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  1. I always got the impression that the modern ponies of Equestria put an emphasis on tradition. Could be that. I do like to thing of her moving away as almost a meta reference to the show ending and this being a call to action to keep in touch with all your friends around you, and that it’s going to be more work to do it but will be worth it.
  2. Honestly no one is gonna jump on your back if you post it in Merch or Sugarcube. A lot of our OCD about categorizing things was because of the sheer amount of daily topics we had back in the day. Posting in merch is perfectly okay. Your call.
  3. I will always remember you no matter where you go. You’ll always be CB to me. I’m sure I’ll see you on Twitter Take care!
  4. This. I watched the film and the character is not supposed to be sympathetic. The unreliable elements of the depiction of events presses home the idea that at the end of the day it’s all about justifications that he fathoms out of his twisted perspective of life.
  5. "Same My Name", there I've said your name. Unless your name was what it was before Say My Name or thusly Say Your Name, in proper syntax. Unless, of course, its in reference to another being who's name was originally different from yours therefore that name superceeding the original and being the implied prerequisite here therefore instigating...

     I find it hilarious that you've follow/friended me. Considering that it appears the majority of our meetings consist of me pissing you off in the line of Administrative Duties.

     Then again, that does seem akin to how most friendships go.

    If I'm a judge of interpersonal relationships. And for any's mental health, I hope not.

  6. I would have thought you had enough of planes after your last trip!
  7. That’s not how we grab staff I’m more interested I doing things with the users here that aren’t really “staff projects”. During BronyCon a few of us were talking about how we really want to break this weird idea that users have no impact on the sites direction and that staff aren’t also users. This is going to sound silly to some, but my end goal is to creat a stronger community vibe in general.
  8. When you read Jerica's signature, google for 'jeric' and then come across these definitions. :yay:

    He is a very loving person and very fun to talk to. He is the type of person to make you laugh. He loves playing sports and being active on the dance floor. He will always motivate and support you. He has got your back till the end. Overall if you have a Jeric in your life, be very thankful for the opportunity to meet him.
    Dude, see that guy over there, he is just like a Jeric.

    Jeric is the craziest and scariest friend you will ever have, but don't worry about that. He is extremely interesting and sensible to talk to, but sometimes he can be really nosy and curious that you'll start to lose your mind. But still, keep Jeric in your life because he is a keeper.

    These sound pretty fitting. :)

    1. Widdershins


      Why would there be a definition for what is clearly a specific name?

  9. I have seen it and I found it fascinating and I loved it as a piece of cinema and a unique take on one of my favorite villains in literature. Yes I called comics literature. The controversy is a bit much if I am being honest.
  10. Posting one of the less shared songs just because you mentioned them
  11. @BornAgainBrony will probably send you a PM later but I’m really interested in doing more things like The World Cup and such. Your mention of interactive stories has me intrigued. Also, thank you for participating @WindShear I see you lurking down there!
  12. At least you didn’t ruin 30 takes because of one silly moment in the show I swear whenever I’m in a bad mood I just need to say pudding. No deadline. Instead of one massive video it’s going to be a series now. I want to put a proper effort into it. Shush. Don’t you realize people swoon over that accent! You gotta get that out
  13. Possibly. I’m legit interested because that was out of the blue. Personally I assume there has to be some sort of growth cap on Alicorns. I mean if not .... O_o