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  1. Someway, somehow, I've managed to score pretty well on my Final Exams, even for the subjects that I'm not good at. What!?

  2. I'd like to point out that this is nearly 100% false. While not detailed, the tutorial sections provide a heavy chunk of the mechanics that you need to be able to fight. On being thrown into the open world, the games LITERALLY give you a quest menu that tells you where you can go to continue the main quest, and even provides you with Quest Markers that pinpoint exactly where your next objective is. The games, I believe, also have Help Menus that you can read through if you're ever confused. Back on topic, while I do love the Elder Scrolls series, and am really hoping that ES6 comes out within the next few years, Fallout is boring. Something about it doesn't give me the same feel as Elder Scrolls does. I had more fun exploring Skyrim than I did Massachusetts. I'd much rather get ahold of Skyrim VR than Fallout 4 VR.
  3. Why is Flurry Heart not in this list?
  4. Jailed for not providing syrup for those pancakes.
  5. The only AF jokes that I really like are Rickrolls. I don't know why. They just do.
  6. Mega Thread

    I mildly feel like garbage. Don't you just hate the common cold? I do. And I catch it almost every week. T_T
  7. Oh my god, yes. All of the yums. Shamrock Shakes
  8. The most random topic ever. There are some english words out there that are so awkward to pronounce, especially the ones with "ir" and "ur" in them, like "girl" or "rural". I always ends up sounding like a drunk whenever I try to pronounce them. What kinds of awkward-to-pronounce words do you guys know about?
  9. I kind of follow an "Eye for an Eye" policy in life. With some exceptions.
  10. I kinda want to start a "Roast Me" thread in the Forum Games, but I fear that I might get punished by oversensitive people who think that all forms of satire and non-seriousness are offensive.
  11. Ditch the filler episodes and make the entire season one big adventure story. There is little to no more character development left for the main characters, maybe except for Starlight, so they'd might as well take the Avatar: The Last Airbender route and do some sort of grand epic before the movie. Or... Season 7 Finale Idea: Have the villain WIN. Have the main characters crushed, and then base off the movie with them regaining their power and fighting back in one final stand. That would be the most fitting conclusion to the show.
  12. Actually, I don't think that Dailymotion is under the protection of copyright laws. As far as I know, the website itself doesn't have that many rules, because people post Full Episodes of various shows there and none of them have been taken down. Also, I once heard that people also upload porn there or something, but yeah, Dailymotion is more free than Youtube.
  13. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  14. Gaming

    0:55 is when the song goes from 10 to 100.
  15. 1. Still waiting for the day when SAO-esque Virtual Reality comes out. I've been fantasizing about hanging out with a group of friends there for months. Part of those dreams involved me daring one of them to make a Female avatar, even though I would make one for myself anyways 2. Speaking of which, I'm not exactly absolutely DYING to become a girl. Just very... curious... And also curious as to if I can lucid dream that sort of thing. I'd need to know the special techniques about that, though. 3. Cross dressing? Never done it. Although, I wouldn't mind if some suspicious anonymous forum user mailed me a box with an Anime-styled schoolgirl costume one afternoon when I was home alone... 4. There's a mysterious stranger running towards me with a handful of rope help m-