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  1. The same kind of element of Generosity than the element of loyalty almost defecting to Cloudsdale just because they are better flyers. Or the Element of Laughter getting all depressed in Party of one. Or the Element of Honesty lying about her non-first place finishes at a competition. Or the Element of Kindness being mean to her friend as a way to affirm herself. No one is perfect. She never really uses Spike, he kinda use himself. You can see that in ''Spike at your service'' where even if AJ refuse his help, he'll try anyway, so even if Rarity pushes him back, he'll still try to help.
  2. Looks like I have another comic to bookmark
  3. Linked to @ooBrony last picture, Rarity cosplaying:
  4. Rarity, the Queen of Princesses!
  5. Hi people! I'm a RFC member, but I'm more like Pinkie. Here's why:
  6. The answer is still no. I made progress though. My girlfriend obviously knows and one of my coworker who's an anime fan knows.
  7. More penciled Rarity! (also not by me )
  8. Yay, old friends are still here! I am myself getting very excited for the next few episodes: Also in other news, while everyone was enjoying themselves at Bronycon, we had the Otakuthon back home. As I probably mentionned before, my little Fluttershy is in the Con staff so I kinda got sucked into that as well It did let me know that there was no MLP panels this year So I did one myself. It was pretty basic, but I believe it went well Still waiting on those comments compiled by the con staff though
  9. I am trying The Comeback. This place feel so unfamiliar with @ghostfacekiller39 and @Obsidian Sky gone. I haven't seen any @Woohoo, @Jeric, @LostButterflyUtau or @The JLmle either. The most familiar faces are @ooBrony and @A.V.. Anyway, I'll post a nostalgic one of mine: And some other ones: Hi all fabulous unknown friends! :grin2:
  10. The Cutie Map: Everyone episode. They all had their parts. Castle Sweet castle: Everyone episode. They all had their parts. Bloom and Gloom: CMC episode Tanks for the memories: RD episode Appleoosa's Most Wanted: CMC episode with some light AJ bits Make New Friends but Keep Discord : Discord/Fluttershy episode ? (probably the one I talked about last august) The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone : No idea I mean except for the RD episode, no Mane 6 had significant screen time over the others. Her time will come.
  11. Tough times and good times. Job is pretty bad right now, I'm pretty sure I'll have to find something else starting in July. Love is good though. I'm at 7 months with my lovely fluttershy ( I swear, I just can't stop making parallels between her and Fluttershy ) How have you been?