17. Locked in and loaded. Let’s get this party started
  18. Locking poll for next round. Will be dropping the options with only two votes.
  19. As the question was asked and answered by either a staffer or user who was correct, we will be closing this question out. Thank you as always.
  20. Answering the title question, no it has not changed. At least not recently. Size is 150 kB and width/height is 150 px. I actually increased the profile image size allowance from the old 100 kB restriction. Since the 4.0 version of the software height and width are constrained so we no longer have the ability through the ACP to create special dimensions for profile pics. Note that the 150 x 150 is for max viewport sizes and not for smaller sizes such as the viewports on a phone, tablet, or reduced size of a browser window. To @Bas yes there is some compression magic that occurs when attaching images into posts. That’s normal and working as intended.
  21. Next round back up and ready for votes

    I’m trapped in voting for LyraBon O_o

  22. FYI, Cindy personally voted for Lyra and Bon Bon because she wants to do the secret agent thing so I voted for that one myself bringing it up two before I closed it And open again for votes
  23. Okay. New round coming up. This one will eliminate all selections that didn’t get a vote and the last place one which in this case are all the single votes. We can continue the elimination until we have a definitive winner or last couples cosplay is standing.
  24. I briefly labeled it “Home” and the visits to the menu items dropped precipitously. I tried to find a way to organize some of the most used forum applications under one menu heading so I renamed it to Forum and added the + to indicate “more”.
  25. That’s an event failure. If the site it running slow that might happen, but it’s basically it’s more of a browser issue that occurs from time to time rather than something persistent on our end.