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  1. You are a professionally trained voice actor! That’s cheating! But I’ll toss you in on round two!
  2. We have no intention on making any changes to the image policies at this time. Teens can handle suggestive, and this site isn’t meant for children (< 13 anyway). If a parent has an issue with that I’m more than happy to stand our ground there. I try never to manage to the exception and I certainly won’t manage to people who aren’t the target userbase here.
  3. It is a JavaScript program that runs across the whole site. Yes that is certainly possible, but I’m not going to be the one to do it. Adding any new processes for tech isn’t happening. Full stop. I’m also making a point to not add any manual elements to the general running of the site, because limited redundancy = shit I start doesn’t get done if I get pulled into other directions. Look at Throne Room for several examples.
  4. Pretty close between Rarity and Blazes song. vs
  5. Duet song is up. Five members of the community are up to sing a duet with staff and you can pick both. 



  6. Well you all narrowed it down to six songs (thanks to ties) and here we are. Except for Pear Butters song, I can easily see myself being super cheesy with these.
  7. Okay well there will be a top six since there was a huge tie. Going to make a new thread since this is now tied to a later challenge if you all reach $2000.
  8. @applesjck you won. Upload your video to YouTube, link if here and make sure you call out the next victim on the list in the OP. Don’t let anyone know until you post who you are going to challenge so it can be a surprise.
  9. We have five users. Awesome. I’ll get the poll ready tonight. Maybe. I’m a bit fluish so trying to rest up as much as possible
  10. Wow the new guy is in the lead! 


    1. Blivy


      I voted for you as well @applesjck

    2. Tacodidra


      @applesjck I voted for you too (I might have been the first to do so, even)! :coco:

    3. Blivy


      Oldies take a back seat, the new guy is up to bat! :yay:

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  11. Troblems was playing Pokémon Go in the vendors hall and Path was standing behind her. She was trying to catch a Wailmer which basically fills the entire screen. She still missed even though it’s like almost impossible to miss that. Path saw and started laughing laugh and hard and almost couldn’t breathe. This caused Troblems to follow suit. I missed the whole thing and thought both of them were high off their asses. it’s one of those many “You had to be there” moments of the con. I’m certain you have plenty of those too.
  12. Second Round. Will be open for only a day



    1. Blivy


      AIGHT, good luck everyone! :kirin:

  13. Okay thread is open and updated poll is here. Will close tomorrow around this time and the top 5 will be part of a lightning round. Soooo. Do your worst ponies!
  14. So the 250, 750, and 500 name change winners are announced. We have two more that have been unlocked so lets do those now. @Yellow Diamond and @BornAgainBrony you each get to change a staffers name and avatar.
  15. On the staff side, and you are already on that list. I want to get a few more users before we launch this
  16. Meat pies are the best Yay, we get to hear that adorable aussie accent again! @Snow should also do this!

    Vote on who gets it first!

  18. Okay that’s enough to get this going. People can continue to volunteer, but this will end when all people have been pies or the end of the month is up. Some people actually dodged a bullet last year .... let’s see if we can complete the list! So I’m a moment a poll will be up. Vote on who gets pied first. Whosoever goes first will need to call out a name on the list in the OP in their video (and mention them when they post their video). It’s pie time we started this
  19. Hm. Might end up dropping fewer songs for Round 2 than I thought. XD

    If you want to be pied in the face for charity, here is your chance in the 3rd annual PIE IN YOUR FACE CHALLENGE THING. (We need to get a better name for that)

    1. PiratePony


      Eat a pie for charity? Oh no, that's revenge of the nerds.

  21. Pie in the Face Challenge Name Change Raffle Two years ago @PiratePony brought forth a new stretch goal idea that I am shamelessly stealing for this year. Good idea is good. The thread is here. My wife actually took part in this challenge, so there are some great memories surrounding this for me.   Volunteer List @Alastor @Jeric @Randimaxis @Holiday Troblems @KH7672 @Booker has a Santa hat @Lord Valtasar @Odyssey @Snow @applesjck @Cash In JOIN US THIS IS NOT LIMITED TO DONORS AND STAFF. If you are a member and wish to be a part of this, please let us know here or privately and we will put your name on the list that will be in this post. Please don't do this lightly. I would love to see how far we get through this, and long delays can mess things up. Vote for the first victim volunteer (when we have at least five names we can start). Once picked the person will record themselves getting pied They will post it in this topic The video will contain them challenging the next person (please mention them in the topic) That person will then do the same. Repeat until the list is exhausted or until Jan 30, 2020 Please try and make a brief mention regarding the charity and the Hospital. Have fun. And be creative!
  22. Updated the list. More to come (including the 1250 one)
  23. I'm in the process of getting the first wave of matched individuals out.