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  1. Between you and me, I keep reading your name as Jeritza, a character from the newest Fire Emblem game :P


  2. Yell at it to go away. If that doesn’t work. I know a guy pst Site Questions.
  3. Only going to toss in the once’s since I was 20 ish and got sucked back into Halloween. These are not in chronological order. Snape Walter White Zombie Priest Mouse Jack Sparrow Han Solo Generic Jedi Mister Rogers Mad Hatter (pre Tim Burton) Victor from Corpse Bride Gomez Addams Steve from Blues Clues (my daughter was Blue and was like one at the time). These were couples centric costumes. We had a tradition where one of us would pick the theme every year, alternating. A few of these like Snape, the Jedi, and the Mouse one were recycled for Cons.
  4. If the target audience was a bit older I would agree, but as it isn’t they did the smart thing by not changing up the intro too much. I was actually surprised they made even one change to it, but based on traditional viewer graduation rate that makes sense due to the show’s longevity at the time.
  5. Scar was banned at his personal request. He did not violate any rules to receive this ban. Wanted to make that clear. 

  6. I split this part of the conversation from the Area 51 thread because it’s an interesting discussion that I don’t want killed. Staff does have the ability to split these off to prevent derailment while still encouraging discussion. Since we are a smaller community, should you ever see a salvageable discussion within a thread that goes way off topic report it asking for it to be split or PM a mod.
  7. heya, welcome to MLPF. I went ahead and removed the link to the coupon site, but I agree that Spirit is a legit fun store to go to if you happen to have one pop up near you around Halloween
  8. Most furries don’t wear fursuits. As far a strict rules on personas that depends. Go ahead and try and use a restricted fan created species and see what happens? There are some original species that are “locked” and some that are free to use but you have to abide by rules regarding the species. You know how cost prohibitive those things are? My wife was involved in that fandom before cable internet and I’ve been “adopted” as one furry once told me in the early 2000’s. Hence the rare use of the mouse avatar when I done across old fan art of my wife’s fursona. I probably know more about the fandom than most furries under the age of 25. Anyway, the general view from most furries I’ve interacted with is that you aren’t one unless you willingly take that label. Makes since since we like to modify things in various languages to denote the general intensity of a thing. Die Hard Fan is a phrase to suggest that it is more tied to someone’s identity that someone who says, “yeah that thing is okay”. Some people just overthink this stuff, far too much. Are Bronies also Furries? That depends on the Brony. 2nd Amendment said it well.
  9. Did they capture an alien yet? And if so have they reported them to ICE?
  10. Pragmatic reply: each arrest is one less candidate in the job market for skilled positions. People will benefit from their indiscretions if they act like asses.
  11. I think I am going to take a bit of a break. 


    Stay classy as always MLPF

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      Well deserved, running this place must be a nightmare, take care of yourself mate~

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    Still time to get your recording in. I am actually a little surprised only a handful of people did this. 

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