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  1. nominating big trouble in little china for next week since I'll be there the whole time
  2. tommy boy and black sheep double feature. I know they are not going to win but I am nominating them anyway
  3. Blues Brothers ..... I would suggest a double feature with Blues Brothers 2000 but I am probably the only one willing to watch the second movie
  4. I hope Napoleon Dynamite wins next week because I want a movie I like to win for once (also I like this weeks movies but I want a movie I like to win and not be delayed because of a site update)
  5. guardians of the galaxy..... if its out on digital and if it isn't I nominate tommy boy and black sheep again
  6. Army of Darkness.... forgot to nominate this again last week
  7. I hope we can watch it seeing as hot fuzz is my favorite movie of all time
  8. I nominate army of darkness btw die hard had more blood and swearing in it then this movie so its probly fine to watch this since we watched that Edit: just incase we can't watch it I also nominate Tommy boy and Black Sheep as back up
  9. probly won't be coming friday ..... mostly because the site hasn't worked for me in two days
  10. I also support Back to the Future geting a secound chance aswell also I wanted to hear Doc say