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  1. Please, someone tell me why you can reach 50 Sneak in Skyrim after only 3 hours of gameplay. I got 40-something Sneak before I even finished Riverwood's quests. As a High Elf, by the way. (Also, Illusion is best magic school)

    1. Kyoshi


      Did you choose it as a proficiency?

    2. Redeye


      Ah, yeah, I forgot I chose the Thief standing stone. Lol.

  2. Any attempt to beat this one is futile.
  3. Platform: PC Offense Main: I typically go for Reaper or Soldier first. Currently trying to learn how to play Genji and Sombra as well. Defense Main: I don't play this role very often, but when I do I usually go Junkrat (or Torb). Currently trying to get better at Mei and Hanzo. Tank Main: I can play all of the tanks currently in the game, but my go-to is D.Va. My runners-up are Orisa and Rein. Support Main: I also can play all supports. My go-tos are Ana, Brigitte, and Moira. Level: 61. Unranked, cuz I don't really plan on joining the living hell that is Competitive an
  4. People who walk even a tiny bit slower me are scummier than the devil.
  5. Redeye

    Gaming Top Ten Favorite Videogames

    10.) Subnautica Even though this game was released just a couple weeks ago, it instantly became my all-time favorite survival game. It has a cool story, too. 9.) Tales of Berseria Sometimes I find it really pitiful that this series goes unnoticed by the majority of the JRPG fanbase. This game has the single greatest story and characters in the history of RPGs. The super dynamic battle system is also one of its token features. 8.) Skyrim Picked this bad boy up in middle school and I've had an odd relationship with it ever since. On the PS3, I sank in over 200 hours into
  6. Jesus Christ, the makers of MLP have worse security than the royal guards of Canterlot.
  7. Once upon a time I karate chopped my friend in the hand a little too hard after he roasted me, causing him to start crying and stuff. First and only detention I ever got. Needless to say I'm not exactly the most gentle person in the world.
  8. It's a pretty strategic game tbh, you get to create your own monsters using appendages that you can create with materials found in the world, and each appendage has their own stats and attacks, meaning that you have to plan your creations carefully. The battles also require you to think hard and cleverly in order to win. Luckily, the battle system is turn-based so you can do just that. So yeah, I'd definitely recommend it.
  9. Anyone played this little Wii game before?
  10. Dunno. I have a fridge full of food and there's still nothing to eat.
  11. Just let an old dog die in peace. The show has gotten stale for me, personally, to the point where I'm really only willing to watch the season premieres and finales instead of the boring in-betweens. Really, the only reason I'm still here is just to interact with the community. I don't even consider myself a brony anymore. It's time to shed some old skin and find something new.
  12. Welp, I played and beat Portal 2 in 6 hours. Pretty fun experience, but I kinda wish it was a little less-linear. It'd be awesome if they made a Portal game with randomly generated tests or branching paths, but I'm not sure if that'd be possible.

    1. Clod



      It'd be awesome if they made a Portal game


  13. Yes. I'm not utterly desperate or anything, but yes. But in my current state, I doubt I'll really end up anywhere. I'm nearly halfway through Senior year of HS and I still look like Weird Al Yankovic with a beard. Not necessarily bad, but I'm personally unhappy with my body shape. But if the worst case scenario comes and I get nothing out of my High School career, I can always look forward to the life on campus. Is it really true when they say that your closest relationships come from College?
  14. Probably the state that has a large population of morons. We could use more intellectuals in this world.
  15. Assassin’s Creed: Origins is looking up to being one of my favorite games of 2017, if not my absolute favorite.

  16. I wear glasses. Proudly. One's glasses is a symbol of pride, glory, amazingness, goodlookingness, and fantasticpersonalityness. At no point does putting on one's glasses detract from their character, but instead amplifies it to a level far beyond even what a divine power could pull off. Without the power of glasses, all aspects of glamour would cease to exist, and therefore, people like me would cease to exist. A world without glasses is no world at all. Ah, Kos, grant us eyes, grant us eyes!
  17. "Good guys always win" Say that to the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones. I honestly want to see more stories where the heroes fail miserably. The closest we can get to this in stories aimed for younger audiences is with bittersweet endings involving sacrifices or whatever.
  18. I mostly don't care about the taste of vegetables, but if you set me up with Asparagus or Green Beans, I'm gonna give you a dirty look beyond all others. I can handle broccoli, I can handle peas, and I can certainly handle carrots, but I cannot handle these abominations of the culinary world. Also: Steamed Cabbage. Like, what? You honestly expect me to eat a handball-sized lump of tasteless, oddly textured garbage? What a joke. And thirdly, I like cheese. I enjoy it when it's on or to the side of a main dish. But I cannot stand eating it alone. Just eating straight-up cheese is disgu
  19. Judging by the amount of times people reply to the things I post and the amount of times where a thread halts all momentum the moment I post something, I'd say next to none. Maybe it's because of my sarcastic and controversial mindset? Who knows.
  20. Watching youtube vids of Assassin's Creed: Origins makes me want to get the game so badly. I've never played an AC game before, but would anyone also recommend? I've heard that the stories in the AC series are terrible, so I might just consider ignoring the storyline altogether and just playing the game for the game.

  21. Redeye

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Yeah sure, it's called "The Awakening"
  22. Redeye

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    This english cover of my favorite OP from the original FMA anime.
  23. Redeye

    Animation Not enough sword art online

    The premise, setting, and concept of the anime in general is absolutely amazing and I wish it would just happen in real life as soon as humanly possible, and I KNOW that one day something like this would happen, where we can finally play video games via our dreams and physically interact with the world and npcs around us. The anime behind it, though, is quite mediocre.
  24. An update on my Dark Souls adventure: Just killed Moonlight Butterfly, Quelaag, Ceaseless, and Iron Golem. Lucky enough to get a Black Knight Ultra Greatsword and level it to +5, now it's time to decimate Anor Londo with my BFS.

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